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  1. I dont believe so but boy oh boy do I have a music video for you!
  2. Wait and see Tee hee hee -TMD
  3. a link to last months thread. Hey everyone. It's time once again for Abyssal Speedmapping. We have a discord, we make maps over the course of two or three (shh) hours. The fifty-third session shall be held a week from today. Saturday March 20 at 1400 Eastern time with a secondary session held 12 hours later. PLEASE NOTE THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT MATTERS IS GOING THROUGH DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME SO MIND THE TIMING...cuz it could be off by an hour. As mentioned before, we got a discord, but most of you already know that. If by now, you are just getting interested, just post here and we can fire an invite. Thank you and enjoy your ASS
  4. 2. Silent teleporters 5. Chainsaw-centric gameplay GO! Yes yes you can!
  5. So both February and March have Saturday the 27th and so help me I will copy paste this OP next month
  6. TMD

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    I am primarily a speedmapper but I have inexplicably showed up now and again in the multiplayer community. Somehow have IDL and WDL titles but I think my most noteworthy thing is ASS. Or Mayhem I guess. I just exist and shitpost.
  7. okay but only if we are making Tarnsman play through everything
  8. TMD

    Doom Streams

    Hey look at this Im streaming Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions tonight so come here if you like ASS on a Friday night hell yeah
  9. A link to last months browser crashing extravaganza Hey hello hooray, ASS fanatics, we have returned with a new year but more of our same bullshit! The fifty-first iteration of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions will be held a week from today: January 23, 2021 at 1900 GMT (2 PM Eastern time) with a second session held Sunday morning at 0700 GMT to accommodate for Europeans and Americans who stay up late and eat candy for breakfast. Two themes announced at the first session, a third given for the second session. 15 minutes prep time, 15 minutes bugfixing, all that fun stuff. Come join us if you havent already. If you did join us and left voluntarily you can come back to. If you were removed by force, which is like two people, dont bother >:3 https://discord.gg/5wMSrX2DGV Here is a link to our discord with ten uses, I doubt wed be pulling more than that in a given month, but its not all that difficult to find if it comes to that
  10. Shows startingggggggg Possible themes are below SELECTED THEMES ARE IN BOLD 1 - 32x32 Grid 2 - Two types of monsters 3 - all lighting below or including 160 4 - Based (however loosely) off a real life building 5 - SLADWALL everywhere (e1 simulator) heres the resources 32in24tex-ASS51.zip
  11. Yes this is the last time I will throw unicode in a thread title. Thank you for dealing with this stupid stupid incident of extravagance.
  12. Ladies, Gentlemen, and all the non-binary doomfolk. You are all invited to the 𝕗𝕚𝕗𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕥𝕙 iteration of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/118223-abyssal-speedmapping-session-49-the-big-four-nine/ A link to last months session. Since 2013, We at Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions have been laughing, joking, and creating levels for the loving and wonderful Doom Community, yourselves at Doomworld included. On behalf of myself, Obsidian, and all the other people responsible for this series of projects and fortunate events, we bid you welcome to partake in our seventh anniversary slash golden edition of the consummate speedmapping community turned shitpost emporium I think this fine game has seen in a long time. We are, for those unfamiliar with us, a Single Player, Boom Compatable, make a map in two hours type of affair. We have fun and talk about goodness knows what and produce some quality and enjoyable content while we as mappers learn, grow, and become better people. If you would like to hop aboard this silly little train, now is just a good a time as any. We will be embarking on this journey (oh dear god the prose is chokingly purple, why on earth did I use the J word) On Saturday, December 26th at 1400 Eastern Time. (A countdown will be posted closer to the event) Our themes will be decided on by participants of sessions past but if you sneak into our discord you might just get a say in yourself! We would love to have you around though, as long as you arent ban evading on Doomworld or our own discord. If you have enjoyed our finished products, thank you for partaking as well, and you are just as welcome to pop in on the server and say hello. Regardless, the link is below. https://discord.gg/9aa523sK2h Thank you, one and all, and enjoy your ASS.
  13. If you started at normal time you should be wrapped up by now. Again, we are playing scouts honor on this. Do your maps in two hours and post them here if youd like. More fun and laughs ahead and this thread.
  14. Hope you all enjoyed your alleged baby Jesus adventures! ASS50 will commence in just under 23 hours. That is not a typo. 23.
  15. Not necessarily. You can get a lot more intricate details there, but the exact "what you need to do" will also be provided in this thread in real time.
  16. Previously: on Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/117419-abyssal-speedmapping-session-48-4spooky8me/ Hi there. This is ASS, the original OG of 2 hour speedmapping phenom that isnt named after this site. Details are all on the discord and will inevitably show up here if you are so inclined. https://discord.gg/5wMSrX2DGV Here is that discord. Anyway. Session to be had next Saturday, November 28 at 2 PM / 1400 Eastern Time in the United States. Hope you show up as our lurch towards ASS FIFTY reaches its penultimate plod.
  17. 3. 50% or more items are decoration 5. Maps contain no "USE" linedef actions- Walkover or Gunshot only. Letsa go
  18. Hey cool everybody 1. 300 Linedef limit 3. 50% or more items are decoration 4. Oops! All STARTAN 5. Maps contain no "USE" linedef actions- Walkover or Gunshot only.7. Non-conventional damaging floors 8. Remake a level from a game 10. 1024. GET IT! Textures are all vanilla. including Doom1. mapping starts in 7 minutes. two themes will be drawn
  19. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20201128T13&p0=64&msg=Abyssal+Speedmapping+Session+49&font=cursive countdown to countdown time
  20. Two hours begins. Theme 9. DONT USE ARCHVILES!
  21. Last months tomfoolery! oh, hello, I didnt see you come in. This is this months thread for the Abyssal Speedmapping Session: Banned from every chuck e. cheese in the world, just like everybody else. We are doing our spookiest Abyssal Speedmap Session of 2020, by virtue of it being October and everything else this year not being remotely spooky. huh. Regardless, we will be doing our two hours of hilarity, hijinks and hubris on OCTOBER 24, 2020 at 7 PM EASTERN TIME (midnight Greenwich Mean, yo) and a seperate session 12 hours later* doing all but the same thing. We have a predetermined texture pack and at the prescribed time we will determine what EXCITING suggestion we will strongly word on making your Boom Compatable single player map. We laugh and joke on discord in the meanwhile (though not required). Expect some Goosebumps from the bone chilling late october related stuff that is in store for this iteration of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions! Thank you and enjoy your ASS.