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  1. (sniper) 109

    Another dehacked question

    Ok now here's my second question:how can I make the ssnazi drop a bfg9000 instead of an ammo clip
  2. (sniper) 109

    please try my new map

    I can't remember if I updated the download link but their is a shotgun in the second sector.where?I'll give you a hint:it is inside something.
  3. (sniper) 109

    Doom 64 II The Rising

    I've finished the new playpal now I just need to convert everything. we are still a little short of mappers so if you think you have what it takes contact me and I'll see if I can help you!
  4. (sniper) 109

    Another dehacked question

    Thanks it worked!
  5. (sniper) 109

    Another dehacked question

    Ok so I'm in the final stages of a weapons mod but I want to convert the bfg into a rifle but the problem is I can't change how much ammo the gun takes.in zdoom,gzdoom ,etc I get the gun taking up 40rounds when I want it to only take 1 (in prboom it takes one but the moment your left with only 40 rounds it changes and you can't use it anymore) I'm using wHackeD2 and the dehacked file is in .bex (not.deh) can anyone give me some tips? Ps I know about decorate so please don't mention it here my wad must work on dsdoom (aka prboom ported to the ds)
  6. (sniper) 109

    Fuck quake. Lets do Art.

    Quake was a good game, the engine was very well done but that"s all I can say about it.Quake had way too much brown.They could have made a pretty good doom port and a sequel with the engine of course that's just my opinion...
  7. (sniper) 109

    please try my new map

    Don't worry map 02 will have 4 guns shotgun,chaingun, rocket launcher and supershotgun.pistol oriented game play was only intended for the first map.map02 now I've been thinking of adding a new gun (the machinegun) that willbe carried by ss nazi's (that have new sprites) I will paste the machine gun over the plasma rifle (so it can work properly on all ports) so dehacked is in (soon).Also ...this will be 32 levels with phobos ending at map11 and deimos starting map12 to 20.toxin refinery will be split into to maps the first will be a brand new level never before seen the second will be a remake same with phobos lab.expect extremly huge maps too...The only hard part is with the dehacked,I'm not sure how I can integrate 6new keys (like in kdizd)because the blue key and blue skull still open the blue door.
  8. (sniper) 109

    please try my new map

    Map02 is in progress everyone!
  9. (sniper) 109

    please try my new map

    Ok you can re-download now I have the lower unpegged on the doortrak
  10. (sniper) 109

    please try my new map

    This is only one map for now,I don't really want to give out to many details just yet.but this map is for doom2 not doom1. Now for gameplay if you tell me that its too hard then quit playing it on ultra violence. Download http://www.zshare.net/download/1952436294c46acd/
  11. (sniper) 109

    Phocas Island 2.5 looking for artists

    chopkinsca I'll help if you want...
  12. Well once we got the mapping started it all started to come together pretty fast.So its safe to start thinking of other things.Now why don't we just use the mp3 versions?Well because they take up too much space. I know about vgmusic and I was amazed.now we don't need emulations of the original dark ambient tracks if you want to create your own song go ahead (as long as it fits in with the doom64/psx doom feel) for more info and SCREENSHOTS of doom64 2 go to http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/43754-doom-64-ii-the-rising/ or its official site/forum http://d642tr.freeforums.org/
  13. (sniper) 109

    Knee-Deep in KDiZD (original project thread archived from 2008)

    You should you use this sky.
  14. (sniper) 109

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Here is another screen,this time of my project DooM 64 II The Rising
  15. (sniper) 109

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    This is what my skulltag looks like.I am an addon freak,I even made a mix of all my favorite hires textures from the new dhtp and the old dhtp which you can get on the r3d page,the old one has some pretty nice textures so I just mixed my favorites into a pack.I also use my hires hud weapons and r3d hires font plus sambo's soundpack and all my favorite mp3 versions of original doom songs.so yeah I got one hell of a good looking skulltag.