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  1. A.gif S.gif S.gif
  2. Me of course: The thread.
  3. I have been mapping for a decade and I dont think I have any solo releases that I will lay claim to, let alone put on a figurative resume. But I have mapped for many speedmap sessions. Final products that I think are worth a playthrough in ASS are Session 9, map05 (Also the best precursor to my speedmapping style) Session 12, map09 Session 15, map06 Session 19, map10 Session 20, map19 (My magnum opus) Dont say you werent warned. Session 24, map07 Session 24, map31 Session 29, map06 (If only this wad existed) In terms of actual community projects that are showcase worthy: Mayhem12 map04 Mayhem17 map18 (I think) TNT2 devilution map 0X and 2X (wait and see, tee hee hee) 32in24-14 map15 5rooms of doom map01 That concludes single player stuff Multiplayer maps are also community based 32in24-11 map34 32in24-13 map03 32in24-15 map15 CTF 32in24-12 map12 32in24-16 map08 Duel CGI1 map19 CGI1 map24 Well this went longer than expected oops my bad
  4. Okay I know exactly what happened with the exit. Just a second.
  5. :( What else is there to say?
  6. Yeah. It could. So could 29 and 30, which also exist but didn't use illegit textures. Something ought to be done...
  7. Posting in a Sunder thread.
  8. We already have like three of those. (22, 27, 31) 31 just has the unique distinction of really truly not happening. And THAT was only because 32in24 happened, and there is some strange belief that there can only be one speed mapping session in a given period of time. Frankly, it's an old superstition and I'm glad we moved past it in the year that past since then. Grubbing over territory for making maps for a 24 year old game would be childish and petty. Now excuse me, I'm going to look through the rest of the thread for all the excited faces ready to partake in this! Edit: D'OH
  9. His real name is Jimotheus Padlock.
  10. Alfonzone is a masterpiece, in the literal sense. Pinchy should punch his ticket for Mapper of the Year for the works on this alone (are there other stick out favorites, or just the usual crowd) Its going to take a while to digest this one, because Alfonzone is such a show stopper.
  11. Did my last few things get completed. I straight up forgot if I fixed them. Also the helpscreen looks wonky in the new palette. Im sure nobody cares though. And the map15 music doesnt work in ZDoom.
  12. There is drama. But are there sweet sweet memes?
  13. Burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes? Nobody ever said anything about anything happening, my dude.
  14. *Audibly shrugs.* It's also daylight savings which would fuck with everything