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  1. well, remember when I posted a poll asking what I should do for my 30th b-day? well that went out the window. the night before (that would be monday) some friends from my job took me out and I got wasted. whiskey and guinness were flowing, bad games of pool were played, and a generous smattering of birthday kisses from strange women landed upon my cheeks and lips. we hit three different bars that night, one actually kicking us out.

    well the general concensus from everyone I asked was that I should try to ride the cyclone 30 times, as part of my ill-conceived "turning 30 on the 30th" theme day. there was no chance of that happening. I hadn't been as hungover as I was tuesday morning since that night/day in isla vista, ca. (long story, not getting in to it) so many years ago. so I spent the day recovering and got a kick ass homemade steak dinner my girl whipped up.

    well, the next day I took my father, who was celebrating his birthday (weird, I was like an day early b-day gift for my father 30 years ago), to the mets vs phillies game. we had great field level seats and with pedro on the mound we figured that we would get a good game, but that was not to be. pedro lost the game himself, and with rain and lack of foul balls coming our way it was pretty dissapointing.

    afterwards I went out once again with some friends. we went to the city to coyote ugly (looks nothing like the movie if ya wanted to know, but yes they do dance and the girls are hot) and witnessed a bodyshot contest between french and japanese guys. the way that goes the bar tender kneels on the bar with a lime wedge in her mouth and has you give her belly a good licking, and you better be good at it, cuz she'll let you have it. she pours salt on the spot you licked and makes you lick it again, then she pours some tequila down her belly and you have to catch it all. she then gives you the lime wedge with a kiss. all that for $20us! the french were doin it better until a fellow met fan came in the bar and got a body shot. the bartender annouced that america won the bodyshot contest to resounding U.S.A.! chants.

    after congratulating the winner, we went and saw what could could have been the last show at CBGB's. it was a weird vibe, and the last act was some skinny kid on a guitar who worked there for five years and a drummer doing some improve punk stuff. after that I went home and crashed.

    now comes thursday, the last day of my vacation. my girl and I were going to see shakespeare in central park. the tickets are free, but you have to the public theater early in the morn to get tickets. well, apparently the power company, responding to another customers power failure, accidently cut our power as well. our alarm never rang and we never got tickets, that added to other drama (not going in to it) meant another night at home.

    well if you made it this far, congrats for having the will or curiousity to take in my rant. hope that didn't take up too much of your life.

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    2. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      Terra-jin said:
      Ah, Vanilly Sky. :P

      You mean Milli Vanilly Sky. :-P

    3. Job


      Piezo said:

      Anyone else have any hangover remedies?

      Eat porous, heavy or greasy foods.

    4. spank


      Piezo said:

      Anyone else have any hangover remedies?

      Don't get sober.