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  1. Biffy said:

    Root, can you please provide more detailed information? How does one "make a PC a dial-up server"? What software is running to do this?
    Then, what software would a client use which "knows" how to dial a modem? All I know about is the original DM.exe and things that used to exist like DWANGO and Sirdoom.

    OK, that's easy: The dial-up server is included in Win98 and also in Win95 after the DUN update. All you have to do is activate it in the dial-up network context (only on one PC). I suggest you to search for some informations regarding dial-up net, so you know
    what's going on. YOu can now simply establish a connection between the computers, then
    use a frontend or the command line to make a network game on TCP or IPX base.