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  1. lucius

    Mocha Doom TrueColor teaser...

    The number of colormaps used will affect the banding. Using 32 light levels with true color colormaps should give you the banding without the color distortion found in 8 bit mode.
  2. lucius

    Programming Project - TurokEX

    I wish you well on this project, it seems very interesting. :) Turok was a good game back in the day, in fact my only real gripe with it was the excessive fog. So a version of the game with less fog (at least in some directions) will be quite nice.
  3. lucius

    Blood - Possibility of a Source Port

    Of course, those plans haven't changed. :) You'll see the first release with Outlaws support in about a month. From there it's not a long stretch to Beta.
  4. lucius

    Blood - Possibility of a Source Port

    I've temporarily put Blood support on hold for the XL Engine, though I'm still continuing to work on the "post-merger" release for the other titles. While the first "BloodXL" release was probably about a month away, I'm in "wait and see" mode - if a true source port by one of the original team members actually happens then my efforts will just be redundant (unless the source were to be released, which seems very unlikely at this point). If Jace's port doesn't go anywhere then I'll pick it back up in the future.
  5. lucius

    A new port: Omega

    I honestly never thought of it quite that way but you do have a point. Another item to add to the already large list of reasons to use source control. :) There has been enough arguments for source control already though so I won't make anymore comments about it. Anyway good luck with the port, have fun with it. Ultimately that's more important then what others think of "yet another port" anyway.
  6. lucius

    A new port: Omega

    I haven't tried the port yet, I'll switch over to Linux later and try it out. I would concur with others that you should pick a goal for your port and try to fill some empty niche. Anyway I'll go ahead and throw in my 2¢ (just my perspective obviously) Even if you are the only one working on a project and never release the source code - I would still use version control. Obviously in your case this will be open source, but I want to stress that version control is important regardless. There are several benefits to version control. Here are a few assuming you are the only author: * Backing up code just in case, as previously described. * Comments on your check-ins at arbitrary granularity (always comment check-ins). * Branches in order to work on large features, experiments, etc. while keeping the core code base functioning. This allows you to experiment and work on big systems safely and allows you to fix important issues without worrying about disabling your new code, etc. * File history, allowing you to make diffs between files at different arbitrary times. Check in some bad code but not sure when or where? Go through your file history and figure out which change caused the issue, for example (good comments help). * Allows you to easily work on multiple computers and operating systems - assuming your host is online and accessible. * Fast and convenient - no large backups, ftp, etc. required. If you are collaborating the advantages are even more numerous.
  7. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    The XL Engine now has a page on ModDB. :) I'm still working on getting the release out and fine tuning things like the proper player physics and motion in BloodXL and OutlawsXL. Hopefully I'll have another, improved, video to show soon. :D
  8. If your GPU supports it, the driver will contain all the necessary extensions despite the limited support provided by Microsoft. This means that you have to manually query and load extensions beyond the supported OpenGL version - but Kaiser is clearly doing that already. In other words you are not limited to the set of extensions exposed through Microsoft's OpenGL32.dll - unless you do not have a proper driver for your GPU.
  9. lucius

    2.5D shooters oddly slow?

    The reason that DarkXL runs slowly is this: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200. Unfortunately, DarkXL will use Shader Model 2 when available which performs very badly on that series of GPU's. The next release will also have a fixed function mode, which you'll be able to force if necessary, which should run significantly faster on the lower end GeForce FX GPU's.
  10. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    I put up a new blog post talking about the networking and level interactivity work. You can read it here. In the post I also show a first look video, which I also show below. Click on the link to see in HD. The game is running in “Bloodbath” mode, which basically means that all the Bloodbath weapons and items show up but that enemies are not represented. Note that this is still early work in progress and there are still numerous issues that need to be ironed out. However, hopefully you’ll agree, that BloodXL is progressing well and is nearly ready for the release. BloodXL - Bloodbath Mode - First Look
  11. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    This will be just a small update, but OutlawsXL now supports objects. It parses the Item definitions (.ITM files) and sprite files (NWX). Next I will fix various texture alignment issues, properly parse vertical adjoins – which the engine already supports as seen from previous BloodXL posts and make some final Outlaws rendering tweaking. Once that is complete I’ll start on level interactivity and get the multiplayer going.
  12. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    Outlaws stuff is also coming along now as well: Before the dual-adjoin support was added. Note though that is shows basic level geometry, textures, sky and slopes. After dual adjoins were added. I've recently added masked wall support and all the levels can be loaded. Next up is to get the sprite data converted and rendered - objects are being loaded but are current ignored except for the player start. Once that is done I'll finish up the rendering for OutlawsXL and then start getting the gameplay and initial multiplayer pass in for the release. Here you can see masked walls (used for windows): This game uses dual-adjoins a lot in order to create 3D geometry from sectors, as you can see from the images below. Unlike Dark Forces, 3D models and secondary sector heights aren’t used. Instead even things like 3D staircase railings and fences are made out of sectors.
  13. lucius

    Doom64 EX 2.1 Released

    If you feel the lighting is off, I would suggest finding an area that highlights the issues you see the most. Then take some comparison screenshots (use an emulator for this if you need to). Then point out as precisely as possible what you perceive the problem(s) to be. Are the colors off? Maybe color interpolation? Fog?
  14. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    So I implemented the fixed function version of depth cueing. I have a plan to better emulate the effect of the color maps when running in hardware, but it turns out it's a little too expensive for fixed function (i.e. 3 textures on every surface). Given the point of fixed function, I decided it'd be better to use the built in fog hardware and save the improved color map support for cards that support shaders. The vast majority of people will have GPU's that support at least basic shaders (SM 1.1+), so the lighting and depth cueing will look better for most people. But first I'm going to get the fixed function render, which I've been showing so far, complete before worrying about putting shader support back in. You can see the fixed-function depth cueing here: [Before / After] Another screenshot for fun: All the basic rendering elements are in place, so the next step is to go through and fix bugs - such as occasional alignment issues with floors and walls. Once the rendering is robust I'll get the other projects rendering everything again - which should go much quicker since most of the engine work is done. :) Finally once all the projects are properly rendering using the fixed function path, I'll add the shader path back in - with improved lighting and color map support - and then move on to getting the gameplay ready for the release.
  15. lucius

    XL Engine Merger Update

    And finally the "camera oriented" sprites are working.