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  1. VileSlay

    Slayer likes Satan (and Hell)

    actually one of the member, euronymos, found him, ran out to get a camera, took his picture, and then took a piece of his skull and supposedly made soup with it. a few years later he was stabbed to death by the aforementioned grishnahk, allegedly over a music deal gone bad. when police arrested him and his conspirators in the church burnings, they found ote books with logs of the crimes they commited, such as the murder of homosexual and his dog.
  2. VileSlay

    Slayer likes Satan (and Hell)

    yes it was a shame. they were beautiful works of art. many of then were built with out using a single nail. what some anti christian heathens found was that many of them were built on old hoffs or hogrs or groves that were used in worship of the old gods. thats why they became a target. again, it truly is a shame that xenophobic, closed minded idiots would destroy their own heritage, even if it was built on the bones of the old faith.
  3. VileSlay

    Slayer likes Satan (and Hell)

    actually what they were trying to do was destroy christianty in norway and bring back the old volkish (translates to folkish) religion, that being nordic heathenism. varg, who goes by the name count grishnahk, was a huge LotR fan and believed Sauron represented Odinn and the One Ring was Draupnir. he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that Gandalf was actually Odinn and the One Ring was actually the cursed Rhinegold Ring.
  4. VileSlay


    I realy enjoy monopoly. I try going for the railroads or utilities and I also like being the slum lord (buying up the cheapest properties). one of my favorite alternate versions of monopoly is the LotR version. it gives you a good fast play option. it comes with a "one ring" and one of the die has the one (1) side replaced with the "eye of sauron". when the eye is rolled you advance the ring up one property. if the player lands on a property the ring is on and it's not owned, then he can get it for free. if it is owned the player has to pay double the rent. the game ends when the ring reaches mount doom (aka boardwalk). the players then total up all monies and property, including houses and hotels. the player worth the most is the winner. it's a fun variation, IMO.
  5. VileSlay

    The House That Splatter Built

    Nice stuff. the splatterhouse diorama is definitley one of my new favorites.
  6. I like http://www.shortpacked.com/ http://www.freakangels.com/?p=23 http://www.graphicsmash.com//comics/brathalla.php?view=single&ID=11950
  7. VileSlay

    Spider mastermind concept

    looks like a swollen tick. very nice.
  8. VileSlay

    Verizon FiOS: Forced?

    yeah, thats what happened when cable started going digital. I have cablevision andwhen they started goin digital it was just an option to switch, as advertised. then one day everyone on the block lost cable and were forced to upgrade to digital service. with the only other option being sattelite tv, which was less reliable then, prety much everyone "upgraded". now cable companies are pushing for customers to subscribe so they won't lose tv when they make that switch to digital. it's all a scam to me.
  9. VileSlay

    Santa Claus will take you to hell!

    to be more specific, easter is taken from the celebration called Ostara. it's a celebration of the fertility goddess Eostre (which is pronounced east-ra. hmmmmm...), who may have originally been Figga, Freya or Hulda. Like most other pagan holidays, it was christianized. all the symbols and icons of the old ways were kept (ie: eggs and rabbits for easter, ornamented trees and mistletoe for x-mas) but the meanings behind them were changed to reflect the christian mythos.
  10. VileSlay

    I'm dreaming of a Red Friday.

    actually it was Frigga originally, but became Freya later. some think the two goddesses are the same while others seperate them. as for black friday, it was a term that retailers came up with to describe the utter mayhem that comes the day after thanksgiving. they end up spending a fortune on sale advertisements and overtime pay for the employees and end up taking a loss on that day. this is because they discount most of the inventory to bring in more customers who don't buy as much as the retailers thought they would, thus the advertising and overtime eat up the profits they thought they'd be making. add to that the insane nature of the customers, ie: the walmart incident, the shooting at toy'r'us, you get one hell of a day. half the customers are just walkin around lookin at stuff and give up cuz there are too many people and not enough product. I got a crash course on this when I worked at tower video. lots-o-fun.
  11. VileSlay

    Should Sarah Palin Shut Up?

    it didn't work for our soon to be former president. I felt the same way every time he spoke.
  12. VileSlay

    Watcher Rove (low poly model)

    her boobs are a bit saggy.
  13. well at least she was on her way to the cemetary. guess she didn't have far to go.
  14. VileSlay

    Monks Brawl

    holy mosh pit batman. thats funny.
  15. VileSlay

    Monks Brawl

    could have japanese style deathmatches. ring ropes made of thorns, hellfire traps, lions outside the ring. I'll buy that for a dollar.