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  1. Now it's ok. I've played and would like to suggest somethings: *You could add a "aim" options in the display. *Also the mouse could move more faster.I put the sensibility to the max but it's still low for me. *The sound meters are very inaccurate.I lowered only a little and the sound was already off. *The sky sometimes show some strange parts. One more thing:how can I build stages for this too?I didn't found anything to help me in the other thread.
  2. The doom 64 ex is lagging too much on my machine. I a have 256 mb video board,1 Gb ram and 2,26 GHz processor.And I use directx 9.0
  3. doomaniac64

    Doom64 EX - Editing Tools and Docs Online

    But I need to download it!But where?!
  4. doomaniac64

    Doom64 EX - Editing Tools and Docs Online

    I can't download anything from the given links. BTW,what's better in the Doom 64 ex than in the Doom 64 Absolution?
  5. doomaniac64

    Chaingun rate of fire

    How can I change the rate of fire of the chaingun,so it will fire faster?
  6. doomaniac64

    Can I have some opinion about my wad Crimson?

    Thanks for the comments.I making Crimson 2 and I'll try to make it even better!
  7. doomaniac64

    OBLIGE 0.97 released

    You could modify it to put more difficult monsters,even in the Tiny maps,so we can confront more Barons,Hell Knights and stronger demons in the later levels, or in a X-large single level.
  8. doomaniac64

    OBLIGE 0.97 released

    I created some stage but no one came with cyberdemon.I think the obhack is better.
  9. It's a wad that use doom 64 mosnters and weapons.I need some opinion to continue making wads in this style or not. Here's some screenshots: Download: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/Crimson%20v1.0.zip
  10. doomaniac64

    OBLIGE with bugfixes and tweaks available

    Is the next releasing of your obhack gonna have the option to add Mastermind and Cyberdemon? Other option i would like to see in obhack is something to add more higher level monsters,like barons and archvile etc.Sometimes I do create a whole megawad and these monsters rarely appear in the stages,and when appear is little.