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  1. it's theorycrafting a bit, to be fair. there's not really any hard evidence we can point to, it's more "ok, what would have happened to cause Broussard's faith in Gameplay>Graphics to fall apart" and that's the biggest example, because they did so much shit to BUILD with SW (even Glide support!) but it died at retail. after that, Broussard became obsessed with DNF needing to be the best playing *and* looking game.
  2. it only sold somewhere around 118k-119k copies by 2002 according to the NPD's by comparison, Duke 3D sold around 1.25 million by 2002.
  3. if DNF shipped in 2003, i think it would have hit at the perfect time for FPS because it's biggest competition would have been the original COD and RS3 based on my memory of notable shooters at that time, and those were all focused on completely different things then DNF would have been. but alas. it's hard to keep morale up when your teams are creating amazing shit that you just throw in the garbage over and over because Shadow Warrior 97 didn't sell well. and also you don't want to hire any more people or work with contractors. and also your hourly pay is shit.
  4. well there was that macworld demo, that's prob what they were showing devs. and 3d realms *had* to have gotten a demo(s) seeing as they licensed it for Prey 06
  5. charlie weiderhold once told me that post 2002, the mood around the office became 'Doom 3 Uber Alles'. which is weird to me because broussard and miller *had* to have been briefed in 2001 on doom 3 because id was showing that shit to anyone in the DFW and i guess he just thought they could release before doom 3?
  6. due to the way we are developing this (ie. the council model) we have numerous barriers to scope creep and we routinely check the scope to make sure things aren't getting out of hand
  7. this is the true power of slime
  8. we're really trying to make a duke nukem game that everyone can be psyched to play!
  9. that was a different set of circumstances, for sure
  10. HavoX

    Doom Dog?

  11. Bombshell is absolutely planned for the resto at this point in time. we've even cast a voice actress for her!
  12. fwiw, we've had multiple people on the team go from having zero experience with unreal to making maps pretty fast! if you're familar with doom builder or trenchbroom, we can get you set up real quick.
  13. i don't think we have anything to fear from gearbox or epic or embracer. it would be pr suicide for nu-3dr to try to kill squash the resto and they have no legal rights to do so, anyway. 2k is who we are scared of.