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  1. Doomkid

    Best Vanilla Deathmatch Maps

    Idmap01 is actually found in the July 1994 dump of the WIP Doom2 maps, I feel like that puts it in a special position. It was the only deathmatch-only map made during Doom2’s development. It totally should have been added in as an official multiplayer map, that would have been awesome, for some reason it was relegated to pwad status and released on it’s own instead
  2. Doomkid

    Best Vanilla Deathmatch Maps

    Jaws in Space is spot on. The Ultimate Doom version of Hangar is great for DM, the shareware version only has one linear path which makes it suckage imo. Entryway, Dead Simple and System Control are also fun. I can't think of any others that are any good, although just by virtue of being small Deimos Anomaly and Underhalls might be passable.
  3. Doomkid

    The Doom timeline.

    The story that Doom supposedly “doesn’t have” can be found in it’s entirety here, but it ends with Doom64: https://doomshack.org/doomstory.html It’s not exactly high art but it’s a fun narrative to follow and gives you context - answers all the when’s, where’s and why’s
  4. I dunno how great of an idea this is, but maybe you could do a tuneup month at some point? Fix up all the little snags you guys noticed after the fact for every DBP to date and get them all into perfect condition for posterity!
  5. Doomkid

    Doom 2 but it has Half-Life sound effects

    Im actually surprised this wasn’t done back in the days where the sounds from literally everything were being added into doom. I’m in the process of making something similar in the wake of all these Half Life meme vids - thankfully its going to be in video form rather than wad form!
  6. Doomkid


    “Glitch in Empathy” is a pretty sweet map name, def gonna steal it
  7. I feel like a video tutorial on how to use DeHackEd / WhackEd was long overdue, so I decided to make one. Hopefully some of you find it helpful. Modding Doom with DeHackEd is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Download the tools here: WhackEd 4: http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/ DeHackEd: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/exe_edit/dhe31 Slade3: http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads Even more modding info: https://doomshack.org/tutorials.html I fucked up with some things I said at 3:47 and 8:56 - The Fist and Chainsaw SHOULD NOT ever shoot bullets or plasma, as it causes a glitch where your Shotgun is no longer able to hold ammo.. If you look at 19:34, you'll notice when the fist is shooting pistol shots, that the SHELL capacity is going down! In the bottom right, it should say 0 / 50, but it goes down to 49, 48, etc. This causes the shotgun to be useless and is generally buggy. So, DO NOT attempt to give anything but melee weapons (fists and chainsaws) infinite ammo. Sorry about the confusion - since DeHackEd is Hacky by it's nature (who'd a thunk) there are weird limitations you just have to find for yourself sometimes, though they are mostly documented at this point. Of course, Enjay's far more detailed tutorial will be of great help once you know the basics: http://www.aspectsweb.co.uk/dehacked/index.html Good luck, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  8. bonnie wrote up this excellent little guide that I just stumbled across and it's really good so I figured I'd quote it. In fact, I'd like to gather every semi-detailed DeHackEd tutorial/piece of information in one comprehensive place if possible, so I'm going to try and round up all I can in this post. From now on when someone comes around asking anything about DeHackEd, I'd like to have one simple spot that can answer literally any question they may have, and a variety of different guides from different people. I'll just continue editing this post as I find more. Right now all I've got are Enjay's tutorial and bonnie's, but I'm sure there are more out there for me to find.
  9. Doomkid

    blog: the door problem of combat design

    I mean, maybe the ideas in the article aren't revolutionary or new, but there is still room for articles which explain the basic science of level design to newbies and experienced designers alike. In my case, turning all this stuff over in my head again reminded me of some mapping possibilities I technically knew existed but often forget to employ. For newbies, this is an excellent launchpad into designing engaging encounters in your doom maps.
  10. Doomkid

    blog: the door problem of combat design

    Maybe this article does get a little more lofty than it needs to be but I think the information at the core of it is great. The easiest way to avoid this scenario in Doom, imo, is to create another (smaller) threat from behind the moment you alert the monsters around the corner. This forces situational awareness and makes the player pay attention to multiple points of attack at once. The "threat" from behind doesn't even have to be that threatening, just enough to make the player turn their head and focus on multiple points rather than backing away safely and boringly. Obviously if you do this exclusively it gets boring in itself, but it's always been my initial go-to for making the simple act of rounding a corner a lot less boring. I'd also like to add that the "door problem" (since that's what we're calling it) is actually awesome for teaching a player how a new variety of enemy works without putting them at much risk. This only really applies to mapsets that are adding custom monsters of course, but still, we can see this in action right past the very first door on E1M1! It's a super effective teaching method, as long as the halls and rooms are interesting enough to distract the player from the fact that it's all a setup, heh. This image cracked me up because it looks exactly like a setup in Rowdy Rudy's Revenge, map02. The main difference is that the orange wall on the left actually lowered once you walked beyond it, so that you could effectively be surrounded, making retreat back to the safe hallway a lot less likely (it's more effective simply circle strafe and kill everything at this point). I like the idea of using a powerup to lure the player into the middle (Rudy map02 used a red key) but then once the powerup is collected a few more enemies spawn, perhaps even one coming from the hallway of safety. Leashing enemies with platforms like he talks about later in the article is also effective but that is still a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, so that's one of those "use sparingly" type approaches imo. Great article, very interesting stuff!
  11. Stop right there, criminal scum! You violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence! Your stolen goods are now forfeit!
  12. Those little (may not distribute/modify) bits at the bottom of old text files are totally non binding, IIRC. By choosing not to modify those files you are simply doing a courtesy to the original author. I’m not 100% positive on that, but I remember reading it at some point.. I know for certain it applies to instances of modified graphics and sounds from Doom though, no modder has any legal right to hoard such resources. It’s all about courtesy. Damn, so where would that put games that run on the Doom engine but are not the continued adventures of Doomguy in the most literal sense? Things like Sonic Robo Blast, Megaman Doom etc? Stuff that does not require Doom assets? I know making such a distinction is pedantry to quite an absurd level but the wording in that ruling makes me wonder..
  13. Don’t worry, as long as DM starts are present to avoid crashes, that’s good enough. Of course if you decide you want to include one, that’s just an added bonus!
  14. Doomkid

    [GZDoom] Mini Doom - Released!

    This is so damn adorable, the itty bitty menu graphics and name of each map would be enough for a 5* from me, but the maps are genuinely good and feel like pure Doom romps despite using more advanced features with each one. You nailed the texturing and the gameplay was nice and comfortable. Good work with this one, Phobus.
  15. http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/?n=VisExp.Main You might find this a lot easier to work with Voltcom, I know I do! It easily seeks through the whole map and puts bright red spots where visplane crashes are caused. I don't mind if you pass the limit that causes visible HOMs, it just can't crash. I took the liberty of modifying your map slightly so that it runs in vanilla, just so you can compare the two in the editor. What I had to do was remove some gradient lighting and stairs, and a couple other very minor tweaks. The most irritating thing I had to do was delete the big tub of nukage which sucks because I like it, but I'm sure other more superfluous sectors can be removed to make room for it in the visplane count. Each time you make a new sector with a new height, flat, or light level, it creates a new 'plane'. In vanilla, you can only see a maximum of 128 planes at any time. Obviously, gradient lighting with a smooth transition looks way better, as seen in the original version of your exit room for example, but due to vanilla limits, stark lighting is sometimes necessary. There's also a hall of brown bricks where I merged a few stair sectors. Instead of many steps each going down 8 units at a time, i made it fewer steps going down 16 at a time (only in that one hall) to reduce planes. Merging sectors that are untagged that have similar properties is another good way to reduce your plane count. My edits are just to give you and idea of course - if you want to do it yourself or a different way that's totally fine. The reason you see really stark lighting changes and sector height changes in vanilla maps is that low plane limit. It's an adorable little map by the way, I'd love to have it as an early slot in the wad! https://doomshack.org/uploads/rudy2v2.zip its in slot 5 atm
  16. Doomkid

    top 5 most underrated doom wads?

    Most of the wads I played as a child are seemingly forgotten gems, with the exception of DoomCity which has been given it’s due love over the years. Ironically, it’s probably the one new Doomers would be least impressed with, but back in the day it was like a perfect template for what newbie authors “should” do - Clean minimalist design, easy but engaging encounters, classy but limited use of custom textures, a custom sky to give it a unique identity and even a cool custom MIDI, homemade no less. I couldn’t articulate it but even back then it really, really inspired me to get into level design. Hellrun for Doom 2 was my first ever slaughtermap, though perhaps it’s too tame to be called that today (I didn’t play Plutonia/Go2it til the 00s). I spent hours and hours and hours playing Hellrun as a kid and never got bored, for me it is the pinnacle of “replayable, interconnected, well-designed 90’s Doom maps”. If DoomCity is a great template for newbie mappers, Hellrun is the template for once you get comfortable with mapping. It still has pretty big balls considering it’s age, too - good luck when the unexpected wave of revenants and barons just decides to show up! Fun to be had! Area51 was the wad that introduced me to custom monsters! Even if they were just reskins, holy shit did they add to the experience. Storming that fenced-off base while the Mission Impossible theme plays and the troopers are shouting “There he is! Stop him!”.. Man, that’s the shit nostalgia is made of. People may scoff nowadays but this wad taught me the importance of setting, theme, story and “sense of purpose”. Despite having aged, Area51 provided me with this feeling that I was actually getting somewhere, actually doing something - It wasn’t just “generic techbase #1538”. Even today, the importance of purpose is overlooked in the vast majority of wads, yet that is a huge chunk of why so many Doomers recall Doom1 as a better game than Doom2 despite the fact that Doom2 is superior from a technical perspective (and gameplay perspective imo). The feeling that you’re working towards something keeps the player immersed even when the gameplay ain’t super hot! Bermuda starts the player off in a small crashed plane near the corpse of his buddy, it was a very memorable opening area to me, a cool way to pique the players interest. The map is largeish and has decent gameplay even though some parts are a little tedious. Perhaps it is just another wad in the wall, there’s no design philosophy case study I can make for this one - it simply is a super solid map that deserves to be remembered even though I’m apparently the only one who does. Deepatak is what comes out if you puke up all the most awesome elements of 90s mapping/modding into a blender. That’s not an insult! It’s kind of disgusting but hot damn this thing is fun! Idk if it can be called underrated, I know at some point it was sorta popular since it used to come with DeePsea so perhaps a lot of people have seen it, but it’s big, fun and easily worth your time. Also that What Is Love MIDI... just fucking 👌. Maybe the fact that it was a tad messy and kinda gross, yet very effective was supposed to be a representation of DeePsea itself. If that was the goal then it hit the mark, spot-on (yeah I went there!!) None of those get the love they deserve, but they all had an enormous impact on my wad designing approach, the inspiration is strong. In their own ways they made me extremely eager to get into wad building. I did have a few other wads as a kid - a deathmatch pack using Hexen textures that I’ve never been able to find again, a generic-but-good techbase where you look out a window at a tree, a shovelware megawad called Doomed 2 Die (dmd2die.wad) and for some strange reason Dwango5.wad, DROPDEAD.wad (with it’s badass texture of a marine caught in a big spiderweb right next to a mastermind) and another old forgotten DM wad called JFL18, even though I had no interest at all in DM til the 00s. I still liked those wads, but all of that stuff is either lost, appropriately forgotten, or overrated in the case of D5, bless it’s soul.
  17. Doomkid

    Your tale of Doom hubris

    Me in bygone years of modding: “Pffft, I don’t get why people trash talk XWE. It’s a great tool. Tremendous, in fact. Listen, I know Doom editors. I’ve known XWE for 15 years, terrific editor. Nobody knows Doom editors better than-“ *XWE magically erases every bit of data from the wad I’m working on instantly destroying several weeks of work* “XWE? I really don’t know too much about it. I know a lot of great mappers who have used it, and that seems like a long time ago, but I know it’s been a terrible lump manager. That’s all I can really tell you about it. That’s all I know about it.”
  18. I love River Styx and Metal is ok, otherwise I agree with Jaws in Space. Pharaoh isn’t remarkable by modern standards, but the atmosphere and music lend so much to it as an experience. It’s iconic.
  19. Japanese Community Project is a must-play. You’d probably like Mutiny and Chillax as well, they’re great blasts in cooperative.
  20. Holy crap, I never knew this -- thanks! I've been unnecessarily giving multiple frames in a row (with codepointers) durations of 1 in every dehacked mod I've made..
  21. Doomkid

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    meh, dwango4 map09 is still a better boat ...Just kidding of course, this looks absolutely phenomenal! I can't wait to explore it and maybe even have some big deathmatches there!
  22. I think Plutonia and TNT both would benefit from just being the 20 best maps. PSX Final Doom features cut-down versions of both, but they're a bit too cut down. There are some maps that just feel like filler in TNT and some maps that almost feel redundant in Plutonia.
  23. That's okay MFG, no pressure at all. If this project is still going when you're free again you're always welcome.
  24. I want to see a thread where only @seed, @Pegg , @Alper002 and @Ichor post. It would be a thing of beauty.





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  25. Doomkid

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    WOW how the fuck did I just now remember that everyone called it the toaster back in the mid 00's. I remember loving that name as a kid. I swear almost every Doomer called it that at one point but now I never hear it anymore. I'm kinda curious what people call every gun after this.. Is it a chaingun, machine gun, minigun or gatling gun? My dad always called it the gatling gun when I was little, not sure how he landed on that name.