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  1. Revilution was originally Devilution, dont cross the wires on this. But yeah it has and remains a very bumpy ride, and I assure you we are nearing the end of it, at least as close as we were in 2019...which is still close. EDIT: Words are hard.
  2. TMD

    Most recent movie you saw

    The new little mermaid was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. Not since waterboarding has water been so heavily involved as torment, and every producer on this film SHOULD, frankly, be waterboarded. Yes, I went in because I have an infected tooth right now and wanted to focus my pain on something else, but now my tooth hurts AND I saw little mermaid, so now I'm taking psychic damage.
  3. It's a coincidence. I built what is now map23 as map24 around a large circular structure with a bit more eyeball imagery and aesthetic esembling TNT map18. When doing visual updates, Tarnsman(I think) made it resemble the reactor in map22, upped the red and silver vibes and moved the map to the 23 spot for continuity. I hope someday after the release we can further explore the evolution of this wad.
  4. TMD

    I make Quake maps now.

    *Takes envelope marked ASS70 and throws it in the fireplace.*
  5. Thank you all and have the best ass! GOODNIGHT, EVERYBODY!
  6. Nuts to that. Fix it up and get it in here.
  7. The End of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions You can (not) shitpost.
  8. We distinctly went with classic restrictive themes intentionally for 67. Fear not, we got a few tricks up our sleeves for the final sessions.
  9. Be sure to account for Daylight Savings when you do :D
  10. TMD

    The Applebees Experience

    You have my undivided attention.