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  1. A1E0

    More New Doom III Shots

    what happened- are sprites out of style??...oh well...the first pick has sort of a Batman angle and the second one has detailed radios in the back and a monster that could chew at my ankles
  2. A1E0

    DOOM BOOKS!?!?!?!?!

    books?....can somebody tell me about these books- i am running out of text to absorb
  3. A1E0

    i'm scared

    in the FAQ, it tells i can use MS-DOS, but i can't type anything after it tells me to put the password (that is my email 'cause im anonymous)...i dont see how i can use ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/ to submit...also, ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/ won't work with either of my browsers...what is a proxy?...i dont under stand what a FTP client is, is a a mirror? is it something ive gotta download
  4. i can do it in DUKE3d, and my cumbersome DOOM Companion book mentioned it, but i cant find where (maybe it was a mirage)
  5. A1E0

    i'm scared

    i guess i have bad luck, ftp://archives.3dgamers.com,/ won't even load............the FAQ told me to go to http://archives.3dgamers.com/ but it could be wqrong-there isnt much there......i wont even consider spendiong the myriad of hours it takes to build a WAD (i would know with WOLF3d, DOOM2, & DUKE3d) now
  6. A1E0

    i'm scared

    i'm scared, the FAQ to me to go to http://archives.3dgamers.com/ and to log in as anonymous, but i dont see where to log in.......ive tried so hard, but i just want to upload [tear]...alos, why cant i get a working DOOM3D set????
  7. A1E0

    The /newstuff Chronicles #93

    i'd never have the time to play a megawad...i truly enjoy single maps that are psyco-detailed...more quality and less quanityto beef up with JDOOM that will only take an hour
  8. A1E0

    The /newstuff Chronicles #87

    yo, i have two small levels, but i dont know how to post them........
  9. i have plans for a hardcore urban level, but i cant even figure out how to post my two existing wads, LIMELITE and TARTARUS ayudas yo, por favor