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  1. The value of a dollar has decreased, the stock market crashed again, and America might sell itself to a foreign country who is the highest bidder. It all seems so pointless, the world is getting worse everyday and I feel that America will soon feel the wraith of God.

    Sometimes, I wish Benjamin Franklin was still alive. He knew the true value of a dollar. He would make a plan to bring people out of their spending habits. America needs to save money, not spend it.

    Well, I feel all I can do is wait for the inevitable. But remember this.

    Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.

    Thank you for listening to my words.

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    2. Sharessa


      DuckReconMajor said:

      You guys shut your mouth about America.

      I no rite.

      Seriously one of my favorite songs, I think.

    3. Snarboo


      Danarchy said:

      Seriously one of my favorite songs, I think.

      The Yes cover is pretty good, too.

  2. herooftime1000

    Angry Nintendo Nerd [Again]

    Bah, the Nostalgia Critic is better than the Nerd. I also go to Yahtzee Croshaw for my game reviews now.
  3. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

    I've been trying things out to promote my cartoon, I tried out RPG Maker VX and I did very well on the graphics but I got lost immediately in ASCII language in the game so I put that on hold. I tried out Micromedia Fusion 2 and, again, I make good graphics but got lost in the coding. Next is the big one. I'm pretty good at making flash cartoons without the use of Javascript but one of these I'll HAVE to learn it if I want to make unique flashes. Ugh, how come I can be in the zone when it comes to creation, but I get screwed over when I have to learn coding gibberish. I'm sure all lot of you guys know what to do in a pinch.
  4. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

    Thank you, Creaphis. Really though, many people don't understand or like a plot about children of Nintendo characters forming a help service, as it falls immediately under the state of fanfiction or "fanboyism." People tend to look down on those kind of stories, but I digress.
  5. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

    Thanks for the thought, but I highly doubt anyone is going to work with a story so far-fetched and strange. So, I gotta do it myself.
  6. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

    Oops! I guess I got the two mixed up. Well, I'll see if I can at least comprehend on what I can do. Personally, you can send this thread to hell. I just wanted to share my thoughts.
  7. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

    I just find it a bit confusing, that's all. I've always had trouble understanding programming language.
  8. herooftime1000

    ASCII? Javascript? WTH?

  9. herooftime1000

    fastseduction.com: trying too hard?

    Same here, Lich. Frankly, unless a girl is interested in me, they can be a waste of time, ya know?
  10. herooftime1000

    Youtube sucks now

    Google will soon buy our souls! AND WE CAN'T SAY NO!
  11. herooftime1000

    Games with the most Phenomenal soundtrack/music you ever heard?

    Oh, gosh. I have so many favorites. The better ones being the Main theme from Zelda and Iron blue Intention from Castlevania.
  12. Well, I hope she liked the heat, cause it will be much hotter for her...Er, assuming she was not a christian.
  13. herooftime1000

    Loved or Feared?

    Would you rather be loved by all the people and receive gifts from the loving masses or would you be feared and force people to give you gifts. Either way, you get gifts. **
  14. Do you believe in anything paranormal or downright ridiculous? Personally, I believe that Succubi actually exist. I hear horror stories from a man in my church about his ex-wife. She always lay with another man, marries him, divorces takes his possessions, wash, rinse, repeat. This woman is the very definition of a succubus to me. She takes money, happiness, and souls. What? Souls, too? Yeah, I believe so. This is why I believe in succubi. My sister says I'm wrong when succubi exist. She may be right. But, I know succubi exist because I also know many ex-wives who do not act like this, my mom included. That's why I believe the money-sucking, heart-breakers are succubi. And that's what I believe. What about you?
  15. herooftime1000

    Left 4 dead

    Anyone have this game? It's a breath of fresh air compared to the games we get today. My Steam name is (surprise, suprise..)Herooftime1000. If you get the chance, contact me if you want to play. Seriously, though. I love this game. I love the entire concept that you are in a horror B-movie. I also love the cast of the game, as well. Like Team Fortress 2, they have a lot of personality. Valve is very good at making their characters appealing. I like Bill the most; who doesn't like a crotchety old war veteran? Anyway, If you haven't bought it yet, please do. If you pass it up entirely then you are either a pussy when it comes to horror games or a moron.
  16. herooftime1000

    What do you believe in? (NOT religion.)

    Touche'. I'll shut up.
  17. herooftime1000

    What do you believe in? (NOT religion.)

    Uh, I said NOT religious.
  18. herooftime1000

    Cooking Mama!

    I played it and I was pretty appalled on what Butterball is doing. Don't get me wrong, I'll always eat meat. But the way they treat the animals is disgusting. I wish some one would close them down until they kill animals humanely.
  19. herooftime1000

    Pinata girl deserves Mexican justice

    Great, another reason to hate humanity. *Checks off list.*
  20. herooftime1000

    I need help with my sprites...

    Here's the problem. I need some opinions on a monster I'm making. No, it's not for Doom. It's for my flash cartoon. As you can see it's dull, not scary or mysterious at all. I need some ideas, guys. What does it need?.
  21. herooftime1000

    Innocent person imprisoned, compared to a guilty person set free

    The innocent should be spared and the guilty should be punished. Unfortunatly, Justice seems to turn a blind eye and make the worst mistakes. It's usually because of misleading evidence, incompetent laywers, or evil prosecutors. *Plays Pheonix Wright on the DS*
  22. herooftime1000

    I need help with my sprites...

    http://fc94.deviantart.com/fs39/f/2008/314/2/8/Malice_by_herooftime1000.swf I did some work on it and it looks a bit better. I like the animation of him appearing from the ground. I also decided to name him Malice.
  23. herooftime1000

    My Black Light Display Project

    Triiiiipy. "I don't need drugs to enjoy this, just to enchance it." -Otto, The Simpsons. Seriously, I want a dark light of my own. *looks on Ebay*
  24. herooftime1000

    CoD4 kills teen

    Ugh, I'm tired of these articles about games being bad for you. I had my games taken away from me when I was a kid and I turned out fine. The real fault here was not the mom or game, it was the kid's fault for acting like this. And by the way, she shouldn't "give up" on God, she should instead look up to him like Job, but I digress. So, whatever, I really don't care for stuff like this but, man, people can be stupid sometimes...
  25. herooftime1000

    Windows Vista is already obsolete !

    Yeah, now Windows will redeem themselves with 7. Haha! NOT!