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  1. well I'm turning 30 on august 30th, so to celebrate I want to have a 30 themed day. one idea I had would be to ride the cyclone 30 times. another idea was to do a pub crawl and have one drink at 30 different bars. I also though of having a b-day party where I would have 30 beers in one night, something I have suprisingly never done (for the record 15 was the most beer I recall having in one night). I have no idea what to try, so help me out by voting in the poll. voting end the 29th.

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    2. myk


      Go to the 30 bars for a drink each; but take your time or you won't last through them all.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Yay Coney Island!

    4. Sharessa


      This is one of the reasons I kind of regret being born on the first of the month. I guess I'll have something to celebrate for my 31st birthday (3-1) though.

      Oh yeah, and...