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  1. Syko

    Custom created monsters?

    Right, so can i just put random numbers there (albeit unused ofcourse) Error message? only thing i get is questionmarks if i put in the monstercode in DB :o sooo i dunno. p.s. do i NEED to merge it into levels, as at the moment i load it up on a new level seperatly as megamonsterwad.wad (in additional textures or flats from wad file, which worked for single monsters) - Syko Link? i want to.. :P (im such a lazy ahole)
  2. Syko

    The REAL Doomguy

    as i started reading the doom novels after hating doom3 (still enjoyed playing, its just nothing to do with doom, cacos are red and imps are brown, and where are the pinkies?) and the doom movie (vomits) i really got into the story, thus Flynn "Fly" Taggart is my main demi. hes cool and tough and badass in the book. And even his "co-op player" Arlene Sanders is very cool and together they really kicked actual doom monster ass. no stupid wheelchair demons like in the movie (vomits again) ugh the rock..or even that other guy in the movie (vomits some more) so yeah, fly has perfect doom guy statistics.
  3. Syko

    Custom created monsters?

    http://www.mediafire.com/?tjylzoezzyx there it is, the decorate and sdinfo. http://www.mediafire.com/?3s2mnbzyb1m this might help/be easier, just the monsternumbers, although i might have accidentally deleted one that didnt have a number. i just finished this so havent overlooked it myself yet, which i will. just wanted to post it asap so you wouldnt miss it. thanx in advance p.s. some monsters dont have numbers, can i give them numbers myself (any random unused one) or is there something i should do with it?
  4. Syko

    some renders of stuff I googled

    about the caco etc. i still dont understand why they ruined the monsters in doom 3 -.-' if they can obviously do this and make a real doom
  5. Syko

    Custom created monsters?

    Right i got a little bit of a problem, probably brought on by myself. i merged ALL monsters from the 667 bestiary, as they all own and i want to freely be able to pick any monster while making a map without having to merge custom wads for every map. it took me a while but i thinki did it right. now i did as said in this topic. all picturefiles are between start and end, all soundfiles are together and i merged all decorates in one and all sdinfo's into one. As for my question: is there any other reason besides duplicate monster/actornumbers that could stop this wad from working? and also the faulty monsters as said before like terminator or thor do they stop your wad from working? please help, thanx in advance for anything :P p.s. i can post the decorate or the sdinfo if anyone wants to have a look