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  1. I love the idea of trapping people with the lichen cover, but this is the most terrifying yet exciting outcome of this fiasco. I wholeheartedly approve!
  2. ABP in the age of Ublock Origin? Can't say I understand that decision. My only standing issue with the update is that noscript and passifox are still not compatible and therefore unavailable.
  3. I wish I could like Lutz's post twice. Anyway, it seems 40oz's main complaint is the slow and annoying cleanup of the start area. I'm going to take the blame here, since I pushed Chris to add that blue armor to the start position. Before that it was practically impossible to pull that off, because you would just die of accute lead poisoning inside of 30 seconds like it was a Sam Peckinpah movie. It was one hell of a start. Now you get certain liberties thanks to your 50% damage reduction cushion, so you can certainly abuse them and decide to make the game a slow grind. But I hope it also gives you the option to just power forward, muscle the CG/manco room and deal with the snipers from more reasonable vantage points. Which, I'd like to believe, is a totes legit 90's "make your own luck" approach.
  4. Welcome to the Miscellaneous Demos thread! This thread is the place to post your demos on maps and wads that haven't so far attracted a great deal of attention from the demos community. If your demo fits into a pre-existing thread, then it is better to post it there. Megawads and episodes, for example, usually get their own threads. Note also that this thread is for unassisted (non-TAS) demos. There is also a thread in this forum for Miscellaneous TAS demos. If you're looking for older miscellaneous demos, check out part 1 or part 2 of this multi-thread.
  5. Welcome to the TAS Demos thread: part 2! This thread is the place to post all your TAS demos, or at least the ones you don't wish to put in their own separate threads. DO NOT post TAS demos into regular threads, the local custom expects regular and TAS'd demos separated. Please do note that TAS demos in general are expected to meet certain (not meticulously specified) quality criteria. Sub-par contributions might get filtered into separate "learning" threads to maintain the standard expected of Doom tool-assisted demos. Do not be afraid to post here, however. It is the best place to get hints on improving yourself and learn understanding the general TASing etiquette. Simply said, there's no better place to learn why you suck at TAS! If you're looking for earlier TAS demos, check out part 1 of this multi-thread.
  6. Post your demos for Valiant here. This is a 32 map MBF megawad using advanced features, so -complevel 11 and at least a prboom-plus version dated to 2015 are required. You might get away with using Eternity. Get it right, who knows what hell you might unleash otherwise. The suggested naming convention is vaXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), tyson (t), pacifist (p) or nomo (o). idgames download link: Valiant (final) You can also post Sawdust demos here, since it's a collection of "Valiant scrap" - maps not good enough to be included in the main wad, but still relevant to this thread.
  7. Oh wow, that death... the HK really rubbed it in, heh.
  8. I kinda conflated several issues there, I admit. You don't get a change in physics when recording with cl9, so yeah, shots don't aim vertically without autoaim kicking in (although being able to verify you're actually aiming at a monster does help), but the "purely visual" mouselook info does get recorded as extended tics into the demo with a Boom header. Doesn't that break backwards compat with the old Boom exe anyway?
  9. The map is perfectly playable in prboom-plus... if you use mouselook and crosshair. You can turn those on in combination with complevel 9 and even demo recording. The hitscanners on all those ramparts and towers are a massive headache without aiming up, so don't hesitate. Congrats on the release, Lutz!
  10. Hey, I know that guy from the memes! But where's the pre-order button? Goddamit, EA!!!
  11. "This map is rjsloth. You have the entire month to finish it. Godspeed." Honestly, apart from Eternal Memories and Double Imp Act, do you believe there's a wad of yours that the average threadgoer would be able to follow for just several days? Expired License probably doesn't count, because it's too many maps, heh. That said, DIA should definitely get its chance under the spotlight (dohoho).
  12. Yo if Mark starts contracting or rewarding coders for work on his mod, I'll be happy for everyone involved. It's how the system should work once you "go pro", imo. If that's what kb1 meant, we're on the same page.
  13. Here's an interesting dilemma. Mark made BD his full-time job and he's getting paid for all of this by his patrons... and you're proposing that experienced coders should take time off their own projects to help this guy for free. Why?
  14. That's a fine idea, but I'm afraid it would ruin the mystery.
  15. A month before the cacowards? I'm out.
  16. Jeeeez, stop poisoning the thread and just wait for a mod that skins all the Nazis into Antifa members, so you can balance out the political discourse in a fucking Wolfenstein game.
  17. Yeah, they should've went with "shooting nazis in their stupid racist asshole face, or better yet the neck, so you can hear the blood invading the windpipe as they gasp for air, or alternatively chopping their goddamn heads off with an axe, or maybe slowly burn them to death as they cry in pain". Because hey, that's what you actually do in the game. So surely advertising it would be al.right and in no way political. Just holy shit don't advertise punching them!!!
  18. The irony in this could be mined and used to forge Irony Crosses.
  19. Damn, that's one of the most entertaining demos ever. I burst into laughter with the death of the last two cybies.
  20. I've seen the bugtracker ticket, the idea that unlagged gets progressively worse as the game goes on is almost hilariously stupid, but sadly it seems to fit my experience.
  21. Just one thing to say: Zandronum 3.0 netcode is hilarious garbage.
  22. Ssssh, it is said that if you ask that three times, an army of metal snobs comes out of the mirror and kills the thread with arguing about the exact year thrash became stale. I'm still surprised by Nico and the Velvet Underground on that list. I don't feel like the link is strong enough. Is it Nico's hypnotic voice?
  23. What a petty fight. Everyone knows music was invented and shaped to perfection by Blondie and the Pixies. Nico was sexy though.
  24. @nxGangGirl, I gotta make like Maes and repost my own old crap. Now that your mind is completely blown away with the genius concept of separating "slaughter" from "challenge", the path to mutual understanding is within grasp. Peace out!
  25. Why is Doom 1 and 2 lumped together? Why is Final Doom its own category AND lumped together with PSX Doom? Why is PSX Doom even wasting mapslots here? Why no Jaguar Doom slots? Why 5 entire slots for D64? Do you seriously think 5 good Doom 3 maps can be cranked out at all, by 5 different people nonetheless? Are D44M slots just be codes to snapmaps? ...