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  1. 0.9x Bug Fix Release 4 TheForceEngine-v0_09_000-34-gdb7a5c0: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html Fixes Kyle incorrectly sliding off of moving platforms in some mods, like Dark Tide 1. Fixes a bug with animated textures that were not setup correctly - this fixes some switches that did not show up at all in mods, and potentially other animated textures. Fixes a bug where transparent animated textures might show up as opaque, this affected some mods and switches. Fixes a bug where animated texture frames may have a few incorrect/corrupted colors. Fixes a bug where some switches could not be triggered in mods, and other switches were harder to trigger than they should be. Added a ‘warp’ command to the console so you can warp directly to positions reported by the LADATA cheat.
  2. 0.9x Bug Fix Release 3 TheForceEngine-v0_09_000-27-g5f123b0: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html Fixes a crash that occurs when a cutscene “film” fails to load. Fixes a crash when the top or bottom texture of a wall is null. Frees a digital sound if it fails to set up data, which avoids a bug where all of the channels can be consumed. Fixes a bug where a teleport can fail to be set up correctly if it has an invalid field - this caused a crash in Dark Tide 2 when going into water. For Boba Fett, make double sure the msg is MSG_RUN_TASK before freeing the task after death - which can cause a crash on DT 2. Added support for half-step rounding when a rotating elevator delta is too small (due to high framerate combined with low speed). - This fixes the train in Harkov when running at higher than 90 fps. Fixes a bug where a texture with a blank name wasn’t set to default - some mods, like the Dark Tide series, such blank texture names to mane default.bm for some reason. This fixes missing textures and HOM effects. Reduces the velocity jitter threshold by half so the player doesn’t get stuck on low friction surfaces when the framerate is high. - This fixes a bug where I got stuck underwater in DT 2 with vsync off. Made time tracking more robust - Ensure that time is purely monotonic; disable vsync interval rounding at 120+ fps since it becomes unreliable; recheck sync and refresh rate less often to avoid stutters. Fixed a bug where some trigger functions were firing even with the trigger master was off. Fixed a potential crash when iterating through objects in a sector. Reduced external velocity 0 clamping by half to better handle high framerates. - This should reduce sliding on some moving platforms at high framerates. Cleaned up landing animation code, which is now accurate. Cleaned up head/weapon wave code, which is more accurate. Fixed the headlamp calculation which was slightly inaccurate. The cutscene music repeat bug is fixed when canceling from the mission briefing (previously this bug was fixed when entering a mission, exiting out, and then playing the cutscenes again. This bug handles the case where you cancel from the mission briefing). Fixes a crash in DT 1 because sector vertices are NULL.
  3. 0.9x Bug Fix Release 2 TheForceEngine-v0_09_000-15-gc28638a: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html Fixed OBJ_FLAG_HAS_COLLISION, which should be OBJ_FLAG_MOVABLE. This fixes errors such as corpses not moving with rotating sectors. Fixed object collision radii - this fixes a bug where the collision for many objects was too large. Fixed a bug where TFE crashes if there is no briefing. Fixed a bug with collision where a flag was incorrectly checked - it should only check the collision radius. This fixes a bug where some props did not have collision when they should have. Fixed the default message type for line triggers (which can affect some INF functionality in mods). Fixed several areas while loading INF that could cause crashes with malformed data. Fixed slave “value” - I thought it was fixed-point but it is actually an angle. Fixed triggers to accept event == INF_EVENT_ANY (aka -1), this can also have an effect on INF in mods. Fixed collision issues with moving and rotating walls. Fixed object default flags - this also could cause some objects to not move correctly with rotating or moving sectors. Fixes a bug when decompressing transparent textures (compressed transparent BM) - this fixes bugs such as holograms in Assassination at Nar Shaddaa.
  4. 0.9x Bug Fix Release 1 TheForceEngine-v0_90_000-13-g2b1bc8d: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html Fixes a sound crash when exiting to the main menu while in a level and then starting up a mod. Fixes a Dark Forces bug where music doesn't play in a cutscene on a second viewing in the same session. Fixes a bug when an object has an incorrect class or type on load - it should be skipped. Clean up differences between TFE level loading and DOS. Fixes a bug where the ambient sound index was always 0 (incorrect ambient sounds could play). Correct screen flash fade lengths for shield and health damage, and pickup flashes. Before some effects were not long/intense enough, especially when taking large amounts of damage. Fixes crash when a destructible object has no animation 1 - this resulted in numerous crashes (though almost all in mods). Fixes the sound update when a projectile is passing by the camera. Fixes an issue that could cause textures to fail to load if one line is malformed. Please see the post above about the iMuse and Sound 0.9 Release above if you haven't already. As I talked about there, I plan on posting semi-frequent 0.9x bug fix releases leading up to the version 1.0 release.
  5. Good to hear, thanks.
  6. That is definitely odd. You can check settings and make sure the volume isn't set to 0. You can also go to Documents/TheForceEngine and delete settings.ini, so TFE will regenerate it on the next load and see if you get music under default settings. A few questions: 1. Do you get any music during cutscenes? Or no music at all? 2. Do you hear sound effects, or is it completely silent? 3. Try deleting the settings.ini and then check again and see if that fixes it. 4. You can check the log, Documents/TheForceEngine/the_force_engine_log.txt, and see if there are any midi-related errors printed in there. 5. TFE uses General Midi, so make sure that isn't disabled somehow (or the volume manually turned down in Windows). Though there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to access this anymore in Windows 10+. :(
  7. Version 0.9 - iMuse and Sound - has been released. Version 0.9 has been a long time coming, taking much longer than originally anticipated. Version 0.9 is focused on sound playback and music accuracy, ambient sound support, and a few bug fixes. Features and changes included in the release: Reverse-engineering of Dark Forces complete (with the obvious exception of going over bits of code again for bugs, or if I ever want to port TFE to DOS - and no that is not happening anytime soon if ever). iMuse system with proper music cues, transitions, and effects. Features like fades and similar effects work the same for both midi and digital audio. This is where most of the time was spent. iMuse is big and convoluted. Game music with fight/stalk transitions. Game and Cutscene sound system that uses iMuse to play digital audio; which includes proper sound priorities and accurate sound falloff and panning. Level ambient sounds. Sound UI will volume control for Cutscene Music, Sound, and Game music and sound. The ability to enable 16-channel digital audio support in iMuse (it was basically already there in the code, I just had to make some tweaks so it could be changed at runtime). 8-channels is the default like DOS but you can enable 16-channel support in the Sounds config. The ability to disable fight music if desired. The Mousewheel is now bindable. The Mousewheel works on mission briefings and some PDA screens (mission briefing and map). Improved support for System UI scaling for 1440p and 4k. Many other fixes. Full blog post: https://theforceengine.github.io/2022/05/17/iMuseAndSoundRelease.html Downloads: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html Version 1.0 Plans With version 0.9 finally released, the next major release will be version 1.0 - complete support for Dark Forces in TFE. Unlike the 0.9 release, the plan is to split up the release into several smaller releases. There will be 2 main parts: Bug Fixes. I plan on splitting bug fixes by system and doing one or more 0.9x releases for each system. Examples include AI bugs, weapon bugs, collision issues, INF issues, etc. The GPU renderer - the last major feature for version 1.0. The GPU renderer will support both shearing for looking up and down (which emulates the software renderer) and accurate perspective projection to allow the player to look up and down further without distortion like in modern 3D games. Initially, it will support 8-bit color emulation with optional colormap interpolation to remove banding. Later, after version 1.0 is released, true color rendering, dynamic lights, and other features will be added.
  8. Sorry for the lack of updates on the forums, but work continues on iMuse, as Dzierzan says. At the pace of work last year, it would only have taken a few weeks to complete but unfortunately, there has been less time available at the beginning of the year (Q1 issues). The reverse-engineering for the midi part of iMuse is basically done (it also handles digital sound effects to some degree, especially in cutscenes) but the reconstructed iMuse library that will be used by TFE is still a work in progress. You can see the post linked above by Dzierzan for more details. Also, I do keep a private repository for reverse-engineered code, "Dark Forces DOS" - it is more of a "code document" than something I would ever release, with a lot of extra data, such as memory addresses and notes that don't appear in the final code. The refactored, cleaned-up version of the code is what makes it into TFE. The private RE "code document" has extra bits that are handled by the TFE framework - such as VGA code, various interrupt handlers, low-level DOS audio driver code, etc. It also contains things like unused structure members (without proper names because I don't know their original purpose), empty functions (code compiled out), wrapped functions that serve no purpose (i.e. whatever the original purpose was, it was later removed or compiled out, such as debug code), and that kind of thing that is cleaned up for TFE. But to give you an idea why I would never release it, one of the files is over 60k lines long.
  9. Version 1.0 Release Delayed This is obvious by now, but The Force Engine version 1.0 will not hit this year. There has been a lot of progress towards completing the iMuse reverse-engineering work for version 0.9, but that will spill into early January. 2022 Plans The iMuse work is roughly 70% complete, which means that version 0.9 is expected to land in the second week of January. At that point, Dark Forces support in TFE will be feature complete and the reverse-engineering process for Dark Forces will be finished. The following few weeks will be dedicated to bug and inaccuracy fixing, with version 1.0 planned for late January or early February. To read more about 2022 Plans and the 2021 Retrospective, read the post: https://theforceengine.github.io/2021/12/24/2021-retrospective.html
  10. The Cutscenes and In-Game UI Release build is now available: https://theforceengine.github.io/downloads.html This video marks the version 0.8 - Cutscenes and In-Game UI Release. The cutscenes are now played, even from mods, with sounds and music. The Mission Briefings are integrated, including the ability to pick the desired difficulty. In game, the PDA (F1) is complete, allowing you to see your inventory, weapons, the map, mission objectives that you have completed and secrets found, and the briefing. Finally, the "Configuration" option in the Escape menu now opens the TFE System UI with full resolution and keybinding menus. This video shows the initial cutscenes, the mission briefings for a few levels, config options, cutscenes in a mod, and the mission briefing in another mod. Note: iMuse is only partially reverse-engineered, so music in the cutscenes is not 100% accurate - this will be fixed in the 0.9 release coming in the next few weeks. Next is the sound and iMuse release, version 0.9, at which point Dark Forces support in TFE will be feature complete. However, there are still some bugs and mistakes, which will the focus for version 1.0.
  11. Version 0.8 is well underway and should be complete this week. Cutscenes in the vanilla game all play, though there are some visual glitches to iron out. The Mission Briefings and PDA are also complete - along with fixing a bug with difficulty levels and finally loading and handling mission "goals" correctly - so they show up properly in the PDA when completed. So what is left for version 0.8: * Fix the font in the Agent Menu (some characters show up wrong). * Add the keyboard shortcuts to the Escape Menu. I will probably not do the fade, despite the small inaccuracy, because 1) it isn't complete and looks kind of bad, 2) I don't want it to take so long when hitting Escape and being able to use the menu. Same with the PDA - you hit the button and it comes up near instantly. * Figure out what to do with the config menu - I'm either considering implementing it as-is or having it bring up the Alt+F1 menu instead - where all the valid configuration options are available. The latter option is what I am leaning towards since it will be less confusing than having a partial set of options, some of which are useless right now (the level of detail options). * Fix visual glitches in cutscenes. * Integrate sound and music support for cutscenes (they are currently silent). Another nice feature is that TFE supports automatically loading custom briefing and cutscene LFD files for mods, so players can load their mod directly from the zip files and TFE can still support the custom mission briefings and cutscenes.
  12. After a long time in development, the Core Game Loop Release, version 0.7 is finally available. All of the weapons, items, and AI have been integrated. Dark Forces can be completed from beginning to end using The Force Engine. TFE continues to support the original, 320x200 fixed-point renderer but now properly supports high-resolution rendering, and widescreen (including Ultrawide). TFE can load mods directly from ZIP files, you can drag and drop them onto the executable. It also has a built-in Mod Loader, accessible from the main menu. To get mods to show up, simply create a Mods folder in your TFE directory, the Dark Forces game data directory, or under /ProgramData/TheForceEngine. In that mods folder, you can put the zip files, one per mod, or extract them to one sub-directory per mod. Below is a video that marks the release of version 0.7 - the Core Game Loop release. This video shows part of Detention Center, and then small parts of three user levels from “back in the day.” Note that mod support is currently in “Beta”, not all mods fully work, and some may even crash. However, these issues will be resolved in future versions. There are still bugs and issues, but the Dark Forces can be finished from beginning to end using TFE. What’s Next Now that the CGL release is done, it is time to move to the next milestone on the Roadmap - Cutscenes, Mission Briefings, and completing the in-game UI (PDA). That will be version 0.8. The rest of this year is dedicated to finishing versions 0.8, 0.9 (sound and iMuse), and finally version 1.0. https://theforceengine.github.io/Roadmap.html
  13. Most mods work, though support is "beta" quality - meaning some still have TFE-related bugs and a few can crash at a certain point. But the plan is that they all work before version 1.0 is released. I will be making a post, most likely later tonight, about the mod support and mod loading.
  14. The sewer level is pretty straightforward when you get used to it. To do it quickly, when you get to the 4-state switch, go through the first door (hitting the switch to raise the sewer level during the process), then the third door, and finally the second door. That will save you a trip through the tunnels. You can ignore the fourth door unless you want the goodies there (but I don't bother when I'm playing through it). I should add - you can hit F5 to turn on your headlamp to help illuminate dark areas. It consumes battery power, but there are battery pickups and the consumption is reasonable (unlike some games where flashlights last for two seconds).
  15. Not until after version 1.0 is released - this is still using software rendering. While moving to higher resolutions required me to write a floating-point renderer, it is derived directly from the original fixed-point renderer, so it has the same glitches and features. If you select 320x200, it uses the original fixed-point renderer though, to preserve the code. Anyway, a hardware renderer is not planned until enough reverse-engineering of Outlaws is complete to properly integrate the enhanced features (slopes, dual adjoins, vertical adjoins, etc.) - I want the full core renderer to be complete before moving on to hardware support. In other words, there won't be any texture filtering until early next year, since that is when work on Outlaws will begin in earnest. The rest of this year will be spent finishing version 1.0 (Dark Forces support complete).