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  1. alien8

    GM wants a 3rd bailout.

    I also have a fun story about Unions. This guy I know (me) got to keep his job and his life when he performed a Work Refusal with full backing by his union. Had he done his job as his supervisor ordered him to, he'd be dead today due to unsafe and faulty equipment. Painting all unions with the same "unions suck" brush is comparable to painting all Doom players with the "homicidal school shooter" brush. Just because there are some bad unions (and I'll be the first to admit there are), doesn't mean that every single union is out only to gouge the company and to hell with the workers.
  2. alien8

    Permanent freelook

    Go to wherever you've installed Quake and open up the ID1 folder. Inside there, you should see a file called autoexec.cfg. If it doesn't exist, just create a new text file named autoexec.cfg. Inside this text file type "+mlook" (without the quotes). Save it, close it, and start Quake. Automatic mouselook!
  3. alien8

    what is a pk3?

    The Zdoom wiki has an informative page on using a pk3 instead of a wad.
  4. alien8

    What would you like to see in a web browser?

    Just to clarify, you must right click on a search form.
  5. alien8

    Ambient Sounds? How do I create them?

    I'm guessing that A_PlaySoundEx (or A_PlaySound, depending on what revision of Zdoom you're targeting) should be able to do what you're looking for.
  6. alien8

    zombieman's gun help please

    Ahh, OK. That makes sense now.
  7. alien8

    zombieman's gun help please

    Maybe I'm missing the obvious, but couldn't the rifle just be used as the ammo pickup instead of the ammo box?
  8. alien8

    XWE Remap

    Is this it? I just came across this recently and found it to be quite useful for recoloring textures that didn't take well to the automatic palette conversion.
  9. alien8

    Music converting

    If you do a google search for the programs MUS2MIDI and MIDI2MUS, you should find what you're looking for.
  10. alien8

    New special wad

    I'd love to seem some screenshots if you've got any.
  11. alien8

    2 nublet questions about ACS

    In regards to the first question, I'd imagine CheckInventory should get you pointed in the right direction.
  12. But what of the fanboys? THINK OF THE FANBOYS!
  13. alien8

    I'm looking for a Weapons WAD.

    And double post. Here's the wad.
  14. alien8

    Greenwar 2: RELEASED!

    I can personally vouch for Mechadon's ability to go to town on making a map look as well as it plays. My submission for Skulltag's IGPack was a de-imagining of Unreal's Deck16 map that kept the solid gameplay but was entirely un-detailed and bland. By the time he was done with it, it looked a hell of a lot better than Epic's original.
  15. alien8

    I'm looking for a Weapons WAD.

    I'm at work right now without access to it, but if it can't be found, I can zip up the final release and put it on my hosting for download. It's... OK. There are a few dissimilarities from the UT originals (and a pile of weapons that aren't in UT at all), but its an enjoyable change for a little while. I remember when he released it on the Skulltag forums it garnered no real interest at all - maybe if he would have named it DwangoUT5 or something it might have gotten some more public interest.