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  1. My grandfather passed away today at the age of 73. He was at church in Puerto Rico when he felt sick and went out to get some air. On his way back in he collapsed. The crazy thing is that the 3rd anniversary of my grandmothers passing is in 5 days. Also he was supposed to be coming home in a couple of weeks. My mom was starting to get everything ready for his arrival, like making a list of groceries to buy and getting his laundry done. I was hoping to work with him on my apartment. I had a bunch of ideas to to run by him and was hoping he would think they were good. I was hoping for a little bonding through home improvement.

    My grandfather was a very set-in-his-ways type of guy, but he had a lot of love in his heart. He softened up a lot after my grandmother passed. He always had a sense of humor, but he really didn't show it till after that. Her death was very hard on him because she took so much care of him. He was a little lost for a while, but he seemed to be gaining a sense of normalcy back. He was strong in will and body. I guess thats what really gets me is that he was a healthy guy.

    I feel that grandparents are keystones to the family, and now I have none left. At least I know that he is back with grandma, and in the presence of the God that he loved. I'm going to miss him a lot.

    Rest in Peace Grandpa.

    1. Technician


      To bad bud. 73's a pretty good age I suppose.

    2. AndrewB


      My grandfather is a cranky, bitter dude who is 82 with a full head of still-dark hair.

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