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  1. Welcome to the Miscellaneous Demos thread! This thread is the place to post your demos on maps and wads that haven't so far attracted a great deal of attention from the demos community. If your demo fits into a pre-existing thread, then it is better to post it there. Megawads and episodes, for example, usually get their own threads. Note also that this thread is for unassisted (non-TAS) demos. There is also a thread in this forum for Miscellaneous TAS demos. If you're looking for older miscellaneous demos, check out part 1 or part 2 of this multi-thread.
  2. Post your demos for Valiant here. This is a 32 map MBF megawad using advanced features, so -complevel 11 and at least a prboom-plus version dated to 2015 are required. You might get away with using Eternity. Get it right, who knows what hell you might unleash otherwise. The suggested naming convention is vaXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter to represent categories such as NM (n), fast (f), tyson (t), pacifist (p) or nomo (o). idgames download link: Valiant (final) You can also post Sawdust demos here, since it's a collection of "Valiant scrap" - maps not good enough to be included in the main wad, but still relevant to this thread.
  3. Welcome to the TAS Demos thread: part 2! This thread is the place to post all your TAS demos, or at least the ones you don't wish to put in their own separate threads. DO NOT post TAS demos into regular threads, the local custom expects regular and TAS'd demos separated. Please do note that TAS demos in general are expected to meet certain (not meticulously specified) quality criteria. Sub-par contributions might get filtered into separate "learning" threads to maintain the standard expected of Doom tool-assisted demos. Do not be afraid to post here, however. It is the best place to get hints on improving yourself and learn understanding the general TASing etiquette. Simply said, there's no better place to learn why you suck at TAS! If you're looking for earlier TAS demos, check out part 1 of this multi-thread.
  4. I sometimes wonder if you even play this goddamn game, or you just smoke too much pot (or not enough?) and recall tidbits from when your room-mate was playing it 15 years ago and you watched over his shoulder.
  5. Hoping for OpFor is even more of wishful thinking than expecting HL3 any day now. It's held in ownership hell by valve and pitchford.
  6. Tired of browsing forums the old way? *gif of people badly injuring themselves while trying to browse Doomworld* Here's ForumMaster3000, it does everything browsers do, but now you need a separate window for it!
  7. Alfonzo is nowhere near as cool as Spike. He will beat you with the power of academic knowledge though.
  8. Have you ever listened to any of Doom Radio? Have you ever even heard Alfonzo? Or should I doubt your... Buffy lore instead?
  9. Oh, I'll be there come hell or high water. Hopefully @DemonSphere can make it to the pundit booth as well this time. Btw this duel needs to be referenced as the Willow vs. Rupert Giles showdown.
  10. Congrats on the release! Sorry for the lack of feedback after RC2, but hey, I think it's going to be just fine!
  11. After years of beating a dead horse it finally gets buried... And just a day later it's already getting dug up and put on strings to dance for the crowd that refused to leave the theatre. Heh.
  12. I find Willow's trashtalk laughable, but also very amusing and uplifting. Just throwing out the threats and insults with wild abandon, because who cares about the days to come. There's almost no chance you'd see this type of shit flinging in the top tier, the elites would be too guarded, because 1) eating crow suckssss, 2) we're stuck together in this community and you rarely want a guy who may improve later foster an intense vendetta. Have all of the fun, kids!
  13. I mentionate scifista for mockaward for the best Doom tongue twister of the year.
  14. Here's an alternative theory I just pulled out of my ass: they scrapped the story not because it's so insanely complex and incomprehensible to human minds, but because parts of it read way too similar to 2006's Prey (beware of spoilers).
  15. While kraflab touches the truth, I also believe having a "feature complete" version in 2.8.1 could lead to more demo activity. I certainly withheld myself from recording on a zdoom map in the past because I hated the idea of encumbering future viewers with having to chase down proper executables.
  16. Damn, this thread is still running in a circle. I listen to metal music and I went to metal gigs and festivals a bunch of times, but I'd rather chew off my foot and flee like a trapped animal over being called a "metal fan", because I might be associated with the wonderful people who argue what qualifies as metal.
  17. Yeah, except for teens and really awful.
  18. A contest show for teens with visuals scrubbed for TV. Competing teams perform silly physical and mental tasks using plastic or foam props for victory points while the show's fourty-something host spews cringy commentary and pretends he understand the game or current teen culture in general.
  19. id software. I keep saying eye dee even on streams and podcasts and I always realize it a picosecond too late.
  20. Heh, clever strategy.
  21. Right on. I'd wait for 40oz to backstab Trace, then challenge him to a duel (because he sucks at those) and become the god-emperor of the tribe.
  22. Binging this entire album lately...
  23. Weasel cannot possibly be referencing the movie any harder (pun unintended). He directly names the hero Bruce Willis plays in the movie. The hero rescues a skyscraper from terrorist kidnappers... starting barefooted in a restroom. Stop crying foul when your utter ignorance gets exposed.
  24. Case in point. Talking before thinking. But don't worry, I'll spoonfeed you like the confused millenial baby you are. Go watch your classics before discussing them.
  25. To make fists with his toes. Jeez, you clueless millenials...