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  1. Nuts to that. Fix it up and get it in here.
  2. The End of Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions You can (not) shitpost.
  3. We distinctly went with classic restrictive themes intentionally for 67. Fear not, we got a few tricks up our sleeves for the final sessions.
  4. Be sure to account for Daylight Savings when you do :D
  5. Showtime in about half an hour
  6. TMD

    The Applebees Experience

    You have my undivided attention.
  7. A happy ending indeed!
  8. TMD

    Mayhem (vanilla)

  9. TMD

    Slaughterfest 2023 [Full Release]

    Jokers trick Pickle rick
  10. TMD


    Oh hi MAYhem2013
  11. 23 hours and a few minutes to go. We will probably do a pregame on the discord server. Thank you and enjoy your ASS
  12. TMD

    Memento Mori 3(!) CP.

    Posting in a skeletal thread
  13. TMD

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    A celebration was held. Nobody showed up. The project manager burned it to the ground just to feel a bit of warmth.
  14. TMD

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Hold up do they need to be full on megawads or is episodic stuff like The Darkening also fair game
  15. TMD

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    I'm TMD and I saw a coyote yesterday. I will be distracted by it all month
  16. Thing placement totally counts towards time, yo. Maybe some leeway for difficulty settings, but that's about it.
  17. TMD

    TNT 2: Devilution (Fourth beta released)

    Its not so much chainsaw centric as it is that you now have to burn through stockpiled ammo from earlier maps if you are doing a single segment run. Or you are pistol starting and I want the map to remain a frenzy until the player progresses enough to have ammo to get footholds. Or you can use a chainsaw if you REALLY want a foothold early. That's at least how I went about it at first. I cant attest to how much Tarnsman or other minor editors moved item placement. I still think the final result is enjoyable, and that's what we are here for, right?
  18. TMD

    TNT 2: Devilution (Fourth beta released)

    I did layouts for both 02 and 23 and I'll at least give my perspective on how both were TNT influenced, at least from an authors perspective. Grime and Punishment (made in about a week in early 2014) was mainly influenced by map01 and map02 of TNT, which I think folks are more associative with "TNT" as enjoyable memorable layouts, while still grabbing for the quirky realism from TNT e3. Pulverizer (done on and off over maybe six months in 2016) is an Evilution Episode 2 styled setpiece map with Episode 3 sensibilities. It was done as a replacement for my original map24 (I think its in Convilution or TNT4ever or something and I apologize for me ten years ago) after I want to say the third coup. But Steel Works and ESPECIALLY Mill were the main inspiration, as was Administration Center for the scope. And the Sector Forklift is VERY "TNT" thank you very much. But heres where it gets tricky. Both maps lost a lot of their blatant aesthetic in reworks for visual purposes. My maps kinetically flow like a modern level when I made them, but I designed them to visually look like 1996, because gratuitous attention to visuals is for Homeowners Associations and Weeaboos (apologies to Hayao Miyazaki, but your fanbase sucks and anime truly was a mistake). However, as this project grew in prestige, an emphasis on modern visuals (which were, to their immense credit, beautifully done by Xaser(02) and Tarnsman(23)) may have hidden away the TNT feel from the maps, especially Pulverizer. But the spirit was in there, somewhere. I suppose somebody looking from the outside may not see it but the developers kinda get it. I REALLY hope the collective TNT2 development gets an analysis or deep dive some day. It has got some stories.
  19. Good evening here is a map Mapname: Eerie Canals 3: Good Will Humdinger Buildtime: An hour Completable: Yes 100%: Yeah Probably (Update, yes) Music: Midi arrangement of "The Mafioso Mice Kidnap Pooky" From "Garfield: The Search for Pooky" for the Gameboy Advance. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m2ed2m4bfrbjmqd/TMD-EC3.wad?dl=0
  20. How fitting was it that this ended up happening on the anniversary of the equally unflappable Titanic disembarking?
  21. TMD

    TNT 2: Devilution (Fourth beta released)

    Ive been following this since like 2011 and picked the wrong week to stop smoking glue and going on the internet.