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  1. Doctor Faust

    Rest in peace Esa Repo

    So sorry to hear about this loss. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Doc Faust
  2. Doctor Faust

    what the craziest thing you done in doom?

    Playing E1 with eyes closed...
  3. Doctor Faust

    What's your least/most favourite IWAD level?

    Lure the barons in a cramped position and deal out splash damage. A good trick for this is to hide behind the iron bars where the red key has been and wait until all four barons gathered on the ledge the other side. Twelve rockets are in most cases enough to kill 'em all. Just crush it! Doc Faust
  4. Doctor Faust

    What's your least/most favourite IWAD level?

    Doom Love: E2M4, because of music, colors and some fun fights. E2M9 because it seems like an ammo waster first, but can be MAXed with a few shotgun shells, E3M6 for being the only open level in Doom I, E4M2 for the challenge, E4M6 for the clever design. Hate: E3M7 because of too many teleporters and to few monsters, E3M8 - what a joke, even without using the BFG. E4M8 - uncreative, final battle too easy compared to other fights in that Episode. Doom II Love: MAP07 for dead simple gameplay, MAP08 (not really once I managed to work out all tricks and traps, but it was fun to play the first time), from a pistol start MAP11, MAP26 are cool, too. Hate: To many maps to enumerate here. Everyone who plays pwads regulary knows how many Doom 2 maps are below the potential of the game given the new monsters. Doc Faust
  5. Doctor Faust

    How long will Dooms popularity last?

    Even if the Doom scene ceases by 2020, by then there should be enough pwads to keep me entertained till 2050. Compatible ports should be no problem, if there is none yet I would port the source over myself.
  6. Doctor Faust

    What official maps you play recently?

    Some weeks ago I replayed E4M2, E4M6 and E4M9 from UV pistol start as well as the first few E3 levels on nightmare. I almost never play doom II stock maps, since there are so many iwads that are better quality and more fun. Doc Faust
  7. Doctor Faust

    Do you consider chaingun sniping to be cheating?

    Not cheating.
  8. Doctor Faust

    does Doom work on Mac Laptops?

    Hi, PrBoom works fine under OSX, as does Doom Legacy (the later one without music). Then there is this ZDoom version mentioned above, but it seems a bit outdated to me. Doc Faust
  9. Doctor Faust

    whats more dangerous? Spider Demon or Cyber Demon?

    You are free to fight E3M8 with whatever weapon you like. The map offers four pillars to hide behind. Try pistol starting the level, in UV there will be no BFG and very tight amo. Doc Faust
  10. Doctor Faust

    we need to get people back into multiplayer

    Just installed Odamex 'cause I wanted to give it a try. There is not a single player on some server listed by default... Did connect to some exciting MAP01 dm against myself. Seemed to work so far. Doc Faust
  11. Doctor Faust

    Best Monster Infighting levels?

    Just have been playing AV MAP 25 Demonic hordes. Eventually i got splattered by some rocket, but the infight between the revenants, barons and cybers in the central arena took another 10 minutes to calm down... Doc Faust
  12. Doctor Faust

    Doom performance by actors of Mortal Kombat 3

    WTF was that? Too bad that video ends so early, i'd like to hear what that "Wow, doom!"-woman told the audience. Doc Faust
  13. Doom: Fix that chainsaw sound bug. Doom II: Never include Monsters resurected by arch-villes in the kill count. I hate not beeing able to tell if i got them all when exiting a level. Doom code: If i were about implementing doom today, i would have given it a small scripting language like lua instead of hardcoded linedefs for sector actions. Doc Faust
  14. Doctor Faust

    Mouse Look: Do you use it?

    Hi Enjay and all, I was not planing to go into a shouting match and I wonder why so many people take my first posting way too seriously. The tread topic was a specific question about individual preferences, and I gave a concise answer. Other people have different preferences. So nobody should burn anybody at the stake because of that. I'll go to hell anyway because back in 1994, my first installation of doom had been an unauthorized copy. Until that day I must not use mouselook for remission of my sins.
  15. Doctor Faust

    Mouse Look: Do you use it?

    Now that would be truly hardcore, indeed ;-)