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  1. well, I had hernia repair surgery yesterday, and boy does it suck. what made it worse is that I had it at the hospital I work at, so gettin prepped and shit I had people I knew, or barely knew, coming up to me getting all in my shit about it. at least I'm not gonna be workin for three weeks (missed the big flood yesterday, LOL). My girl's, who is takin very good care of me, BTW, mom sent me a pretty sweet, and I mean that literally, care package. cakes, cookies, and brownies. yumm :)

    so yeah, the pain sux. feelin helpless at times sux. and layin in bed all day kinda sux.

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    2. VileSlay


      it was in my groin about the size of a silver dollar and I was gettin strangulation. it was giving me big trouble walking and thus working. also I'd had it since 2004, so I think I allowed it to run it's course long enough.

    3. Danarchy


      Is that one of those ones that go into your ballsack like they always showed us in health class?

      I had a friend who had a normal hernia once. He worked for this shitty near-slave-labour company (Teletech) so he couldn't afford an operation until his full medical kicked in. He was just taking lots of pain meds while "holding his insides in place" (his words). Finally he got medical coverage for a surgery and asked for time off. The company denied it, so he said "fuck you" to them and left. Moral of the story: never work for Teletech. Unless it's a choice between that or prostitution (or Wal-Mart).

    4. VileSlay


      fortunately it didn't go in to the sac, and I have a high threshold for pain. also, fortunately, I work at a hospital and I'm a member of huge healthcare union, so I was fully covered and had vacation time accrued so I wouldn't have to go on disability. also means I don't have to pay for the lovely tylenol 3. gotta love codeine.