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  1. Yeah, so my shitty band is playing a couple of gigs in Scoland next weekend (4th and 5th). One in Aberdeen and one in Edinbourgh. Cant remember where we are on which days, but we'll play on friday and saturday. Who cares anyway.

    ANYWAY: any tips for my spare time? Something I should go see, or eat, or whatever? I'm guessing we wont have MUCH spare time, and I'll be hungover as fuck most probably. But yeah. Anyone?

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    2. darkreaver


      Hehe. It's called Lobotomized, and I kid you not when I say it's shitty. Much of the shittiness is deliberate, though. Lyrical themes are mostly white trash and childish stuff. It's some sort of mix between metal and punk, I guess. We are playing with a band called Bonesaw.

      Here is an old song they (I was not in the band back then) wrote for their last Scotland "tour".


      I've never played abroad, only diffren placed around Norway.

      Couple of newer songs:



      Come on over boy, and I'll buy you some beers! I promise I'll be a real sunshine ;)

    3. AndrewB


      I was expecting something a lot worse. Your band seems competent, just unimaginative.

    4. Springy


      Listened to "Crash Course in Camping", seemed pretty good actually.

      darkreaver said:

      Come on over boy, and I'll buy you some beers! I promise I'll be a real sunshine ;)

      Already have me interested in the buying of beer that will definitely make you a certified sunshine. I would happily see you guys live, though I certainly won't be able to make the Scotland gig.