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  1. Sorry for the bump, but we absolutely need a link more permanent than MediaFire. https://doomshack.org/~doomkid/Utilities/ipxsetup_xttl.7z
  2. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Ticdup A friend of mine who lives very far away has been deathmatching with me over Choco Doom using the -dup 2 command for better online play. I noticed this page on the Wiki, however when trying to launch the game with it in vanilla Doom2 with dosbox, i couldn't seem to get it work - is the command line parameter -ticdup 2? Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated :)
  3. Doomkid

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2 RELEASED: Faster weapons

    Hey Noiser, I noticed in the MS-DOS version you're distributing ipxsetup.exe and it appears to be the vanilla one. xttl made an improved version that allows ticdup, basically meaning it allows smoother netplay, and other options like using a custom EXE name rather than doom2.exe, for example. I think distributing this version would make more sense, it's still a DOS EXE and mostly the same of course. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1738596
  4. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/strain10 I know there's a repackaged edition, but because I'm a goofball I'd like to play it in DosBox. I followed the instructions, or so I thought - I typed 'unpack c:\strain c:\', because my doom2 dir is mounted as C:\ and the contents of strain10.zip are in c:\strain. It just hangs forever on "Unpacking distribution files...". If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. The repackaged edition runs in dosbox lol
  5. Doomkid

    Another repository / Not realm667

    There’s a mix of great and terrible skins at the epidermis emporium, some of which make for good monster replacements. It’s not been touched for like 15 years to my knowledge but it’s the only other repository I’m aware of. http://www.doomlegends.com/emporium/skinpacks.html Some weapon packs have been uploaded to idgames over the years with the express intent being reuse in mods, so search around in idgames for graphics, weapons etc. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/monsters https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/wrw the above are just a few results for “resource” on idgames. Hopefully this helps!
  6. I wish pop up ads just weren’t a thing. I wouldn’t mind a banner at the top and bottom but news sites in particular feel the need to monetize the entire fucking page, leaving about 3 pixels in the middle for the article all while pop ups bombard me. Edit: Oh yeah, I usually just leave unless it’s a topic I’m actually interested in. Its best to avoid sites that incorporate ad blocker blockers of course.
  7. You mean seeing an art form you deeply care about reduced to cynical corporate cash-ins bothers you? What are you, a commie?!
  8. Doomkid

    Sargasso - A Boom-Compatible Episode for DooM II

    Oh yes, gonna be playing this one tomorrow!
  9. Doomkid

    can some one make a damage less achvile?

    Do you mean one that damages you less, doesn't get damaged, or doesn't damage you at all? Depending, you can do it in DeHackEd / WhackEd. Just make it so the archie never enters his attack frame. If you want to make it so that he still bounces you but doesn't damage you, you'll need to use Decorate, although afaik he doesn't send you much higher than a normal jump in ZDoom anyway.
  10. Doomkid

    Weapon mod.

    Hmm, I know of some mods where there are classes with their own weapons and specialties, but it isn’t determined by the map. I think having guns tailored to each map in a campaign could be awesome, though. If you’re interested, I think the one mod was called Alpha Doomer, the other is Samsara. There are loads more with unique classes, but I can’t remember them atm. Id ask about this over at ZDoom, you may get more answers!
  11. Doomkid

    Possible new megawad?

    .. I’d love to see more megawads, but the OP is just so vague and low effort and the new project tag has been done to death, unlike this fresh meme right here
  13. Doomkid

    Favorite doom gameplay mod

    Immoral Conduct for me. I just love how the guns feel, everything else goes too far over the top for me, but I can always come back to Immoral Conduct and have fun. I’ll also pimp my own mod PowerGun.wad since I genuinely find it more fun than most others out there.
  14. Duke Nukem is the obvious answer for me. Doom and Duke shared a relationship similar to that of Mario and Sonic, though the Doom / Duke thing never seemed quite as.. angry and vitriolic ironically, but the point is it’s always cool when old rivals team up. Plus their games are similar enough to have lots of cross appeal.
  15. Ajora has been touched by the heavenly hand of all our fast food overlords
  16. A 100% vanilla-compatible community project Rowdy Rudy is back and he's madder than ever! NOTE: This thread is active on ZDoom Forums as well DOWNLOAD THE EARLY BETA HERE: https://doomshack.org/~doomkid/rudy2/rudy2v1.zip I think this should be a lot of fun when it's complete and I wanted to get the community involved! If you want to submit a map, please keep in mind that it has to be totally vanilla compatible - Use ChocoRenderLimits and Visplane Explorer to double and triple check that your map stays within vanilla limits. The resource pack includes the Doom1 textures for Doom2, as well as Jimmy's modified Plutonia texture pack. ChocoRenderLimits: https://web.archive.org/web/20140225101059/http://remood.org/downloads/chocorenderlimits.zip Please remember to keep the entrance and exit areas of your maps somewhat flexible, as I intend to have connected exits and entrances, as I feel that provides a much more seamless experience for the player. They really feel like they're 'getting somewhere'. What I really want to end up with here is a series of small bases, either themed like E1 or Plutonia, separated by large stretches of nature. An "earthy" but also "techy" feel, if ya get what I mean. I've included 4 unfinished demo maps to give an idea of what I mean, I encourage you to check them out for reference, but keep in mind they are still quite unfinished. --- Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, POWERTRIP has many substantial changes to the enemy roster: Zombieman - 40 HP Shotgunner - 60 HP Plasma Guy - 60 HP (replaces Spectre) Chaingunner - 80 HP (replaces WolfSS) Flamethrower Guy - 80 HP (replaces Keen) Rocketman - 120 HP (replaces Hell Knight) Psycho Imp - 150 HP (replaces Arachnotron) Blood Demon - 180 HP Toxicacodemon - 400 HP Flame Caco - 600 HP (replaces Pain Elemental) Mini Mastermind - 500 HP (replaces Chaingunner) (Height: 56 / Diameter: 96 / Drops Chaingun) Flying Mastermind - 2000 HP (replaces Spiderdemon) (Height: 100 / Diameter: 200) Of course, many of the classic enemies remain untouched: Imp - 60 HP Lost Soul - 100 HP Revenant - 300 HP Mancubus - 600 HP Archvile - 700 HP Baron of Hell - 1000 HP Cyberdemon - 4000 HP --- The weapons have also undergone some substantial changes! The fists are faster and far more powerful. The chainsaw is double bladed, so it's twice as tough! Makes sense, right? The pistol is now an assault rifle with 100% accuracy. It's very slightly less powerful than the normal chaingun, but the pinpoint precision more than makes up for it's somewhat slow ROF. The shotgun is now totally automatic. Hold the fire button down and watch it go! Lays down whole waves of enemies in seconds. The double-barrel is now pump-action! Deliver two loads of buckshot quicker than ever before. The chaingun has a much faster ROF making it very effective and stunning even the meatier baddies. The rocket launcher has a faster ROF. Uhh I couldn't think of anything else but it works ok sheesh The plasma rifle doesn't have that little recoil animation anymore. Also GREEN! The BFG9000 now shoots big fireballs that emit 2 damage tracers rather than just one, making it even deadlier than usual. --- I hope you like what you see and am looking forward to your map submissions!
  17. Doomkid

    How to turn IWAD into PWAD?

    If you are trying to make a new level, the Doom Builder programs will simply generate a new wad or you (usually called map01.wad) in which you can start building a level. If you want to make a weapon mod or monster mod, you'll make a new wad file in SLADE, then you'll add new sprites and sounds into that wad, and create either a DeHackEd lump or Decorate lump to make your modifications. Hopefully these video tutorials will be some help:
  18. MAP32: Operation Pump and Dump Author: Doomkid & Valkiriforce Build Time: It's always build time ------------ Notes by Doomkid: Originally this map was way easier and somewhat less detailed. Valkiriforce gave it the Go2It treatment and it looks way cooler now and will slap your helpless ass, so stay on your toes. Keep moving - standing still is a death sentence! If you're having trouble, just remember: Step 1, pump. Step 2, dump. Step 3, revel in your success, gloat over the carcasses of many slain baddies.
  19. My apologies for the late reply, @DavidN. This is a great map, the texturing is very clean and polished and the challenge level will be great for the early-middle part of the campaign - It has some teeth but is still very manageable. The part where the blue key bridge lowered and a revenant and Archie came out was cool and I also liked they way I (accidentally) found the rocket launcher. Awesome submission, thank you! EDIT: I'll looking into getting those tutti frutti steps cleaned up, I'm sure it will be a simple fix.
  20. I worked in an office 3 years ago.. Can confirm the keycard thing went through my mind as well. You know, maybe it’s a joke, but I’m certain I would have stayed at that job longer if it was like this. Heaven on Earth.. Which is the opposite of the actually fun Hell on Earth.. I see what you did there, Onion!!
  21. Warez sites and porno sites give your computer STDs, that’s a safe one to keep in mind.
  22. Doomkid

    How to turn IWAD into PWAD?

    What exactly do you mean? If you want to edit your doom2.wad, make a backup, then edit a fresh copy and rename it.. Once it's modified it will no longer be recognized as an iwad. I'm not sure why you would want to make your doom2 wad a pwad though?
  23. Doomkid

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    There are substantial differences between Odamex and Zandronum. Zand is far more advanced and has many new features that Odamex lacks, as Odamex was based on ZDoom 1.22 from a few centuries ago. One strong advantage Odamex has over Zandronum is that it can record demo files that are compatible with the vanilla Doom executables, Zandronum can't do that. If you want to mimic vanilla gameplay, Odamex is going to be better for that overall, but Zandronum has all sorts of crazy stuff like skins, new gamemodes, OpenGL rendering, 3D floors and polyobjects, etc etc. Odamex does have some other random cool features that Zand lacks such as multi-wad rotations for servers and a better rcon system, but these are limited use features for most users (apparently). Long story short, if using Zandronum is easier, do that. They're both very widely cross compatible so that shouldn't really be an issue either!
  24. Doomkid

    Most Popular WADS/PK3S

    Unfortunately, it won't be that easy. :( This isn't an issue on ZDaemon, but on 99% of Zandronum servers, the hosts (for some reason) feel the need to load 9,999 PK3 files/WAD files with each server, and each one only does a tiny thing (one is a pistol mod, one makes liquid textures animate faster, one adds lighting effects, etc etc - almost all of it is pointless fluff.) So, more or less, you'll just have to wait an eternity when connecting to a server that does this. Not all servers are like this though! If you hover over the "wads" section on your server browser, it displays a full list of wads the server is running, and you can simply avoid the ones that have 10 or more. The most popular cooperative and deathmatch wads would be: Chillax Ancient Aliens Alien Vendetta Memento Mori 1 and 2 Scythe 1 and 2 Greenwar dwango5 and dwango6 Exec Brit10 and Brit11 dweller2 lazarus1j Neon DM You're sure to see servers running those wads. There are hundreds more but I don't want to bog you down.
  25. Doomkid

    Best way to experience Doom 64 today?

    Ahh that's just Doom64 EX using OpenGL. If you play Doom in a modern port (ie Zandronum) and select hardware rendering rather than software rendering, the world won't stretch and skew when you look around.