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  1. Found out yesterday morning, and I've been going nuts since, telling every person one I run into. I know some of you are probably just as shocked as I am, but you better lock your doors, terror is on its way.

    I can't describe to you guys how awesome it feels. It's due the 1st of June. We weren't planning on this, and it definitely changes things but I know things are going to turn out great. I really can't imagine having a kid with someone else then my girlfriend.

    Name suggestions??

    I was thinking Augustine if its a girl, not sure for a boy though. If it's a girl it's going to have its mom's last name, a boy, my last name. I think that's pretty fair way to do it. You think I should pick his internet handle too?

    Fuck Lego Star Wars, his first game is gonna be Doom of course. =D

    I'll keep you guys posted. I'm probably gonna be around a lot more helping out my baby momma at home

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    2. Fredrik



      The most annoying misspelling in the English language, wrapped up in a name.

    3. 40oz


      Fredrik said:


      The most annoying misspelling in the English language, wrapped up in a name.

      omg that's awful (because that's my name except with an a instead of an e.)

      The most common mispelling of it was Jonathon though.

    4. Johnny


      hahahha aca!! holy shit! congratulations bud. i feel like it was just yesterday you called my house completely wasted and were flipping off aliens in your backyard. now you're spitting out babies! good times.