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  1. FrozenNemesis

    Interesting Sudden DoomBuilder2 Crash on Startup.

    When I was diagnosing the problem I was having, I did so by hitting the "Debug" button on the Microsoft Report dialog that popped up. When it asks which dev environment you want to load it in, it also says specifically which error you are getting. In my case it was "System.IOException FileNotFound" or something along those lines. Now, I happen to have Visual Studio installed so I was able to open it in VS and get the exact version number of the missing SlimDX file (which corresponded to the March '09 version). Whether or not you have VS installed, hit debug and see what the error message is.
  2. FrozenNemesis

    Interesting Sudden DoomBuilder2 Crash on Startup.

    I was having this same issue. Doom Builder 2 was working just fine and then after months of not using it I went to start it up and it would instantly crash. I wasn't even getting a log file. The problem did turn out to be SlimDX. Apparently, you must install the March 2009 version, the August one will not work. I uninstalled the August 2009 version and installed the March one and DB2 started working perfectly again.
  3. FrozenNemesis

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Yeah, that copy of the picture really isn't that good. This painting is hanging on the wall on the bottom floor of our Electrical Engineering building, which is why I picked it specifically (because I've actually seen it in person). I'll give you that perhaps a 2yo couldn't do quite this, with the circles having very crisp edges and the fact that object placement doesn't seem entirely random. But I really can't see how this could be considered anything better than something to hang on the fridge. A red (it's actually a clear [255, 0, 0] red) line with some black dots to the right of it. Everything in the actual painting is a completely solid color, not textured like that picture makes it appear, and there are no words on it. I was under the impression that abstract art was supposed to have some kind of meaning, not merely an "atmospheric" effect. In that case it makes more sense to me. Still though, I have a hard time getting excited about it. (Though I would like to, I get the impression that a correct understanding of abstract art would greatly complement level design skills for any game.) ----- And to tie all of this back to the topic, I do agree that Doom 2 provided more of an atmosphere than Doom 1 did, and the new monsters certainly wouldn't have worked in the old style design. I still think though that the Doom levels, while more generic, provided better gameplay than the "strafe the boxes" style of Doom 2.
  4. FrozenNemesis

    How much can I do legally?

    I thought, and please correct me if I'm wrong on this, that the Classic Doom 3 mod got a fair amount of leeway because it only used the shareware episode as a base for its content. I know there was an interview with one of the team members that said the remaining episodes were not done mostly because of declining interest, but I remember the shareware argument coming up a couple times over at doom3world.
  5. FrozenNemesis

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Sorry, while certainly there is some abstract art that is well done, I can't begin to believe that all of it has incredible meaning allowing it to be 2yo quality. Case in point... I have a very large fondness for Episode 1. I think the level lengths and design styles are just right. The levels aren't too big, don't try to pull off effects when they clearly aren't working, and are overall very well balanced. There is also a nostalgia factor there, yes, but I would not say that the E1 maps are the best ones I've ever played, nor even are they the most often maps I play. I have a lot of fun on Dead Simple, but I would be lying if I said the level resembled anything. It's a box... with walls that go down when everything dies, then an eyeball in the middle. Architecture wise it's a terrible map, but it is fun. There are other maps, like Downtown, that I like the atmosphere, but dislike some of the exact designs. Both Doom and Doom 2 have good maps and bad maps. Of those good maps, some have great gameplay, some of crappy design, and some have both. Doom 2's maps were without a doubt more advanced than Doom's. The rising platforms in Industrial Zone that simulated bridges were rather clever I thought, but I didn't particularly care much for that level's design. I'm not sure I would say Doom is better than Doom 2, because I suspect that if I counted them up, the ratios for good to bad levels in each would be about the same. And of course this is entirely subjective, since each person will probably like different maps for different reasons.
  6. FrozenNemesis

    My Old Wads

    Yep, that's it. Thanks Mad Butcher!
  7. FrozenNemesis

    My Old Wads

    Thanks Mad Butcher, much appreciated. If anyone out there has cwad4-b1.zip I would like a copy of that too please.
  8. FrozenNemesis

    My Old Wads

    I was wondering if anyone happened to still have copies of my old wads (released here and here). I lost my copies after reformatting my laptop and since they were hosted on FileFront, which has since deleted everything I had without warning, I turn to the last place they may still be.
  9. FrozenNemesis

    Doomworld RSS messed up?

    Previous to using Thunderbird, I was using Outlook Express with the "RSS Popper" addon and it was doing the same thing there. I certainly don't mean to imply that you are all lying or something, but I find it rather difficult to believe this is a Thunderbird issue as I have 14 other RSS feeds set up in the exact same manner as I set up the Doomworld one and none of them have this issue. (As an additional note, I had 3 other RSS feeds running along Doomworld while using RSS Popper, and none of them did this either.) ~ FrozenNemesis
  10. FrozenNemesis

    Doomworld RSS messed up?

    I've recently added the Doomworld RSS (http://doomworld.com/php/dwrss.php) into Thunderbird and it's acting a little strange. It seems that every time it checks for new messages, it downloads all the messages in the feed, even if they've already been downloaded. None of my other RSS feeds have this behavior however. Is there some special setting that I need to set to prevent this RSS from acting this way? Thanks, ~ FrozenNemesis
  11. FrozenNemesis

    Need help with a Code...

    I personally don't know anything about scripting or DECORATE, but I would recommend you post this on the ZDoom forums. Although there are people here that can help you (many people frequent both forums) I suspect you will find more help regarding DECORATE problems over there.
  12. FrozenNemesis

    no monsters in map

    Also make sure you do not have -nomonsters set in the parameters list on the "Testing" tab of the configuration menu.
  13. FrozenNemesis

    Which is better: Ultimate Doom or Wonderfull Doom?

    I've played through Wonderfull Doom before and while it is fairly well done, and the theme/atmosphere of the original levels is represented very well, most of the levels just don't seem to "flow" as nicely as the originals do. At least in E1, I haven't played E2 or higher in WD. NOTE: I was just playing through E1 in WD again, on E1M2 at the gunfire secret in the maze, the shooting is glitched there such that it screws up sector heights all throughout the level. I'm playing on prBoom+ with compatibility off (-1).
  14. FrozenNemesis

    Moving boat.

    There was a subway scene in either Chex Quest 2 or 3 where this trick was used. Download available here. Link for Chex Quest 3 is at the top of the page (Each episode corresponds to the next game - eg. Episode 1 = Chex Quest, Episode 2 = Chex Quest 2, Episode 3 = Chex Quest 3)
  15. FrozenNemesis

    E1M7 DM. Plus New DM map!

    He means to add a new texture to the TEXTURE1 lump using a wad editor such as XWE.