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  1. D as in Done. tomorrow (well technically today since it's passed 3am as I type this) my ex will be coming to get the last of her stuff. it's a lot, but I have it all ready so she spends as little time here as possible. it's been almost nine months since I bounced her and I've been quite gracious in keeping her stuff here this long. my graciousness has come to an end though. I gave her an ultimatum: come and get it or I trash it.

    legally I could have tossed her stuff after 30 days. she said she would sue me if I did, but my first argument would be that if she can take time off from her job, come up here to NYC from Roanoke, VA, secure lodging for duration of suit, hire a lawyer, and pay court fees then she could afford to come get her stuff.

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    2. AndrewB


      rf` said:

      What's the worst that could happen? A girl is emotionally destroyed? I can live with that.

      Ooh now I see the irony. Well, I could go into detail and explain perfectly how my old comment doesn't really contradict my new one, but somehow I think it would be a waste of time.

    3. Darkman 4
    4. Technician


      We're just not used to you showing feeling towards the other party Andrew.

      If Viles girl friend was as big a paper weight as she was he has no need to worry about if she will hook us with another partner.