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  1. @VoltcomYour new revision is way better and I didn't find any crashes. Excellent little map, perfect for slot2 or slot3. @DerFurer'sFaceThis is an awesome map for somewhere in the middle of the set. Great detailing, well implemented difficulty settings, and no crashes that I could find. Great choice of MIDI too. @Doom_DudeLoving the look of the screens so far!
  2. Thanks a lot for those links, Gez. Unfortunately the links on the first one seem to be dead, but the second one worked. I'll be checking them out!
  3. Basically, yes. I want to combine two soundfonts into one, using the 'best' instruments of each.
  4. Doomkid

    my problem with multiplayer

    So, all those .PK3 and .WAD files are mods hosted on the server. On a PC, Doom Explorer or Doomseeker would simply download these wads, make you wait a minute while it downloaded, then let you in. Is d-touch running Zandronum? Either way, you'll have to find some way to download all of those wads & mods to your device (and make sure they're in the right directory) before you can connect. Even the most basic servers usually have a wad or two to download. Hopefully there are some others more experienced with d-touch that can help you out, I pretty much only play on the computer.
  5. Doomkid

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I am happy that the game actually looks correct, other than the brightness being too high (looks like it was just jacked way up for the recording though). This is pretty awesome! I’m not surprised it looks right considering it’s based on Kaiser’s work. I know people are worried about them taking down preexisting D64 content but even if they try to.. *mumbles something about warez* I just wish the Doom1 and Doom2 ports used the hard work of local developers like this one did. They’re okay-ish for most, but to me those gross lazy D1 and D2 ports are just unforgivably.. bad. If we all agreed that Doom95 was lazily produced then we can all agree that these new ports were even lazier. So glad D64 didn’t get the slapdash treatment!
  6. Hi Phileosophos, I was just wondering if you have a link to that MUS2MID source by chance? That would be great.


    At some stage, I would love to see the WadAuthor source as well. No rush of course - I just have this pipe dream about a “best of both worlds” editor that essentially combines the functionality and UI of my two favourite mapping tools (the other being Doom Builder). Cheers!

  7. I really like DEMIN.MID, it's awesome!

    1. yakfak


      glad you liked it!
      you can always use my midis if yr in a mapping mood

  8. Basically as the thread title asks. Is there some way to convert MIDI to MP3 using a particular soundfont? I've tried many programs now and each one wants my money to do so. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. I would jokingly suggest Earth.wad, but there's only a couple highlights visually. It's okay though.
  10. Doomkid

    Convert MIDI to MP3 using a soundfont?

    I actually found a perfect solution that does a direct conversion using a soundfont: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/keppys_midi_converter.html Took some serious hunting but this is a free option. Hooray!
  11. Doomkid

    Exporting BMPs instead of PNGs in SLADE?

    Thanks, Gez!
  12. Doomkid

    Mapping in Doom before Doom Builder

    Doom Builder had an absolutely profound impact on mapping. WadAuthor was arguably the simplest editor to use before 2003, but Doom Builder changed everything. It was the first editor with a real-time fully texture mapped 3D mode that took less than a second to load, and you could even edit values while in 3D mode. This was huge. You can see a substantial increase in detail overall from 2003 onward and that is in no small part due to Doom Builder and the family of editors that branched off from it. I'd wager a guess that we would have substantially less active mappers today without Doom Builder - or more accurately, a widespread cross-platform editor with a highly intuitive UI, where you can simply draw your sectors then easily preview and modify them. It's just so absurdly easy compared to everything else. I felt that way when I first tried it back in the day and that opinion has been reinforced every time I've attempted to use clunkier/older/different editors just for kicks.
  13. Doomkid

    tutorial to merge more wad in one megawad

    If you just want to merge multiple wads while avoiding (most) texture and flat conflicts, this is an easy tool: https://doomshack.org/~doomkid/Utilities/wadmerge1.1.zip 2 versions are included, but if the newer version doesn’t work for some reason the older one will.
  14. Doomkid

    Flats only for floor/ceiling textures?

    Just so you know, you could easily export all the flats from doom2.wad as PNGs or Bitmaps using SLADE, rename them (since 2 lumps should not share a name) and reimport them as patches, then add all the new patches to the TEXTURE1 lump. It sounds hard but it’s actually super easy. If you need to use flats on the wall in Boom (or vanilla) this is the way to do it.
  15. Doomkid

    How to get Doom running on your NES.

    I saw this a month or so ago, it’s a super impressive feat. Even though it’s cheating, it’s still goddamn incredible. I remember some efforts to get doom clones (more like wolf3D) running using the NES’ native hardware: NES and Doom are two of my favourite things. How does it control though?? D pad to walk around, B and A to strafe, start to shoot and select to scroll to next weapon? Run and Open would still need keys too. I guess he possibly explains it in the video but I’m just wondering what would be the most playable. Christ, Odamex runs on a PI - you could theoretically connect to Doom servers from your NES... that’d be a real trip! The closest modern analog to playing SNES Doom on XBand, I guess. Awesome video!
  16. Doomkid

    Any possible Doomguy actors of your choice?

    Back when I watched Firefly I thought Nathan Filion would make a good Doomguy
  17. Doomkid

    Favorite Metal Bands

    The only stuff I've listened to recently was Morbid Angel and Alice in Chains - I suppose that's not really metal but whatever, it's close enough. I used to listen to a lot of Pantera, Slayer, System of a Down, Metallica etc when I was younger but not as much anymore. In terms of heavier stuff, Carcass, Old Man's Child, Vesper's Descent.. A few others I'm forgetting. I still like all of that stuff, it's all music that's moved me big time and had an impact on what I play/write of course, but my ears seem to calm down more and more over the years. My go-to stuff these days is more classic rock and less metal, a variety of bands generally from 60s to the 90s but I really don't care when it was made.
  18. Hmm.. split screen and jumping? Doom Legacy has been around for a very long time now and it supported split screen and jumping for at least the last 17 years, perhaps longer. I guess there’s a chance he was playing using Legacy back then? I’m just giving him the benefit of the doubt. It was a very popular source port in it’s heyday..
  19. My wording in my original post didn't convey what I meant at all, upon re-reading it (d'oh). He definitely IS negative for the sake of negativity when he's in character, but I think every gripe/complaint he has with games while he reviews them is genuine. He'll never fabricate an issue with a game just for the sake of criticizing it, at least not that I've seen. Even when he's talking about games I like, for example the Battletoads episode, all the issues he points out are totally legitimate grievances.
  20. Doomkid

    Any good wads for Zdoom that I can try?

    Ah geez, no one mentioned Shadow of the Wool Ball? That's a fun and cute one that you can beat with ease. https://www.moddb.com/mods/shadow-of-the-wool-ball I'll also pimp my own community project, Doomed in Space. Pretty much a classic Doom mapset with a sci-fi twist, though there are ZDoom elements such as railguns and 3D bridges.
  21. Doomkid

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I'll allow it, IF it's as slow and terrible as the person who made the Doom Classic Re-release trailer seems to think it is. (0:17)
  22. Doomkid

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    I wanted to say basically this a week ago when I first read this but was worried I'd come across as a negative nancy.. There are a lot of MIDI "remixes" (AKA no change other than strange soundfonts used) of various WAD soundtracks floating around on YouTube. Whenever I hear one of my MIDIs played back through anything other than a SC-55 based soundfont it's almost always minorly depressing because so much of the sound gets lost in translation and I know the same thing is happening to every track. I'm really glad people like the MIDIs the community has made and are showing them love in the form of a YT upload but damn, the sound just gets totally fucked over sometimes. Ambient background noises get erased altogether or become indecipherable garbage. The only custom soundfont I ever came across that I really loved was one used by this now-defunct "midi to mp3" site. It provided 0 information on the soundfont it was using for the conversion unfortunately. Regardless, even that nice soundfont had some unexpected side effects on existing tracks. Every single person I ever knew (in person) who played Doom always heard the music the same way: Using the default Windows MIDI sounds. I don't know if it's just a happy coincidence that Bobby Prince was using a keyboard that sounded almost identical or what, but hearing the soundtrack any other way just feels.. totally wrong, at least to my ears. Picking between the bona fide SC-55 and the simplified Windows version is just a matter of taste, they're both correct. There's even a clip of Bobby in the 1993 visit to id software video talking about how superior the Roland sound was to OPL. So really, according to the man himself, anything else just ain't legit! (Sorry OPL playback fans, but it's just not Prince-approved - facts don't care about your feelings!) EDIT: For the love of Gord, if your device asks for a custom soundfont for the Doom tracks, please hear them the way they were meant to be heard. Here's a soundfont that is identical to the stock Windows MIDI sound. https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/713
  23. Doomkid

    Tips for new mappers?

    https://doomshack.org/tutorials.html This has a bunch of tutorials, from the basic to the nitty-gritty. There was an interesting thread on keeping enemy encounters engaging recently that may also be of help!
  24. Doomkid

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2

    Only DeHackEd modders can appreciate how.. insane this is. I am stunned! Incredible work!!
  25. I’m out of town for a few days but that screenshot looks nice! Will test soon.