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  1. I would but i'm not sure how you do that
  2. I'm taking tigers den.
  3. Good idea. Could I participate?
  4. Spertz

    Playtest anyone?

    Nice lookin map dutch, haven't played it yet but I'm about to
  5. Spertz

    Community map! Join here!

    Sound's like fun, I'd like to join?
  6. Spertz

    Claustrophobia 1024 -- Fixed version released!

    Mechadon I just emailed you my map template
  7. Spertz

    Claustrophobia 1024 -- Fixed version released!

    Take me off the list please I don't have the time right now to map.
  8. Spertz

    Constriction 1024: The Sequel to Claustrophobia 1024

    Count me in for a map
  9. Spertz

    What is the best WAD you ever played and why?

    I'll list 5 and they are, Crusades- Great gameplay and superb atmosphere. Chord3- For being forced to punch out Revenants, Barons of hell, and Archviles. Superb atmosphere. A non linear layout, and a killer finale. Null Space- Superb texture and flat work and just enough detail. Great atmosphere, stunning architecture, a non linear layout and a series of epic fights. Hell Revealed- For it's insanity and unique design style. The Plutonia Experiment- For it's trap heavy chaotic gameplay and unique design style.
  10. Spertz

    Random generated map idea challenge

    I noticed it on my way to the exit after killing the barons without it.
  11. Spertz

    Random generated map idea challenge

    Well damn :0 I went out and then right back in not even noticing the invulnerability it would have been alot quicker and easier that way :)
  12. Spertz

    Random generated map idea challenge

    @PCorf I played the map nice work fighting all the barons at once in that little computer maze was nuts.
  13. Spertz

    EPIC New Map Finished and Ready to Play!

    I had alot fun playing this. Great monster placement!
  14. Spertz

    Claustrophobia 1024: The Sequal to Congestion 1024

    screenshot looks great alter.