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  1. TMD

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    *Burps* hey whoa Im going to interrupt this hub-bub with a considerable map by a person who already got the thingy so we can segue it back to mentionationing
  2. Last time, On Dragonball A S S Showtime is going to be THIS SATURDAY, July 17 at the time that is generally the "Usual" time. (2 PM Eastern, and no Im not putting a countdown because I cannot even trust those) Sorry for the short notice, I personally didnt know if I would be around, let alone any other hosts. But the 17th will work best and I hope to see some of you fine folks over there for shitposting and speedmapping yo. https://discord.gg/RGJTrhF6 that is an invite link. See yall Saturday!
  3. ASS56TEX.zip Howdy Nerds. Themes dropping in ten minutes Themes are: Oops all hitscanners - the name speaks for itself. THICC DOORS - any doors used in the map must have a thiccness of at least 64 units. You have two hours from this edit.
  4. By the grace of god and anime I have missed both the 24 and 12 hour warnings. The 12 hour warning was 12 minutes ago. the first session is in 12 hours from 12 minutes ago. SHIT
  5. I was looking for something to stream tonight!
  6. TMD

    Deathmatch level advice?

    Give that a read over.
  7. Howdy doody, jackasses. Sorry I showed up fashionably late to this thing. The even watchful security measures at Doomworld dot com saw it fit to lock me out for whatever reason they and they alone saw fit for getting on my desktop. Third time in a year, for whatever its damn well worth. Doesnt happen on ANY other forum Anywho. Welcome, welcome, welcome to MAYhem X Yes, MAYhem X, wherein we totally ripped off UDMXs multiplayer bit for a tenth anniversary but we, instead, elected to go whole dumptruck ass Christmas ham on the Capcom lawyer summoning aspect of everybody's favorite robot slaughtering robot. But dear readers, mappers, and gentlefucks of all colors and persuasions, none of that is necessarily important. Since 2012, the MAYhem project has existed to offer to whatever forces allowed the Doom Community as a whole to thrive and congregate and do that voodoo script the we do do and have done for all these years: A simple monthlong community pack built around a texture pack and perhaps a common dream. This year, former project leader, still project leader (Im a figurehead, we all know it) and all around groovy fellow OBSIDIAN has put together a Megaman oriented texture pack so as all you all can make up some robotic ridiculousness. But of course, this is still a Doom project (Boom compatible, as a casual friendly and buried deep in the prose of this post reminder or sorts) so not all that much has changed in terms of enemies. CHANGES We have, however, given a minor change. The Pistol has been replaced with the iconic and, lest I stir the ire of Ernest Cline, CLASSIC, Megaman blaster...for all your bot busting and, by proxy, basic demon hunting needs. The Mega Buster replaces the pistol and gives you a never-ending supply of weak, but dependable damage. Now you only punch Cyberdemons to death if you absolutely want to! Oh, also, we've replaced the BFG with a giant ass flaming sword! The Flame Sword replaces the BFG9000 and is a melee weapon that doesn't require ammo: not as explosive as the BFG, but dishes out dependable melee damage against weaker foes. And rumor has it that good things happen when you couple it with a Berserk Pack*... *Good for you, not the demons. RULES AND SUCH The format is Boom (complevel 9). Difficulty settings must be put in place in your final submission. Co-op starts must be in your map. Your resource pack is here: it'll be getting updated with more textures as the month progresses. The deadline is the 31st of MAY at 11:59pm Yankee Time Zone (Y), just like last year. Here's a nifty little timer if you wanna keep track. Thank you all for seeing this silly little excuse to make a map and post it on Doomworld nine years ago, without getting judged TOO harshly into a reoccurring and anticipated event in this little community. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I have enjoyed watching this project continue to exist leading up to this point. Let the MAYhem begin!
  8. TMD

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Id like to put some love in for RAMP. An all comers community project that sprouted from seemingly nowhere, but developed a community in and of itself and got 200+ maps (Terawad? Can we say that yet?) in the span of six weeks. The resultant maps are what you can expect from an All Comers project, but that just gives off a sense, for better and for otherwise, of the first three CChest projects, only upscaled and technologically advanced for 2021. Im not saying there are, for sure, standalone maps in here that rival any of the other nominees posted in this thread. But the sheer amount of submissions and time needed to pore through this makes me really say "there just as well may be" Regardless, for the sake of doom and the community at large, this needs a nomination. NOTE: THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS ON THE PAGE IN OP. PART OF THE INTRIGUE OF THIS WAD WAS HOW IT WAS CODED SO AS TO HAVE AN IN FLUX BETA AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT
  9. You took care of it on Disc but I dont know how to delete posts.
  10. The upload site is having issues ten minutes out. Just a heads up
  11. my dumb dumb head immediately thought of TNT map09 and in the interest of saying "TNT also dropped 25 years ago but to thumb my nose at that, ill make sure they dont make a stronghold map" By the time I realized what I had done, mapping was half an hour in.
  12. Previously, on days of our ASS Hey everybody on Doomworld dot com. Call us a Dinosaurs Story, because after a month off for Mayhem (yes it did happen), Were Back! We will be hosting a session in a similar vein to our previous session (dead.ass AKA ASS54. see above link) two weeks from today. Per usual, the show will be on a Saturday at 1800 GMT with a second session likely hosted by obsidian twelve hours later. This month, ASS 55 will be held SATURDAY JUNE 26. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/wedding?iso=20210626T14&p0=158&msg=Abyssal+Speedmapping+Session+55&font=cursive This is a link for some convenience. For further convenience https://discord.gg/Edytm9nqmW is a link to our ASScord where we generally run the show. If you are reading this and have an account here, you are most likely welcome to join. The session has a bit of a fifteen minute warmup and fifteen minute cooldown of sorts. Anyway, we hope to see you there. Thank you and have a nice ASS.
  13. Happy 25th anniversary to everybodys favorite rumble in the jungle To celebrate, we are doing Plutonia themed maps, with a Plutonia resource pack! So break out your Chingunners, skinny toastybois, and Skelingtonks. Welcome to ASS 55: The Plutonia Assperiment PS: Also its on a a beach instead of a jungle ASS55TEX.zip 1. No Hitscanners (this includes player weapons) 2. Needless amounts of torches
  14. Well Im a dickhammer and managed to mess up time zones once again. Show will start in an hour but we are still in the server.
  15. An hour and a half until the show! Im going to be having lunch soon so the one hour alert will likely get missed. Reminder I will also be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/qqnezbit so you can follow along there too, if you dont care for discord.
  16. Was going to do a map for this but I guess "Musical chairs" arbitrary closing of the project is fine too.
  17. oh dadgum it, innit there anybody not having a dang birthday or going to a dang birthday that weekend?
  18. Depends on your definition of "A" in "A Modern Standard" Dwango5 still has a shitton of viability in competitive multiplayer circuits, and that is from like 1995. as for modernity standards in single player, Ill just say "Lullaby", smooch anybody that says otherwise, change the sign to "Duck season" and jump back into my hidey hole because I dont actually follow that side of the community.
  19. TMD

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    *Makes and maintains direct eye contact with Breezeep and walks out of the room.*
  20. Dont host anything in May That month is already taken :3
  21. Good news everyone! I figured out how to unlock my account on desktop. And not a moment too soon! Here is my map for this year. Mapname: Cryo Havoc! Music: Freeze Penguin from Mega Man X Buildtime: maybe ten hours over the last week? Tested: Its 100% able, yes. Still needs difficulty and fine tuning but the structure is all here. Cryo Havoc mk2.zip
  22. TMD

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    It peaked when you wanted it to peak. It's all so subjective and is contingent upon what your personal doom experience is. Multiplayers fever pitch was mid aughts, but that's only from the source port wars and rise of IDL CTF meta. There's so much more to it now and it's just getting exciting again. The Megawad era was maybe sunlust and ancient aliens but even then there is wild new stuff dropping every other week in that capacity. Ditto for single map passion projects. It's all about what you take from a d what you make of the doom experience, which cannot be summarized in a sentence or an era. That being said, late 2013 and the leadup to btsx e2.
  23. There's always Sonic. That never changes.