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  1. at 19:00 CET the czech minister of health declared prohibition on the whole country. no beverages with alcohol volume over 20% can be sold until the ban is repealed.

    this is a knee-jerk reaction to the recent methanol poisoning cases that claimed 20 lives so far. more fatalities are expected, because hopelessly poisoned people are still kept alive in hospitals. all of the victims drank illegal imitations of the cheapest local brands of vodka and (potato) rum to save money, but now all strong liquors are banned including expensive imported whiskeys and gins and whatnot.

    i went to get a shot of tullamore dew when i heard the news. fuck the retarded system.

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    2. baronofheck82
    3. j4rio


      There's quite a good bit of paranoia going on over here as well.

    4. Coopersville


      I'll try and drink extra Czech imports to make up for you guys.