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  1. Nuts to that. Fix it up and get it in here.
  2. TMD

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    The End of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions You can (not) shitpost.
  3. We distinctly went with classic restrictive themes intentionally for 67. Fear not, we got a few tricks up our sleeves for the final sessions.
  4. Be sure to account for Daylight Savings when you do :D
  5. Showtime in about half an hour
  6. TMD

    The Applebees Experience

    You have my undivided attention.
  7. A happy ending indeed!
  8. TMD

    Mayhem (vanilla)

  9. TMD

    Slaughterfest 2023 [Full Release]

    Jokers trick Pickle rick
  10. TMD


    Oh hi MAYhem2013
  11. 23 hours and a few minutes to go. We will probably do a pregame on the discord server. Thank you and enjoy your ASS
  12. TMD

    Memento Mori 3(!) CP.

    Posting in a skeletal thread