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  1. as I type this I am staring at a striped, greyed out field with some bright neon icons on the bottom of my screen. so the tube in my monitor is goin, and at a bad time to. I'm tryin to get a new bed frame and mattress, trying to save money for a new tv (tube is also going on that one but not as bad) and to replace stuff that belongs to my ex. gotta love crappy timing.

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    2. myk


      VileSlay said:
      just to add to my electronic screen woes, my cell phone screen decided to get fucked up for no reason. now most of the bottom half of the display is populated by black horizontal stripes of varying thickness.

      Whatever the monitor has seems to be contagious.

    3. VileSlay


      myk said:

      Whatever the monitor has seems to be contagious.

      sigh... yeah seems like it. betcha my DS is next.

      *off topic* love the new avatar myk.

    4. VileSlay


      just to update, if anyone cares, my phone screen is now completely black. gonna go see if I can exchange it on sunday cuz it's still under warranty.