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  1. Gingercat

    I'd love me some long demos - Know of any?

    Just finished watching the Sunlust D2All, loved it from start to finish. Can I just say WOW those levels are gorgeous!! What beautiful designs! There is a fantastic collection of suggestions here, thank you very much everyone for highlighting these for me! Greatly appreciated. I'm stuck at home with Covid (it's horrid) at the moment so these are going to be extra handy :)
  2. Gingercat

    I'd love me some long demos - Know of any?

    Fantastic! Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out :)
  3. Hi all! I'm still here, still watching runs, although I don't even recall the last time I posted anything... (Searches) Oh wow, 7 years ago almost to the day. Huh. So much has changed since then... Anyway, I'm in the mood for some longer demos where possible; if you've got a 15-minute beat-em-up through especially to a 6-hour slaughterfest with kills in the 15k range (so to speak) and beyond, I'm up for watching it. Does anyone have any recommendations for some especially long plays they consider entertaining? I've been loving the skill shown in shorter runs as well, and across a huge variety of maps and WADs, but right now I just feel like some longform appreciation to mix it up a bit. Suggestions appreciated! :)
  4. Wowwwwwwww! Since when did Hell get a robotic R&D department?? Amazing! Gorgeous enemy design, and so much variety! Loved this run, can't wait to see more. Excellent work, Nevan.
  5. Assumptions will be the death of me one day, I'm certain... Anyway I'll stop derailing the thread now ;)
  6. *facepalm* In scanning that first post I skimmed the download link, thinking "I've already got that", assuming that the SF copy was the most up to date one. Oops! Thanks, AD_79! Really appreciate the help from yourself and Memfis. That upgraded chaingun is a joy to watch in action... All working well now! :)
  7. Ah that might be the problem. I downloaded it from SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom-plus), but the version on there seems to actually be - There's the issue. Where do I get the more up to date one if SF is out of date? A Google search seems to favor various references to it, and links to SF, but it's out of date it seems. Edit: I've also looked on the forums here and the sticky in the Source Ports section also shows, with mentions at the end of the thread of a " test" version that I haven't been able to actually locate.
  8. Changed it to "-iwad doom2.wad", signal 11. Changed it to "-wad doom2.wad", still signal 11. Anything else you can think of? :/
  9. I'm getting "Exiting on signal 11" whenever I try and play back these demos. As far as I can tell I've got the "latest" Valiant.wad and PrBoom+; this is the commandline I'm using in batch: glboom-plus.exe -iwad tnt.wad -file Valiant.wad -complevel 11 -playdemo 1.lmp (I extract the demo to my desktop, the batch renames it to 1.lmp, and moves it to where PrBoom lives before that ^ line is executed.) It will get a few seconds in; long enough to see that the imps and pinkies have been retextured, maybe to hit a switch or grab weapons, then... "Exiting on signal 11". Here's the tail-end of stdout.txt: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE=16384 Using texture format GL_RGBA. ST_Init: Init status bar. G_DoPlayDemo: playing demo with MBF compatibility vorb_registersong: failed mad_registersong failed: input buffer too small (or EOF) db_registersong: couldn't load as tracker Exp_RegisterSongEx: Using player fluidsynth midi player P_GetNodesVersion: using normal BSP nodes gld_Precache: MAP27 done in 186 ms I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal: signal 11 I_ShutdownSound: This is happening on all Valiant demos. Anyone got any ideas on what's going wrong? I'd love to see these.
  10. Gingercat

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    I certainly do! I just can't offer any advice because my personal skill level is... Well. "Not great." :) But I'd love to watch the magic happen in the finished product!
  11. Gingercat

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    This was mighty entertaining to watch. Kudos on the narrow escapes!
  12. Gingercat

    Eternal TAS demos

    "Doomguy was having a really bad day. Really. Bad. Day. So, he decided to get revenge on those who pissed him off... Which happened to be everybody. This video chronicles his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, seen through the eyes of madness, where all those who apparently wronged him took on the appearance of demons and were taken down accordingly." Seriously. I wouldn't like to even be in the same town as Doomguy, cause he'd murder your face off just because it "sounded like you looked at him funny".
  13. Gingercat

    Survive In Hell demos [-complevel 9]

    Those are Creepers. Their portrayal in that map is pretty much spot on: In Minecraft, if they suicide due to player proximity or being sufficiently annoyed, you don't get experience or drops for killing them. And yes, they usually WILL kill you if they explode on / near you and you don't have armor (or only weak armor)! They're also quite tough to kill from a distance (decent HP), and melee range is certainly not advised unless you're quite agile - they recognise that you're close, and a very quick timer starts counting down. Still within range after 2 seconds? BOOM. Not sure if the crashing is deliberate (I imagine not), but even that makes "some" sense when in a Minecraft context: Death either results in you respawning minus all your stuff (softcore mode), or your world is permanently erased on death (hardcore mode). Creepers have a bad reputation for good reasons. :) So making them an awful addition to the map is... well, accurate.
  14. Gingercat

    Need a coop wad with LOTS of enemies...

    Holy Hell 1.5 didn't seem to want to cooperate (will mess with it a bit more later), but Deus Vult was a lot of fun to give a test drive :) Thanks for the suggestions guys. My friend tried to chainsaw a Cyber... Didn't go well for him, and then I got rocketed from laughing at him too much. Good times!
  15. A few years ago maybe I had some maps that were filled with 1k+ monsters, massive fun to rampage through with a few friends in coop (or a deathmatch mode that respawns weaps - "deathop" maybe?) but I can't remember the name of them... Will be using latest PrBoom+ and Hamachi on 50Mb down / 20Mb up fibre connections, so lag shouldn't be a major issue (and if it is, we'll LAN it oldskool style with gigabit Ethernet). Just need maps that we're gonna have lots and lots of monsters to get hilariously killed by (laughing at the misfortune of friends is a sign of caring right?) Does anyone know of any suitable maps? Advice appreciated :)