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  1. Pissing off BZPlasma. But everybody does that so Im gonna go with no, all my stuff is poop. ^^
  2. There is only one place worthy and epic[TM] enough to hold a grand finale You must hold your tiebreaker showdown thing, mano y mano, on the Combat Fields (part 1)
  3. Im all for cacowards for musicians and the like. Whether it is a "best original composition or something" or "Musician of the year" is for the writers to decide but the doom community has transcended mere mapping. If modding warrants its own category (as well it should!) so should music and perhaps making resources/textures. Or just giving a special recognition to resource providers. Something not quite lifetime achievement and also not quite mapper of the year but "hey this years lineup of cacowards probably would have been quite different if not for the contributions of this particular person". I dunno.
  4. That post was a nostalgic trip!
  5. I bottle it up for years at a time with the occasional verbal outbursts towards friends and family when needed. I am not exactly a paragon of mental health, bear in mind.
  6. And they called me mad for making Granary a CTF map in 2010.
  7. Thank goodness its not Rusty vs. everyone then. (Id bet on Rust haha god Im drunk at 5 on a Monday god help me) PS Id kick half this threads asses right now but Rust is not part of that half.
  8. RottKingMeow.wav
  9. Was it the lego one? It was the lego one wasnt it.
  10. That is the release date for SpaceDM8, not BTSX. You fool!
  11. I was keeping tabs but there isnt a point to posting progress when very few others are. I will use the map eventually. If not here, than elsewhere!
  12. I came into some money recently And that is why my wallet is sticky.
  13. Whoa there. There isnt a saw movie coming out until October, no need to impose such masochistic choices.
  14. Its Saturday night stabbytime
  15. Id upvote that, but upboating was removed from DWF as well :^(