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  1. so yeah, thursday is valentines day and it's the first time in four years that I'm single on this crap-tastic holiday. never thought much of it. take your girl out to dinner, get her something marginally nice, but expensive and then get some ass, if your lucky. another day to spend more than you need to just to display your love. it's just retarded.

    anyway, my plan is going to this:


    there is another event kinda like it at the new york helmlsey hotel. they got a giant shredder to destroy the memories of your ex and they got hot models there you can take pics with and send to your ex. I would go to that but it's $45 to get in.

    so anybody else have anti-valentines day sentimemts to rant about?

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      I just chilled with a bunch of girls and some guys on more floor.. a lot of people are single and its a running joke that valentines day sucks because everyone's single, etc, etc.. it was fun either way, just another excuse to chill, although not much different than any other thursday night

      there was a snowball thrown by the student union or government or something and the whole advertising campaign was about how valentines day sucks, for example.

    3. VileSlay


      that thing I went to sucked. thought there would be a lot more single people but NOT. the only remotely attractive single girl that showed any interest in me was 10 years older than me (no, I don't do the cougar thing) and the singer they had there sucked ass. should have just stayed home.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Danarchy said:

      I've never in my life celebrated Valentine's Day.