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  1. Link to last months session, which has a link to 58, shush.


    Well that was a whole lot of resolving for unclosed parentheses!  But here we are.


    Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions, also known as ASS is now back to it's regular numbering system and will otherwise be doing 2 hour and change speedmapping business as usual for this months thrilling entry.


    We will be gathering at the usual 1400 Eastern Standard time (yes there was a daylight savings time this month, and I also moved to a state that doesn't observe DST so we will probably all get confused, just a heads up now) on Saturday November 20, 2021.


    I still need to set up the desktop so putting a countdown will come later.  Half of those tend to be botched anyway, so it's probably a lot more practical to just get on our Discord if you want in on this little shindig.


    Alright, that completes my checklist for the hype thread.  So at this point I leave you all with


    Thank you and enjoy your ASS

  2. 1 hour ago, Sena said:

    If I'll play armchair psychologist for a bit (not a fun game, rules are too complicated, I'd rather just play Doom), I reckon a lot of these people probably do it just because of low self esteem, that is to say, rather than try and work hard to produce something that they are genuinely proud of, and then run the risk of having people say it's bad, likely because they're new so they're still learning the ropes, they just make something "bad on purpose", and that way they have an all-powerful shield against any criticism.

    But I suppose bad jokewads aren't exactly new, I've played a lot of them that are basically about forum drama that, as someone who is not privy to 10 year old forum drama, have no semblance of humour. When the crux of your WAD is getting community figures who will appear, then they say "hello I am big retard poopface" (with added spelling mistakes for extra funny of course!), and then they die, that's a type of humour that dies out quick, matter of fact when you play those types of WADs they are so devoid of anything actually interesting they feel more educational than they do comedic, and we all know how bad educational games are.

    Still, I thought IOGW was genuinely funny, so if they can do it, then I've got reason to believe other people can.

    How about another jokewad, Murray?

  3. Last time, on DragonBall Z


    Hey howdy hello, etcetera.
    I hope your previous month has found you all well, or whatever.
    Everybodys favorite Speedmapping Session with a questionable acronym is back for more incredible hijinx and tomfoolery!
    We will be doing our next session this coming Saturday, (September 25) at the usual 1400 Eastern Time (just google the conversion to your time, folks, as I always goof it up)
    There is an announcement of resource packs and fifteen minutes of settling in time.
    Then there are two hours of mapping.
    Then there are fifteen more minutes of basically Oscars "get off the stage before we bust out the hook" time.
    Twelve hours after the first one begins, a second session may or may not but probably will happen.
    We mix it all together and pop something out onto idgames a few weeks later.


    This is the discord where most of the stuff happens, so if you dont want to wait those few weeks or if you just want to join in the fun in general, thats the place.
    Alright cool see you all Saturday.
    Love and kisses
    Thank you and enjoy your ASS