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  1. Welcome to the Miscellaneous Demos thread! This thread is the place to post your demos on maps and wads that haven't so far attracted a great deal of attention from the demos community. If your demo fits into a pre-existing thread, then it is better to post it there. Megawads and episodes, for example, usually get their own threads. Note also that this thread is for unassisted (non-TAS) demos. There is also a thread in this forum for Miscellaneous TAS demos. If you're looking for older miscellaneous demos, check out part 1 or part 2 of this multi-thread.
  2. Welcome to the TAS Demos thread: part 2! This thread is the place to post all your TAS demos, or at least the ones you don't wish to put in their own separate threads. DO NOT post TAS demos into regular threads, the local custom expects regular and TAS'd demos separated. Please do note that TAS demos in general are expected to meet certain (not meticulously specified) quality criteria. Sub-par contributions might get filtered into separate "learning" threads to maintain the standard expected of Doom tool-assisted demos. Do not be afraid to post here, however. It is the best place to get hints on improving yourself and learn understanding the general TASing etiquette. Simply said, there's no better place to learn why you suck at TAS! If you're looking for earlier TAS demos, check out part 1 of this multi-thread.
  3. Post your demos for Back to Saturn X here. BtSX is a series of vanilla megawads, so you can use doom2.exe, chocolate, prboom-plus with -complevel 2, or Eternity with the -vanilla parameter. The suggested naming convention is b101-123.lmp, where the first number represents the episode (BtSX part), the following two are the map number and the last three are time in seconds. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), tyson (t), pacifist (p) or nomo (o). idgames download link: Only post BtSX E1 demos for now, it's the only one finished! Make sure you're recording on version 1.1.4 (2017-08-14)!
  4. Okay, why the fuck have you interjected with judging his maps into a thread that merely asked what he's been up to lately? No one was even touching the subject until you decided to tell us how it is. And let's study your statement further: we're overrating him, huh? That's weird, because he got his last Cacoward in 2010 for Epic 2 and his last solo Honourable Mention was in 2012 for Frozen Time. One might think you're just rudely stating the undisputed and pretending you're breaking some new truths. And last, but not least, you're missing the bigger picture. Yes, I do agree his newer releases tend to be surprisingly underwhelming. Then again, he's obviously experimenting with different directions while operating on a smaller time budget. Comparing hg and ic2015 is utterly nonsensical, because the former is an expansive epic (no pun intended), while the latter is a one-man dtwid-style homage project for Icarus. On that merit, he's doing a pretty good job, though I would have personal objections against the meaningfulness of such an endeavour, heh. Same with his TNT: Revilution submission; it makes perfect sense as a twiddish TNT map, but that just means I disliked it the same way I dislike the lesser maps of Evilution. With highly conceptual pieces and one-off speedmaps dominating the last 5 years of his output, you could say he's not even trying to match his past high profile pieces - and most of us respect this.
  5. With some DM preconceptions floating in the back of my mind, I generally prefer the "line it along the walls" approach as well. However the same mindset must be married with "smooth" walls that don't get you stuck on detail accidentally, so that'd be a potential point to salvage from Brad's feedback. I don't recall that being a particularly egregious issue though. I'd say the one fight vorpal will hate the most will be the ambush at one of the Icon walls in the boss map (I played on hard). I thought it was the hardest bit in the entire mapset by a fair degree, because you get closely surrounded in a tight but rather vertical space and you, like, gotta die a couple of times to probe out where to even start carving out a safe zone. Basically it's the difficulty spike that gets me, but the verticality will hit him hard, heh. Btw, I had to give up and cheat before even meeting the first monster
  6. No, I'm not asking you to change the model, I'd say changing the name would be much easier!
  7. This is a small nitpick, but isn't that a rounding hammer? Even its wear suggests it's been used heavily by a blacksmith to shape metals.
  8. I like how you intentionally missed the health pile at around 3:45 to make the boring RL spam section slightly more exciting. Very meta of you!
  9. You'll get there, Blastfrog, you'll get there...
  10. floatRand, but that's hardly a prediction and more of stating the obvious.
  11. Tbh you don't really need to follow the naming convention strictly, but in BtSX's particular case there's a a good reason in that the demos actually can be played back in vanilla Doom. But generally the best reason to do so is that archiving freaks (and I don't mean the DSDA archivists, just people who download from here) can categorize with less effort and renaming. By sticking to conventions, you are making me happy!
  12. Well, it does seem like his creative output has slowed down over the years, but he made End Point in 2016, so it might be too soon to write him off completely!
  13. So a week later, you saw it necessary to respond to a "childish" diss with passive-aggressively scolding it and stating how above it you are with your maturity and wisdom. Good one - I actually sneered.
  14. So you want someone to run VISA's or paypal's infrastructure with all its reliability, speed, capacity, security measures and insurances... for free? I'm all for regulating their exorbitant percentages and forcing them into more transparency, but destroying the entire system is like cutting off your fingers for being too clumsy. You don't know how good you have it!
  15. ^ What he said. Usually I sort misplaced stuff when I see it or someone prods me, but since you've already reposted it, I've deleted the demo/post from this thread. I'll keep the discussion for educational reasons.
  16. Beg pardon? This sounds like you're horribly misunderstanding Edward's example of overloading one core of a two-core processor. How the hell would that script know how much CPU is it using, maybe except "all it's allowed, because it's an equivalent of a zipbomb"?
  17. This was easily the most fun demo I've seen all year. Otherwise obviously the barrier/status quo-breaking zero press Doom 2 runs win the contest by default.
  18. Thank you for perfectly explaining why Brutal Doom the Campaign is not eligible to even consider for a Cacoward.
  19. Seriously, are these people suggesting we're supposed to award a project that nicks maps from Freedoom? That's beyond insulting.
  20. Bless your soul, good sir, I needed that laugh. Though probably not the other people sleeping in this building at 1am.
  21. I don't see any particularly suspicious movement, I'd say such sudden mouse jerking is to be expected in a map of this kind. The one moment that made me raise an eyebrow is, of course, the sunken megasphere grab combined with rocket punching a revenant in, like, the next tic. It was... cute.
  22. Honestly, I consider Sharp Things a 2015 release that only got parked at idgames now. Xaserian dev cycles make the eligibility policies a bit fuzzy though, heh.
  23. A shiver ran down my spine. Are we Bitcoin now?
  24. I'm sorry, but does this word goulash make more sense when you're into BTC?