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  1. okay I know it's not even spring yet, but I'm tryin to sort outwhat I'm doin for Halloween. I've been askin friends to help me out with this, so I figured why not see what my fellow doomworlders think.

    anyway, my original plans for this year was to be Jack the Ripper. my ex was going to be one of his victims, but since she's out of the picture, well I'm going solo on this, unless I find someone else willing to be the victim. the reason why we came up with the idea is because this year marks the 120th anniversary of the Whitechapel killing spree.

    now the reason I'm asking for advice is I'm wondering if i should go thru with it since I'm most likely going it solo. I was going to do the modern prototypical image of the Ripper: Victorian gentleman carrying a doctors satchel, fake knives, maybe a couple of mason jars with fake organs. thing is I'm not sure if people would get who I'm supposed to be unless I have my victim. of course it may also be expensive to get all the costume pieces. it's a worthwhile investment becasue it could be used over and over and not just for a Ripper costume.

    I do have other costumes I can fall back on. I always have tried and true original vampire, my dark warrior, the zombie (will be a bit hard to do myself), and Aragorn (although I still need the duster and good boots for that). I also have the sirius black out of azkaban that I did last year, but I don't think I'm gonna rock that costume again.

    So should I go ahead with the Ripper idea, or go with one of my old costumes? what do you guys think?

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    2. Janderson


      Do the childsnatcher from chitty-chitty-bang-bang, I'd do it but I don't live in England anymore.

      Things I've done that went down well at halloween:

      Cut up a pair of shoes and safety pin the leather scraps to a balacalava - leatherface/gimp/slipknot

      Cover your face in clear peel-away masque and tug at it a bit so you get blister like formations, puncture some and colour the exposed skin in red make-up (lipstick is best). Use some sort of light colouration (e.g blusher) on the masque. Your face will look like it's falling off. - zombie or get half a mask, a suit and you could be the Phantom of the Opera. That last one was last minute work (hence mum's make-up) but it still looked good.

      Dye your face red with coolaid. I tried to use it to stick tissue to my face (going for the masque effect) but when the tissue came off after 2mins people thought I'd been smacked in the face like; "Jesus James! Who hit you?"

    3. Technician


      Does any one remember when one of price Charles kids dressed up ass an SS at a costume party and made a big scandal? I have a black trench coat and helmet but never did it because it's clear no one would get the joke.

    4. Danarchy


      It was Prince Harry, I think. And he dressed up as Hitler. For the fucking win, IMHO.