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  1. Binary Cake

    Hated music tracks?

    I actually think that the music to Underhall goes really great with big, suspenseful levels that don't have many enemies (especially if those enemies are real dangerous).
  2. Binary Cake

    A Real Railgun

    That's sick, but boy, those comments below the video made me lose a few IQ points.
  3. Binary Cake

    The most chilling/disturbing/scariest game or moment?

    I remember when I played Alien Vs. Predator as a marine, too. There weren't many particularly nerve-wracking moments -- I got bored of the game rather quickly -- but one thing that scared the living shit out of me was when I was killed by a facehugger. I didn't even see it at first. And the first level of Unreal used to scare me, too. It's a shame they didn't keep that level of confused, claustrophobic horror for any of the following levels. I must admit that even though I virtually know that level top to bottom and have heard those screams a shitload of times, it still makes me slightly uncomfortable to play it. I can't quite put my finger on the reason why. Doom 3 was the first time in a while that I was ever actually frightened by a video game...Which made it all the more exciting. I still remember partially what it was like when demons first truly broke lose within the facility and you heard those frightening transmissions. Maybe I'm just a fucking sissy, but I was quite impressed with the horror factor in that game.
  4. Binary Cake

    Hated music tracks?

    I really, really dig the music for The Crusher, for some reason. Really plain and open sounding, with a mix of suspense and anticipation.
  5. Binary Cake

    Hated music tracks?

    Just about all the Doom music I heard has been great. I must say, however, that I'm especially surprised by all the crap the music for Central Processing (E1M6) has gotten. Granted, that song is actually sort of happy and upbeat, which many may argue doesn't fit Doom, but I think in a strange way it applied very well with the clustered groups of enemies and bright/sunny outdoors environment.
  6. Binary Cake

    Doom 1 Music

    Har har at the shareware comparison. :P If I recall, however, the shareware version's take on E1M8 is actually an earlier version of the song from E2M6 (Halls of the Damned). It sounds rather different...And, speaking as someone who played the hell (pun intended) out of the shareware version long before he finally got the full effect, I guess I naturally tend to like it better, in addition to the other earlier versions of the songs from KDItD. ...Unless, that is, you WERE talking about that version. Regardless, the music for Phobos Anomaly is really good, melancholic music for maps that are very spooky and wide open.
  7. Binary Cake

    Favorite Weapon on Doom/Doom2 ??

    I never really saw much appeal in the chainsaw, or any melee combat, for that matter. There's a little satisfaction I get when I'm in poor condition and can still manage to beat down an Imp with my fists I suppose, but -- call it amateurish and a cop out -- I typically use melee weapons as a last resort.
  8. Binary Cake

    Has anyone forgot about Doom after much work on it?

    I've never truly left Doom, let alone after working on it. Truth be told, I never have really done any projects with it. As of late, I've been tiring somewhat of just PLAYING Doom...In order to keep up my own interest, I'll probably stop playing for a while and take to creating maps. The only problem with that is that I have an intel-based Mac, meaning I don't have editors to run. I'll have to make use of my dad's Gateway. :)
  9. Binary Cake

    Ambitions to Travel?

    Absolutely. I've already been to Hawaii and Spain, which is a good start. I'd really like to check out ancient and mysterious places like Oaxaca if that's possible (though I'd probably need a hell of a lot of water). I'm really big on history, so that always points me towards interesting places to perhaps visit. It'd be cool if there were landmarks from, say, the Mongolian Empire that I could visit (though that doesn't sound like a good enough bet). We'll see.
  10. Binary Cake

    Zombies - harder than imps and pinky demons?

    In my experience, Legacy has been bloody hogwash. PrBoom is easily the best one for me.
  11. Binary Cake

    Charlton Heston, 84; dead

    Damn, you both beat me to it.
  12. Binary Cake

    People's Musical Interest

    I like my share of things. Rock/metal, jazz (especially jazz fusion), ambient, electronica, and even some celtic music (Flook, anyone?). Hard rock usually ends up being the main staple in my musical diet, however. I'm also a drummer. I like a lot of meat-and-potatoes rock and roll drummers like Lars Ulrich (Metallica). I usually stick to one album for a whole week before switching to another one the following week. This week, I'm listening to the album Tutu by Miles Davis. Last week, it was Dirt by Alice In Chains. Of course, there's always the music that plays while I play Doom.
  13. Binary Cake

    Toughest Doom Level

    Thy Flesh Consumed had some pretty neat, challenging maps. Hell, I think that map pack is just classic Doom. I recall the second level from that one being rather challenging. I think I might just get to playing that right now.
  14. Binary Cake

    Favorite Weapon on Doom/Doom2 ??

    I actually think I'd have to say the chaingun, even though I use the shotgun more than probably most other weapons combined.