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Everything posted by Squishybrick

  1. Squishybrick

    OBLIGE 3.39 Released

    Alright! I ca't wait for the new version buddy, keep up the good work and make those new features functional! :)
  2. Squishybrick

    OBLIGE 3.39 Released

    I never liked SLIGE... \: |
  3. Squishybrick

    WASD or Arrow Keys?

    When I first started out I used arrow keys, ctrl, and space. Nowadays I use WASD and mouse.. It's more comfortable for me since it allows me to jump, crouch, open doors, and move with one hand while I aim and shoot with the other.. But... It would be fun to go back to the old controls for more challenging "oldschool" doom play..
  4. Squishybrick

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    what my friend called them was: cacodemons : Tomatoes imps : little brown poeple demon : muscle guy archvile : little starving people zombie : duke nukem shotgun guy : baldy chaingun guy : fatass mancubus : Super fat guy what i called em cacodemons : testicles (i have a sound wad where they say "im a testy" imps : spiky demon demon : flesh monsters archvile : library demon (it sounds like hes trying to be quiet chaingun guy : my dad (he looked like him) arachnotron : baby spiders spider mastermind : mommy spider (i look ay her and go "awwwww") the head : john romero (i kinda knew him)