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  1. I translated that with google. I'm not sure if I should be utterly horrified or laughing my ass off. At some point it mentioned the weapon being an extension of the player's male genitalia. What gets me is, what if a female's playing it? Lawl. ** --=--=--=-- On topic, there's many aspects of Doom which I find enjoyable. Even if I hadn't found the Doom Wiki, Zdoom port and this site, I'd still be playing it. The only reason I found out about all this stuff is because I went about LOOKING for the Doom II CD and became addicted all over again. The only reason I found all this is because I was watching a speedrun of the Icon of Sin with freelook in Zdoom, because Doom got me obsessed in a whole new light, a much higher level than it used to when I was a child. It's many of these new aspects, sure, that brings me back to Doom over and over now, but I would have still been playing Doom to pass the time and have a good one. Just as much as I still play the original Quake. I find that the reason why is because these games took new concepts and ideas for environments and put them to use, as where newer games take many cliche and overused environments and concepts. The first person shooter with a more indirect story is more fun to play than the first person shooter with story in every little detail, in my opinion. Save the little details for RPG games.
  2. Oridez

    DuduKrazy's Guns III Public Beta

    I figured out the weapons, heh. Silly me. And I noticed when playing my map. Some of the invuln spheres were jetpacks.
  3. Oridez

    DuduKrazy's Guns III Public Beta

    Holy CRAP this kicks ass. One little thing--when I run out of Kunai, it moves to some other rocket launcher model. And the rockets look a bit different. I can't seem to access this model otherwise, nor can I figure out how to access the jetpack. How do I access them, if at all? :x
  4. Oridez

    berserk fist vs. chainsaw

    I've circle-strafed Barons of Hell and Mancubi with a chainsaw successfully, so that's all good. But I also enjoy beating the living Hell out of my opponents, so it's a tie for me. Nearly 100% of the time, when testing the map I'm working on, I go TCM or Tyson on everything. Even my own monsters.
  5. Oridez

    Movies That Remind You of Doom

    What, is that at the beginning? Is it a good movie? Should I see if I can find it? :D
  6. Oridez

    Movies That Remind You of Doom

    Never seen it.
  7. Oridez

    Movies That Remind You of Doom

    Personally, I'm likin' the Doom Movie so far. Somehow, though, I could tell The Rock would become the final boss. The keycard and coloured door references were awesome. My biggest regret of the movie was not seeing any other demons apart from the bus-load of zombies, one or two hell knights, a couple imps, and one pinkie. ...But the Hell Knights were nice to see anyways. But if it's a movie that reminds me of Doom... yeah, probably one of the Evil Dead movies. Aliens was just... fighting aliens. This is fighting xenomorphesque creatures, though that's apparently part of the backstory, kind of like Aliens, but fighting Zombies ain't exactly Hell's Minions either, despite being made by them. Doom is Doom, no matter what the form. Just because it takes on other looks and feels, doesn't mean it's not Doom. You can't expect incarnations of games and books in the movie form to be perfect, or vice versa. That being said, I'm sure the 'Doom' we've come to know is only the 'Doom' it is because technology was limited back then, so what is truly 'Doom' apart from what the creators of the series think up? As long as Id Software is part of anything named 'Doom', I'm sure it's 'Doom', even if it hasn't exactly captured the feel of 'Classic Doom'. ...I'm going to sing the Doom Song now! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fqcn_TPu4qQ ...You know what would kick ass? An entire Doom movie done in first person from the 'Doomguy's point of view.
  8. Oridez

    Some things I have questions about:

    Thanks, I'll be sure to bookmark those links. Any additional advice on anything anyone can think of would be nice.
  9. Oridez

    [Newbie Project] The Intelligent Arena series

    UPDATE! I have the revised .wad and a new demo, which should work once this PWAD has been patched in. Access of the level can be granted with "+map EXP01" as a command parameter in ZDL beforehand or "map EXP01" while in ZDoom. Links are in the first post. Also! In later revisions of this level, due to the massive amounts of infighting that will happen among monsters of the opposition, I have decided to dramatically reduce the number of monsters that will spawn on the player's side. This will also balance out the chances that the player will die before meeting the goal that I plan to put into the level.
  10. I'm not entirely sure about how to do some things. These include: A. Making certain THINGS only appear in certain difficulties. B. Making 'winning' scenarios. Particularily: I'd like to know how to make switches that end levels. I'd like to know how to make possibly other things that end levels, like killing certain monsters or a certain number of monsters, or making it so that if the number of monsters in a group of monsters with a certain flag or something to that effect outweigh the number of monsters in another group of monsters, the game ends. Or, just if there are no opposing monsters at all--note, OPPOSING--, then the game is won. Most if not all information gleamed here will go to my new project .wad.
  11. I can only seem to access the scripting when I put it to 'Zdoom(Doom in Hexen)' mode. Oh, and thanks for the help. :)
  12. Oridez

    Icon of Sin model (not mine)

    I can completely imagine that. EPIC BATTLE.
  13. Oridez

    [Newbie Project] The Intelligent Arena series

    ...We could put in a cacodemon. :D
  14. [Prologue] It was just starting to get dark out, the quickly dimming twilight of the evening flooding through the window-walls and door connecting to the balcony of my apartment. I was changing, getting ready for the next day, the day I get interviewed for a job at Erawtfos Di(more on them later). Then my friend John, twenty-one years of age with semi-long brown hair, had just come over to my place, with no beforehand call, so I was completely unprepared for his just barging in. This would normally be cool with me--we play some games, usually something called MooD by the FPS gaming pioneers at Erawtfos Di. But not today. Nooo, not today. "Heeeyyyy Orion! Let us cele---..." He abruptly ended his sentence after the door slammed open, blinking and looking at me, because, well... Because he caught me with my trousers down. And not my outer trousers. Sure, we'd caught sneak peeks of each other at the nearby pool changing room, along with other sweaty, stinky guys changing into their swimming outfits, but it was usually followed by various childish pointing and man-giggling. But this... This was damn awkward and uncomfortable! "JESUS CHRIST MAN, CLOSE THE DOOR!" I yelled at him, attempting to move. He closed the door, but he was inside. Because of this, I was tripping over myself as I attempted to hop back into my underpants and hide behind the couch at the same time. This wasn't entirely successful. I tripped forward after I turned around. Now, somehow I managed to get my front covered, but my ass was still bare as I tripped. And that wasn't the worst of it. As I tripped, I found myself falling forward, catching the arm of the sofa square in the knockers before falling to the side slowly. Y'know, like in those television cartoon shows, kind of like when they slowly slide down glass. Not even a minute after this happened, and as I was attempting to quell the pain, John's laughter(a heartfelt one by the sound of it) rang in my ears. As did something else. Some sort of mechanical grinding noise mixed with a scream. Now, in hindsight, I probably should have payed more attention to that, but where I lived in New York, screams and other noise were quite common, sadly enough. Though this one sounded kind of off. Even so, I found myself curling up into a fetal position as I instead concentrated on fending the pain off from my groin and mentally cursing at John rather than the strange noise. A couple dozen minutes later, I came from the kitchen, carrying two cans of Llub Der, an energy soda. All sodas are energy drinks basically, why should this be called an 'energy soda'?... Anyways, I was once more fully clothed, clad in a darkish orange tee and black vest, unzipped so that my tee showed through, and wearing black jeans with various straps sewn against the denim and connected by a chain or metal loop or whatever here and there. Moving over to John, who had just moved from hooking up my 32 inch television to my computer and loading the mod that I had for MooD II which allowed simultaneous two-player gaming on the same screen and then over to my sofa, I passed him the Llub Der as we sat and he held out a hand with a wireless controller, which the mod also had compatibility with. "Here you go," we each said as we exchanged energy soda for controller. During the earlier double-dozen minutes, we had made up and talked a bit, then a mutual silence followed, signifying that we both agreed never to speak of it again. Until we were at least 50 years old. I was 22, so that left another 28 years. Whoopie. Little did we know that we'd soon forget in the face of other things. So sometime later, as nighttime darkness was washed away by the lights of the never-sleeping city and the television screen on the opposite wall, we got to the thirtieth level of the game, the Nis fo Noci, a level with a gigantic face on the wall and a 'brain' that we had to blow two rockets into. We raced around to get the power-ups and beat it first. I let loose the first couple rockets into the 'brain', before John stole the elevator for the last one. I aimed my BFG at him, attempting to take him from behind before he stole the win, but he let loose his rocket before my BFG projectile fired. The rocket went in, he was giddy beside me. Just when I anticipated the rockets explosion, that's when it all Hell broke loose. "HAH, IT'S MINE SUCKE--" John was cut off as a truly enormous rumble shook the building, not only causing various stuff I had cluttered around the apartment to fall off various surfaces and shelves, but also cutting off all lights and power to the game. If only that was our greatest issue at hand. 'Ah, Hell,' was what I was thinking as I just so happened to look behind me and notice the wall bulging before we we were blown forward, flipping with our hind ends still attached to the couch. [Cliffhangers are my specialty. Don't worry, it'll pick up in the next chapters.]
  15. Oridez

    [Newbie Project] The Intelligent Arena series

    I nuked them, heh sorry. I'm still a tad new, so I didn't know. I'll be sure to be properly prepared later. Edit: I think we nuked them at the same time.