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Status Updates posted by VileSlay

  1. Well, it's been a week since I went in and had my right hip replaced. I'm home and dealing with the pain nicely with my oxycodone prescription. the sutures itch like crazy and my leg muscles are always stiff.

    for the surgery they put me to sleep and gave me an epidural. there were a couple of times during the procedure that I regained enough conciousness to hear them working on me. quite fun. the first nite after the surgery I was "kept comfortable" with morphine. fun in a different way.

    so now I'm home, walking on crutches. can't really bend over yet. for the first six weeks you can't bend over 90 degrees, so I have to use special tools to put on sock and shoes and pants. can't wait till all the precautions are over.

    1. Coopersville


      VileSlay said:

      there were a couple of times during the procedure that I regained enough conciousness to hear them working on me. quite fun.

      As in you could hear the surgeons talking amongst themselves? Or do you mean you got the chance to hear them drilling your hip apart piece by piece?

      That would be totally metal.

    2. Gokuma


      Sounds like you're well on your way to becoming a cyberdemon. Congrats! When do you get the rocket launcher?

    3. VileSlay


      Coopersville said:

      As in you could hear the surgeons talking amongst themselves? Or do you mean you got the chance to hear them drilling your hip apart piece by piece?

      That would be totally metal.

      as in I heard them reaming my acetabulum and hearing the sounds of hammer tapping on metal as they rasped my femur. it was very metal.

      btw, here is a pic of my wound. I put a bic pen next to it for scale.

      ::edit:: just discovered today that because of my hip replacement my right leg is now longer than my left. it was a risk that was pointed out to me so it wasn't totally unexpected, but nonetheless sucks.

  2. it's been a while since I've posted. lots of stuff goin on here, most of which suck. first, and foremost, I am in danger of losing my job. the hospital that I work for, and it's sister facilty, is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

    for some more info read this article

    what sucks even worse is it's not just me. my father also works at the hospital. he's been workin for 23 years and is 54 years old. he has a debilitating disease and it would be even more difficult for him to find a job than it would be for me.

    to top it off, we just recently got our house in our name. it belonged to my grandfather, who passed away almost two years ago. he didn't leave a will, so we had to struggle to get the place that we've called home for 35 years. if both my father and I loose our jobs, there would only be one income, my brother's, in the house. if he can't keep up the mortgage payments by himself before I can find another job, we could lose the house.

    as stated in a previous post entitled "Medical Suckness", I have avascular necrosis of my hips. it's gotten worse and later this week I will be consulting a surgeon to schedule surgery. I'm hoping that the surgical option can help me. it could be up to a year before I get back to work since I have to get both sides done. I can't get them done at the same time since I can't bear any weight on the affected hip for 4-6 weeks.

    so that rounds up the latest bullshit in my life.

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    2. VileSlay


      well, I was laid off yesterday. they only had 18 patients in house that were eating, so they reduced the dietary staff accordingly.

    3. Creaphis


      If you're ever out in my neck of the woods, I have space on my couch.

    4. VileSlay


      thanks. I think I'll be good for a while. got some dough stashed in the bank. signed up for unemployment yesterday and am bout to file for disability for my impending surgery.

  3. well, I've been experiencing pain in my hips lately, sometimes so severe I have to walk with a cane. I had thought, and got one medical opinion that it may be bursitis. an MRI revealed that is is in fact avascular necrosis. what that means is the femoral head isn't getting enough blood so it is starting to break down. the only thing that could have led to this is that I drink alcohol daily. I used to drink heavily but I don't anymore. now I have to stop drinking completely.

    the most conservative treatment is taking NSAIDs, like like ibuprofen, and physical therapy. the next option is a surgical procedure called core decompression, in which they drill a hole in the femoral head to relieve pressure and hope to increase blood flow to the bone. if the degeneration continues, the next step is total hip replacement.

    so to sum up, this sucks.

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    2. VileSlay


      ::update:: scheduled my surgery today. goin under the knife on march 6th. turns out the area of necrosis is quite large so I'm gonna need a total hip replacement. this is gonna be fun.

    3. Mechadon


      VileSlay said:

      ::update:: scheduled my surgery today. goin under the knife on march 6th. turns out the area of necrosis is quite large so I'm gonna need a total hip replacement. this is gonna be fun.

      Damn, that sucks. I hope you come out the other end ok :/

    4. VileSlay


      the worst part I think is gonna be the recovery and phyical therapy. I have to relearn how to use my hip. know it's limitations. the no sex for eight weeks is truly gonna suck as well.

  4. this past saturday I participated in the fouth annual Zombiecon. it's a flash gathering of people dressing like zombies and "terrorizing" New York City. here is a photobucket slideshow of my day:


    some notes. thats my girlfriend in the wedding dress. that was her actual wedding dress mind you. she's divorced. the wound makeup on her chest I made myself and I'm kinda proud of it. turned out pretty good. everyone had a great time at the event and there were even some kids involved. the tourists loved us. we put on good shows for them "attacking" the busses and cabs. I think we gave them a unique experience. lots of pictures were taken. I believe the main repository for zombiecon pics is on flickr. they should all be tagged zombiecon08. so check 'em out.

    ::edit:: sorry if you couldn't get into the slideshow. forgot it was set to private. fixed now. check out the pics.

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    2. sgtcrispy


      Awesome pics. I was in the zombie crawl at burning man this year and had a great time. I couldn't stop laughing for about fifteen minutes after we started. I can't even imagine how cool being in one with huge crowd rampaging over town/city would be.


    3. Gokuma


      Heh, I was about to say how you were probably leaving fake blood and red makeup all over railings and handles in the subway, and then I saw the pictures of the bull statue. Good work!

      BTW, I'm the Joker right now. Earlier I was the Joker impersonating Batman for something.

      Did I ever tell you how I got these scars?... I thought it would be a good idea to play ultimate frisbee with my dog using a batterang. It wasn't.

    4. VileSlay


      Gokuma said:

      Heh, I was about to say how you were probably leaving fake blood and red makeup all over railings and handles in the subway, and then I saw the pictures of the bull statue. Good work![/i]

      yeah, the chick in the red dress on the bull was a sarah palin zombie complete with dead baby trig. quite fun. tourist and mass transit busses pass by there constantly. I think some of the organizers satyed behind and cleaned it up afterwards. don't ant them saying we vandalized it and can't do it again next year.

      @Naked Snake: jokin round. know that wouldn't happen.

  5. yep, I hit my 33rd year on this miserable mudball today. spent most of the day at the bronx zoo and went to coney island yesterday. my girl got me a nice ring with runes that translate to "gift of luck" and a viking scamseax.

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    2. VileSlay


      Scuba Steve said:

      Holy shit, grandpa, I didn't realize you were that old!

      yep, I'm that old. thanks for making me feel older, lol.

      @Technician: heh, remind me of the Dethklok birthday song.

      @Kyka: didn't happen. had to reschedule for next weekend since someone obviously couldn't act like an adult.

    3. myk


      You should get yourself crucified or something!

    4. GreyGhost


      A belated happy birthday from someone who wishes they were only 33.

  6. D as in Done. tomorrow (well technically today since it's passed 3am as I type this) my ex will be coming to get the last of her stuff. it's a lot, but I have it all ready so she spends as little time here as possible. it's been almost nine months since I bounced her and I've been quite gracious in keeping her stuff here this long. my graciousness has come to an end though. I gave her an ultimatum: come and get it or I trash it.

    legally I could have tossed her stuff after 30 days. she said she would sue me if I did, but my first argument would be that if she can take time off from her job, come up here to NYC from Roanoke, VA, secure lodging for duration of suit, hire a lawyer, and pay court fees then she could afford to come get her stuff.

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    2. AndrewB


      rf` said:

      What's the worst that could happen? A girl is emotionally destroyed? I can live with that.

      Ooh now I see the irony. Well, I could go into detail and explain perfectly how my old comment doesn't really contradict my new one, but somehow I think it would be a waste of time.

    3. Darkman 4
    4. Technician


      We're just not used to you showing feeling towards the other party Andrew.

      If Viles girl friend was as big a paper weight as she was he has no need to worry about if she will hook us with another partner.

  7. as I type this I am staring at a striped, greyed out field with some bright neon icons on the bottom of my screen. so the tube in my monitor is goin, and at a bad time to. I'm tryin to get a new bed frame and mattress, trying to save money for a new tv (tube is also going on that one but not as bad) and to replace stuff that belongs to my ex. gotta love crappy timing.

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    2. myk


      VileSlay said:
      just to add to my electronic screen woes, my cell phone screen decided to get fucked up for no reason. now most of the bottom half of the display is populated by black horizontal stripes of varying thickness.

      Whatever the monitor has seems to be contagious.

    3. VileSlay


      myk said:

      Whatever the monitor has seems to be contagious.

      sigh... yeah seems like it. betcha my DS is next.

      *off topic* love the new avatar myk.

    4. VileSlay


      just to update, if anyone cares, my phone screen is now completely black. gonna go see if I can exchange it on sunday cuz it's still under warranty.

  8. okay I know it's not even spring yet, but I'm tryin to sort outwhat I'm doin for Halloween. I've been askin friends to help me out with this, so I figured why not see what my fellow doomworlders think.

    anyway, my original plans for this year was to be Jack the Ripper. my ex was going to be one of his victims, but since she's out of the picture, well I'm going solo on this, unless I find someone else willing to be the victim. the reason why we came up with the idea is because this year marks the 120th anniversary of the Whitechapel killing spree.

    now the reason I'm asking for advice is I'm wondering if i should go thru with it since I'm most likely going it solo. I was going to do the modern prototypical image of the Ripper: Victorian gentleman carrying a doctors satchel, fake knives, maybe a couple of mason jars with fake organs. thing is I'm not sure if people would get who I'm supposed to be unless I have my victim. of course it may also be expensive to get all the costume pieces. it's a worthwhile investment becasue it could be used over and over and not just for a Ripper costume.

    I do have other costumes I can fall back on. I always have tried and true original vampire, my dark warrior, the zombie (will be a bit hard to do myself), and Aragorn (although I still need the duster and good boots for that). I also have the sirius black out of azkaban that I did last year, but I don't think I'm gonna rock that costume again.

    So should I go ahead with the Ripper idea, or go with one of my old costumes? what do you guys think?

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    2. Janderson


      Do the childsnatcher from chitty-chitty-bang-bang, I'd do it but I don't live in England anymore.

      Things I've done that went down well at halloween:

      Cut up a pair of shoes and safety pin the leather scraps to a balacalava - leatherface/gimp/slipknot

      Cover your face in clear peel-away masque and tug at it a bit so you get blister like formations, puncture some and colour the exposed skin in red make-up (lipstick is best). Use some sort of light colouration (e.g blusher) on the masque. Your face will look like it's falling off. - zombie or get half a mask, a suit and you could be the Phantom of the Opera. That last one was last minute work (hence mum's make-up) but it still looked good.

      Dye your face red with coolaid. I tried to use it to stick tissue to my face (going for the masque effect) but when the tissue came off after 2mins people thought I'd been smacked in the face like; "Jesus James! Who hit you?"

    3. Technician


      Does any one remember when one of price Charles kids dressed up ass an SS at a costume party and made a big scandal? I have a black trench coat and helmet but never did it because it's clear no one would get the joke.

    4. Danarchy


      It was Prince Harry, I think. And he dressed up as Hitler. For the fucking win, IMHO.

  9. so yeah, thursday is valentines day and it's the first time in four years that I'm single on this crap-tastic holiday. never thought much of it. take your girl out to dinner, get her something marginally nice, but expensive and then get some ass, if your lucky. another day to spend more than you need to just to display your love. it's just retarded.

    anyway, my plan is going to this:


    there is another event kinda like it at the new york helmlsey hotel. they got a giant shredder to destroy the memories of your ex and they got hot models there you can take pics with and send to your ex. I would go to that but it's $45 to get in.

    so anybody else have anti-valentines day sentimemts to rant about?

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      I just chilled with a bunch of girls and some guys on more floor.. a lot of people are single and its a running joke that valentines day sucks because everyone's single, etc, etc.. it was fun either way, just another excuse to chill, although not much different than any other thursday night

      there was a snowball thrown by the student union or government or something and the whole advertising campaign was about how valentines day sucks, for example.

    3. VileSlay


      that thing I went to sucked. thought there would be a lot more single people but NOT. the only remotely attractive single girl that showed any interest in me was 10 years older than me (no, I don't do the cougar thing) and the singer they had there sucked ass. should have just stayed home.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Danarchy said:

      I've never in my life celebrated Valentine's Day.

  10. I was inspired to post this after reading Ling's bump of the "I will answer any question you have about Doomworld" thread. so this is me borrowing Ling's time shift ability to say something to me five years ago.

    Hey five years ago VileSlay. listen to me, the future VileSlay. that girl you meet next Halloween, take my advice and keep it to a one nighter and move on. don't call her. don't go see her. believe me, it will save you a lot of time, money, and bullshit and you would probably have yourself a somewhat decent life right now.

    ok so does anyone else want make use of the timeshift and say something to yourself five years ago?

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Hmm. I've fucked up so many times in the last five years, there's no way I'd be able to prevent them all from happening even with prior knowledge. And even if I did manage to erase all of those mistakes, I'm sure I'd find brand new ways to fuck up.

    3. Csonicgo


      rf` said:

      don't become a furry


      Also, you'll never be good at Vidya games, just a few of them, so fugoff

    4. GGG


      Create YouTube.

  11. after four years, I have ended my relationship with my fiancee. there comes a time when a man tires of bulshit, laziness, and lack of respect and that time has come.

    you see patience is by far my biggest flaw, meaning I have way too fuckin much of it. some of my friends told me I should have done this a long time ago, but my belief that she would turn herself around, get a job, loose weight, be social with my family, and get her head straight outweighed the advice given. well my patience has finally reached it's limit and she is now on a greyhound going back home to virginia. it's quite liberating on one hand, but I will miss the good parts of her.

    well, enough with the bullshit. it's time to for me to start living for myself for a change and really do some growing up. so here's to freedom! I raise my guinness to it and drink deeply! and to the future, may I grow and prosper free of the chains that bound me!

    thanks for the space to rant.

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    2. Danarchy


      Kid Airbag said:

      Teen prenancies generally don't stem from getting into a long-term relationship too early. Hell, it's usually the other way around - having kids at that age could be a cause for getting into a long-term relationship at an earlier time that would ordinarily be optimal.

      My friend's little brother got a girl pregnant, and a year later they had already been married, divorced, and separated with visitation rights. All before his 19th birthday.

      Speaking about long-term relationships, this friend of mine at work seems to be breaking up with her boyfriend of 6 years and is simultaneously flirting more with me than she normally does. Hmm...

    3. Mordeth


      Sounds like you made a necessary decision Vileslay, although it must have sucked coming to this conclusion. Good luck with that!

      Danarchy said:
      this friend of mine at work seems to be breaking up with her boyfriend of 6 years and is simultaneously flirting more with me than she normally does. Hmm..

      No "hmm". Some people just want something temporary to fill the gap between their broken-up longterm relationship and the next one.

    4. Danarchy


      Truth. I seem to be the target of choice. :/

  12. well, I had hernia repair surgery yesterday, and boy does it suck. what made it worse is that I had it at the hospital I work at, so gettin prepped and shit I had people I knew, or barely knew, coming up to me getting all in my shit about it. at least I'm not gonna be workin for three weeks (missed the big flood yesterday, LOL). My girl's, who is takin very good care of me, BTW, mom sent me a pretty sweet, and I mean that literally, care package. cakes, cookies, and brownies. yumm :)

    so yeah, the pain sux. feelin helpless at times sux. and layin in bed all day kinda sux.

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    2. VileSlay


      it was in my groin about the size of a silver dollar and I was gettin strangulation. it was giving me big trouble walking and thus working. also I'd had it since 2004, so I think I allowed it to run it's course long enough.

    3. Danarchy


      Is that one of those ones that go into your ballsack like they always showed us in health class?

      I had a friend who had a normal hernia once. He worked for this shitty near-slave-labour company (Teletech) so he couldn't afford an operation until his full medical kicked in. He was just taking lots of pain meds while "holding his insides in place" (his words). Finally he got medical coverage for a surgery and asked for time off. The company denied it, so he said "fuck you" to them and left. Moral of the story: never work for Teletech. Unless it's a choice between that or prostitution (or Wal-Mart).

    4. VileSlay


      fortunately it didn't go in to the sac, and I have a high threshold for pain. also, fortunately, I work at a hospital and I'm a member of huge healthcare union, so I was fully covered and had vacation time accrued so I wouldn't have to go on disability. also means I don't have to pay for the lovely tylenol 3. gotta love codeine.

  13. My grandfather passed away today at the age of 73. He was at church in Puerto Rico when he felt sick and went out to get some air. On his way back in he collapsed. The crazy thing is that the 3rd anniversary of my grandmothers passing is in 5 days. Also he was supposed to be coming home in a couple of weeks. My mom was starting to get everything ready for his arrival, like making a list of groceries to buy and getting his laundry done. I was hoping to work with him on my apartment. I had a bunch of ideas to to run by him and was hoping he would think they were good. I was hoping for a little bonding through home improvement.

    My grandfather was a very set-in-his-ways type of guy, but he had a lot of love in his heart. He softened up a lot after my grandmother passed. He always had a sense of humor, but he really didn't show it till after that. Her death was very hard on him because she took so much care of him. He was a little lost for a while, but he seemed to be gaining a sense of normalcy back. He was strong in will and body. I guess thats what really gets me is that he was a healthy guy.

    I feel that grandparents are keystones to the family, and now I have none left. At least I know that he is back with grandma, and in the presence of the God that he loved. I'm going to miss him a lot.

    Rest in Peace Grandpa.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Inferno


      I'm very sorry to hear the passing of your grandfather, VileSlay. I know it must of been a shock considering it happened out of the blue.

      However, just know that he is in a much better place now and he will find peace, and will no longer have to bear the ache now that he is with grandma.

      I understand that it's a tough time to go through, my condolences for you and your family.

    3. Lizardcommando


      VileSlay said:

      Her death was very hard on him because she took so much care of him. He was a little lost for a while, but he seemed to be gaining a sense of normalcy back. He was strong in will and body. I guess thats what really gets me is that he was a healthy guy.

      That's alot how my grandfather was to my grandmother. He took care of her alot and then when he passed away last year, she kinda lost her mind for a bit but eventually regained her sanity.

      My condolences go out to you and your family.

    4. VileSlay


      thanks for your condolences guys. there's gonna be a lot of sorting out to do and it's gonna be a little rough. he was my grandpa on my mothers side, so my mom is taking it really hard. she freaked out horribly. I don't think I've ever heard a person scream like that outside of a movie or tv show. I'm kinda in a weird limbo, like everything is hollow and I don't know what to do next. I know nothing of what I'm feeling is unique, but it's what I'm feeling. just thought I'd share.

  14. [rant]I know they are all around. they just happen to annoy the shit out of me. here are two examples of recent stupidity, both of which coincidentally occured on the same day.

    idiot #1: going to the back entrance of my job when I see a lady in an svu pull up near said entrance, which happens to be a "no standing"zone. she gets out, sets up one of those strollers that you fit a car seat in, takes car seat w/baby out of vehicle and places it in stoller. woman then wheels baby across the street to the park, leaves baby on sidewalk, gets back in car and drives to a metered parking spot that she apparently didn't notice was open. WTF? where can I nominate her for mother of the year?

    idiot #2: I'm somewhat of an artist, and guys at my job know this. they like to tell me that I'm nice when in fact I'm mediocre at best. anyway, this wannabe rapper, who had previously asked me design a logo for him (which I didn't) came up to me and asked me to do an album cover for him. now get this. the album is to be caleed "dramatic progession" and he wanted somthing along the lines of the evolution of man, done with ghandi, dr. king, malcolm x, puff daddy, and them him. WTF? thats just stupid on so many levels. let me list them

    • why does this wannabe belong with such great men?
    • why does puffy, a mediocre hip hop personality who rode the coat tails of his "good friend", who can't even write his own lyrics, who can't even make up his mind on what to be called, belong in the ranks of three great men?
    • why does wannabe have another hip hop personality thats has nothing to do with him on his album cover?
    • why does wannbe put himself above said personality like he's better and without permission? does he want to get sued? or shot? or both?
    that concept has to be the most moronic, egotistical bullshit I've ever heard proposed to me. WTF!!! STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID!!!! [/rant]

    1. Foofoo


      i think the rapper's idea is kinda funny. like over the top dumbness.

    2. darknation


      VileSlay said:

      and he wanted somthing along the lines of the evolution of man, done with ghandi, dr. king, malcolm x, puff daddy, and them him. WTF? thats just stupid on so many levels. let me list them

      I would do this design for him. Just have them evolve backwards. And add the monkey before your friend.

    3. SYS


      I can't sound racist without giving a decent reply. All I know is, I wouldn't want to hear that shit during creative process.

  15. well here are pics I took on halloween. most of them are from the NYC halloween parade in greenwich village. I'm posting the link as a photobucket slideshow. I would have had a whole hell of lot of pics of hot chicks, but I was with my girl and you know how that goes.


  16. well, remember when I posted a poll asking what I should do for my 30th b-day? well that went out the window. the night before (that would be monday) some friends from my job took me out and I got wasted. whiskey and guinness were flowing, bad games of pool were played, and a generous smattering of birthday kisses from strange women landed upon my cheeks and lips. we hit three different bars that night, one actually kicking us out.

    well the general concensus from everyone I asked was that I should try to ride the cyclone 30 times, as part of my ill-conceived "turning 30 on the 30th" theme day. there was no chance of that happening. I hadn't been as hungover as I was tuesday morning since that night/day in isla vista, ca. (long story, not getting in to it) so many years ago. so I spent the day recovering and got a kick ass homemade steak dinner my girl whipped up.

    well, the next day I took my father, who was celebrating his birthday (weird, I was like an day early b-day gift for my father 30 years ago), to the mets vs phillies game. we had great field level seats and with pedro on the mound we figured that we would get a good game, but that was not to be. pedro lost the game himself, and with rain and lack of foul balls coming our way it was pretty dissapointing.

    afterwards I went out once again with some friends. we went to the city to coyote ugly (looks nothing like the movie if ya wanted to know, but yes they do dance and the girls are hot) and witnessed a bodyshot contest between french and japanese guys. the way that goes the bar tender kneels on the bar with a lime wedge in her mouth and has you give her belly a good licking, and you better be good at it, cuz she'll let you have it. she pours salt on the spot you licked and makes you lick it again, then she pours some tequila down her belly and you have to catch it all. she then gives you the lime wedge with a kiss. all that for $20us! the french were doin it better until a fellow met fan came in the bar and got a body shot. the bartender annouced that america won the bodyshot contest to resounding U.S.A.! chants.

    after congratulating the winner, we went and saw what could could have been the last show at CBGB's. it was a weird vibe, and the last act was some skinny kid on a guitar who worked there for five years and a drummer doing some improve punk stuff. after that I went home and crashed.

    now comes thursday, the last day of my vacation. my girl and I were going to see shakespeare in central park. the tickets are free, but you have to the public theater early in the morn to get tickets. well, apparently the power company, responding to another customers power failure, accidently cut our power as well. our alarm never rang and we never got tickets, that added to other drama (not going in to it) meant another night at home.

    well if you made it this far, congrats for having the will or curiousity to take in my rant. hope that didn't take up too much of your life.

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    2. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      Terra-jin said:
      Ah, Vanilly Sky. :P

      You mean Milli Vanilly Sky. :-P

    3. Job


      Piezo said:

      Anyone else have any hangover remedies?

      Eat porous, heavy or greasy foods.

    4. spank


      Piezo said:

      Anyone else have any hangover remedies?

      Don't get sober.

  17. well I'm turning 30 on august 30th, so to celebrate I want to have a 30 themed day. one idea I had would be to ride the cyclone 30 times. another idea was to do a pub crawl and have one drink at 30 different bars. I also though of having a b-day party where I would have 30 beers in one night, something I have suprisingly never done (for the record 15 was the most beer I recall having in one night). I have no idea what to try, so help me out by voting in the poll. voting end the 29th.

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    2. myk


      Go to the 30 bars for a drink each; but take your time or you won't last through them all.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Yay Coney Island!

    4. Danarchy


      This is one of the reasons I kind of regret being born on the first of the month. I guess I'll have something to celebrate for my 31st birthday (3-1) though.

      Oh yeah, and...