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  1. Did my last few things get completed. I straight up forgot if I fixed them. Also the helpscreen looks wonky in the new palette. Im sure nobody cares though. And the map15 music doesnt work in ZDoom.
  2. There is drama. But are there sweet sweet memes?
  3. Burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes? Nobody ever said anything about anything happening, my dude.
  4. *Audibly shrugs.* It's also daylight savings which would fuck with everything
  5. Remember Remember the fifth of November The Speedmapping Session and plot
  6. What a wonderful phrase.
  7. If Mayhem16 counts for 2017 the notion alone should warrant mordeth consideration. Mayhem 17 got its start time delayed a week because Mayhem 16 had done this. Yes I started the project as well as the tradition of increased pushback of released but I didnt do shit with 16 *<:)
  8. I grew up on this show but MAN it didnt age well. none of those late 80s 90s sitcoms did. Actually the more I think about it, most sitcoms are a sign of the times and are looked back upon with nostalgia in a best case scenario.
  9. Another disgusting display. Twitch breaks when I attempt to make a highlight probably because nobody needs to see this. See you next time there is an alleged cakewalk wad again so I can somehow fuck that up too.
  10. delete this
  11. 24 Hours of Doom ³ (As in the third 24 hours of Doom, not 24 hours of the third Doom game) [sic] is looking to take place November 19th.  STAY TUUUUUNED!


    1. Ichor


      24 Hours of Doom ³


      Sooo...13,824 hours of Doom?

    2. Alfonzo


      Will be tuning in and on-side! Great initiative.

  12. Pissing off BZPlasma. But everybody does that so Im gonna go with no, all my stuff is poop. ^^