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  1. See. What did I say ? Please stop it. It is not worth it.
  2. Oh, yes. And proud of it. I don't play games if cannot cheat, that's my nature, after all, a PC game is a competition between a dishonest developer that do not disclose what is in the game and makes you always start with the weakest/stupidest weapon possible and right around the first corner there is a boss monster... nice, so, I ran out of patience and resorted to this policy. "Oh, it is a game of skill and patience, and you have to develop those" they tell you. At $60+ or way more per game and with "features" (bugs), no, thank you, I don't have patience and time for those any more. Hey, I also want to watch Netflix too. So, in Doom/ZDoom, today, it is even worst, nowadays, I use Decorate and ACS to produce very sophisticated mods, so now, I don't need those pesky commands/cheats and I am 100% immortal, and no, not even an "mdk" or unfair script can kill me and my weapons can sweep an entire level if I wanted to. The only thing that saddens me is that when somebody like me makes a statement like the one I just made, intolerant people in forums start screaming and crying like if I committed a crime while governments really cheat on them a lot worse and they don't even notice or care. That is why I will never publish my cheat mod, I don't want to deal with all the flames, once I did it with a little piece of my code and the flamefest that ensued was not worth it.
  3. Sorry to be noisy, but I'm afraid that in your ACS scripts inside MAP01, your "switches" are lacking some "breaks;" http://zdoom.org/wiki/Break Otherwise, only the last option will prevail.
  4. And BTW, Mr Control Freak, is your mod even worth our time and bandwith to download it ? Or is the typical n-th recreation of the Doom I episodes only this time with "no cheats" allowed, with the standard textures and a big MP3 file so it will look that you did a lot ? Will you be "asking" (read "begging") for help from the other members ? Or even worst, putting them to work on your wonderful "ideas" while taking all the credit ? Of course "no cheating allowed". LOL !! Then again, in order to avoid seeing horrible '95 style levels and even worst code, I should skip this mod. PS. You better be really good, even better than Tormentor667 himself to be preaching to us this way. Something that I really doubt.
  5. And that's why I love ZDoom and GZDoom. Because I can CHEAT. After a long day of work, I want to release some frustration and not get frustrated in the process. Also in order to avoid control freaks, I always check inside the wads and pk3s and look for things I don't like, obviously, I edit or remove them. And as you can imagine I already have my custom made super weapons mod which is, of course, way unbalanced in my favor thanks to decorate and acs. (Don't worry, I won't release it, too many people will scream and cry precisely because it is a super cheat... Duh!). So, Mr control freak, no matter what you do in ZDoom, I will always be able to cheat since my real life profession for many years has been Systems Programmer / Analyst and after so many years of decorate and acs, I got you covered. BTW, it was ID Software the one who started the cheats with the infamous "IDDQD", isn't it ? So, what the heck are you even daring to tell us ? That you are better than us ? LOL !!
  6. No new textures ? To play this wad, you will need : cc4-tex.wad GOTHICTX.WAD q1tex.wad SF2011-tex.wad Great, it is the first wad that uses the full collection of textures. Please specify this !
  7. If somebody cares, after rummaging inside several DVD's, I found the file where I got the armors and several other goodies, you can now download it at http://files.drdteam.org/index.php/files/get/6YeETAj1zo/diablo-ii-items.zip Now, finally, it is hosted in a decent server.
  8. OMG, a Michael "IMP" Jackson, beware, not to be used with underage players or you can be sued too !!
  9. Does anybody still has the collection from : Diablo II items - release 4 http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=23289 ? As usual, the mediafire link says that the file has been deleted. :cry:
  10. Only one wad folder ? I have 9 !!! 1 GB each
  11. Check this post : [Graphics] DaggerFall and Witchaven Weapons http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=25116&p=481407&hilit=Witch+Heaven#p481407
  12. I was using GZDoom 1.4.3 (r744). And no additional wad. Who Knows ?
  13. I loved this beta, the story and mood are excellent. There is one point I would like to mention, as soon as I enter to map 02, my machine starts to go crazy and when it gets to the second row of cells, it overheats. Granted, my machine is not precisely a new PC, but it can still handle 99.9% of the new wads. This situation happens only on very rare occasions, normally when there is some special effect involving special lighting. If you are using special lighting in this area, I think it is not necessary here, and the curious thing is that in the other maps, the special lights were more obvious and my machine was able to handle them without problems. Could there be something else in that map ?
  14. I used GZDoom 1-3-13, which afaik is the latest one. Sorry, I didn't found any blue gem nor any indication that I had to find one, however I found those switches, but how does that solve the issue with the blood and the altar ?
  15. I am playing with OpenGL.