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Everything posted by XDoomScoot

  1. XDoomScoot

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I am looking for ddr_e3m8.wad. The MediaFire download link on the wad's thread seems to be dead.
  2. XDoomScoot

    Unholy Church

    In case you're wondering, Terry's "minion" OneTrueCyber made this, so the wad sucks even harder.
  3. XDoomScoot


    This project looks amazing! Sort of reminds me of the abandoned project "The Empty Museum."
    The second best joke megawad ever (Mock2 is the best of course)! 5/5
  4. XDoomScoot

    Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid

    Best joke megawad I have ever played! 5/5 Can't rate it any higher :(
  5. XDoomScoot

    Demonic Revenge - The Remake

    Nice bug :^)
  6. XDoomScoot

    Do It

    Linkin Park MIDI? And a Tool poster on the wall at the same time? THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE! SHOOT YOURSELF, BITCH!
  7. XDoomScoot


    Has anyone ever tried to beat tarakans.wad on Ultra-Violence without cheating? It's a pretty hard wad and it probably must be harder than Hell Revealed!
  8. XDoomScoot

    Realm of the Green soul

    It's a pity Lexus never made a sequel to this. This map is pretty creative.
  9. XDoomScoot

    The Corrupt Machine

    Just another bullshit Nonterry-Terrywad from OneTrueCyber.
  10. XDoomScoot

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm looking for the Skulltag deathmatch wad zemdm1.wad by ZemniOmega. Does anyone else still have it?
  11. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/uacvegf.zip - If this is rejected, then why is it still on idgames?
  12. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    This wad could be moved to themes/terrywads.
  13. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    Hmm, apparently Pandemonium found a way to dodge the terrywads directory by creating a wad called "The Depths of the Catacombs" that contains a Terry trap but without the rape threats. If the terrywads directory continues to be dodged, it should be renamed trollwads.
  14. XDoomScoot

    So what's a Terry wad?

    I also noticed before the terrywads directory, a majority of people rated mainly 0 stars on terrywads. Now after the terrywads directory people mainly rate wads from that directory 5 stars. I really have no idea why they do that nowadays, and I am against terrywads.
  15. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    I think it would be a good idea to reject this wad since it has modified Doom maps and it's usually illegal to modify id Software levels.
  16. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    I forgot to mention another wad that could be moved to themes/terrywads. Maw of Doom! Or it could be removed from the archives since it has a script that screws up your Zandronum config file.
  17. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    You forgot some wads that could be moved to themes/terrywads. Portal Facility Hell's Cage Days of Xornox - Days of GZDoom - Prologue Earthquake
  18. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    Wow, a hidden directory called themes/terrywads? Nice, now we wont have anymore Terrywads polluting the rest of the archives!
  19. XDoomScoot

    Archive cleanup

    If you would even accept Terrywads without bogus lumps to the archives, you could at least create a new directory called themes/terrywads.
  20. XDoomScoot

    Sprites Status

    I'd also like to see new pickup sprites for the plasma rifle, super shotgun, and rocket launcher because when you are holding them, they look very different.
  21. XDoomScoot


    Yeah I know, it seems that the author didn't test the wad before he released it.
  22. XDoomScoot

    Mega Trickster's Mistake sequel?

    You know, it was really pointless to say that. You should have been specific.
  23. XDoomScoot

    Map 07 remake ready for some playtesting.

    I have finished playing this map and I have to say: this map is the granddaddy of all Dead Simple remakes and it took me almost an hour to beat!
  24. XDoomScoot

    Scythe2 - final version released.

    I found a bug in map 31: the door to the secret exit doesn't open and no matter what I do, it just won't open at all.