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  1. yep, I hit my 33rd year on this miserable mudball today. spent most of the day at the bronx zoo and went to coney island yesterday. my girl got me a nice ring with runes that translate to "gift of luck" and a viking scamseax.

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    2. VileSlay


      Scuba Steve said:

      Holy shit, grandpa, I didn't realize you were that old!

      yep, I'm that old. thanks for making me feel older, lol.

      @Technician: heh, remind me of the Dethklok birthday song.

      @Kyka: didn't happen. had to reschedule for next weekend since someone obviously couldn't act like an adult.

    3. myk


      You should get yourself crucified or something!

    4. GreyGhost


      A belated happy birthday from someone who wishes they were only 33.