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  1. Doomkid

    Doom: Annihilation update

    I agree with all 3 points you've made there. I also don't want you to think that entire text wall was directed solely at you, lol - I think you're raising totally valid points. Making it about "THE Doomguy", or assuming that there really even is "just one doomguy" may well deter a lot of Doomers for that same reason, using other marines while still telling a generally Doomy story could be a safer approach to avoid messing with canon. A lot of new fans seem to be obsessed with the Doomslayer though, pretty much solely for marketing reasons I think having there be "one doomslayer" would have the largest appeal. Not so much here, but elsewhere on the net, Doomslayer is practically worshipped, and a large number of players accept the theory that doom1, 2, 64 and 4 all share a common protagonist. You could have a Doom1 story disguised as a Doom4 backstory, so to speak. Civilization is another prime example of just not being a good slate to launch a film from, for much the same reason as SimCity, despite both being really awesome as games. The little essay above pretty much only pertains to games that have definitive settings, characters and motivations - Typically, platformers, FPS games or other action games. Sim-type games (Civ, SimCity, Rollercoaster Tycoon) and puzzle games definitely don't fit at all into the "basic springboard to launch a full-fledged story from" case that I was making for films based on action, adventure, fighting, RPG and FPS games.
  2. Doomkid

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    i call it blue balls slapped menacingly on a demon's face EDIT: i've called it the PALSMA rifle far too many times while typing, I think it's time to own it
  3. Doomkid

    Doom: Annihilation update

    This is getting more into a general discussion on approaches to filmmaking, but I find that to be a pretty interesting topic, so hopefully some of you do too.. You made a lot of good points Gez, but ultimately.. Nah, I gotta disagree. Great filmmakers and storytellers have done so much more with so much less material countless times before. Making the movie be "all about Doomguy" would be a mistake in my opinion, but what the 2005 film did was throw the title "DOOM" on a passable-but-generic sci-fi action flick and unfortunately the new film seems to be unfolding somewhat similarly. Hopefully I'm wrong, but if there IS a potential recipe for a good Doom film, that just isn't it. Taking away the name, I feel the 2005 film was actually unduly panned as a standalone product, it was pretty fun to watch and a budget was clearly there. One reason (although not the main reason) it sucked was because there was almost nothing in the way of game tie-ins or fanservice. I mean shit, why weren't the marines at least in Doomy looking armor? Why did the bfg shoot BLUE plasma? These were extremely easy brownie points to score that they just dropped the ball on, fuck knows how. At least they got Pinky right. Even as absolutely terrible as the Mortal Kombat movie was, at least it looked like Mortal Kombat, y'know? To me, despite being a big mark against it, this is actually not the worst sin the Doom movie committed. The biggest sin was that it had sweet fuck all to do with Doom. Again, the "no plot elements to work with, no character" argument to me is not only demonstrably wrong but unnecessarily limited from a creative perspective. There is SO MUCH ROOM to fill the world of Doom up with lore since the whole thing is so basic, but there's no need to reinvent the wheel and toss out what little plotline Doom has. Talented writers are able to take a 'mostly blank setting' and a 'mostly blank slate character with some basic character traits (refuses to kill innocent people, not much respect for authority) and spin it into something interesting. We can't find out some more about why the UAC are doing what they're doing? We can't find out why Doomguy's CO ordered him to fire upon civilians? We can't build a world that tells us anything about the various aspects of the world of DOOM? Doomguy's struggle for survival on the martian terrain going from base to base? Anything? I mentioned that video game films almost always get their tone wrong, but another important mistake too many of them make is this: They're given a basic world, only the fundamentals of the settings and characters are established, so there's plenty of room to write a story that somehow makes it all fit together while keeping the audience entertained. Yet, they all insist on throwing out what little IS there and just reinventing the wheel, so all the potential fanservice (aka the whole reason a video game film should even exist) is immediately destroyed and you just end up with some random film that just happens to share it's title with an existing game. Why even do it at all at that point? You could easily add a few other key outsider characters to give him motivation or to add plot elements if necessary. In the games Doomguy receives a transmission at least once informing him of where Earth's hostages are. Let's build on that, there are clearly others alive out there communicating with him, so you don't even have to do the oddly-narrow "Doomguy is literally the only character" approach. Why not give the Doomguy a little backstory? Why not make it so a childhood friend is one of those hostages, giving him some sort of true motivation? Or perhaps make it so that Daisy was given to him by his since-deceased sister or some shit, and so he really wants to get back and protect the only living being he truly cares about, but then he finds Daisy dead and this fuels his roided-out rampage for the final 10 minutes/climax of the film. Maybe this leads him to being so detached and ruthless, maybe this leads him to becoming stonehearted, maybe this leads to him resolving to literally live in Hell and transcend his very humanity for the sake of keeping innocent lives safe? I mean shit, is it just me or is there way more potential meat on this bone than you guys are giving it credit for? I mean I just thoughtlessly pulled those potential plotlines directly out of my ass and I already think there's way more there to build upon that just isn't being seen. I'm trying to expand on the existing elements, limited as they may be, rather than rewriting it all from scratch. Doomguy is there, the overall skeletal plot of the original Doom/Doom2 is there, expanded upon even, all the classic visual elements could make an appearance and make the fans go "woooh!!!" in the theater (which should be what a video game movie exists to do) like GREEN bfg balls, double-barrel shotguns, exploding barrels, green armor/the general appearance of the soldiers being similar to the game, the dead rabbit head, the city on fire.. I mean there are SO many iconic visual elements that would be dirt cheap to reproduce but would still please general Doom fans! They'd have some "Hey, I recognize that!" moments, which in my estimation are absolutely crucial to videogame films. There are several action-comedies out there that, despite not being video game based films, provide a great example for what a video game based film aught to be like. Kung Fury provides a great example on the more absurdist end of the spectrum, but Zombieland also comes to mind. Zombieland is so similar to Doom in terms of story content when we throw out all the little details: Some average people are left alive but almost everyone is dead, they have to fight and explore for survival, but there's a ton of zombies out that what's gonna kill em good. The Doom story is: A soldier is left alive but almost everyone is dead, he will have to fight and explore for survival, but there's a ton of demons out there what's gonna kill him good. My point is, when you have a very basic premise, you can somewhat easily expand upon it and turn it into something interesting without contradicting (or ignoring) the basic elements of that world that are already in place. When people say videogame films are always bad because there "just isn't enough to work with", I never buy that ultra-lazy answer. A big reason they're usually crap is because they pointlessly change basic, fundamental aspects of the world that the game has already established even though that's entirely unnecessary to do when you have a virtually blank slate anyway; the filmmakers also always seem to forget that the only logical reason to ever make a videogame-based movie in the first place is to please fans of said videogame. I mean seriously, why the hell else would you even do it? Throw some damn familiar visuals from the game in there FFS! Again I'll point to Mortal Kombat at least getting the visuals right. To me it's sad that MK is about the only videogame film I've ever seen to get the visuals right... and even then that's pretty much the only thing it has going for it. I swear I can envision a multitude of different Doom based films that actually work, just on the basic level of being an entertaining romp that pleases most fans. The fact that so many videogame films are awful has convinced the world, wrongfully, that it is an impossible goal to achieve. The blame never seems to be laid at the feet of the directors and writers who took some basic characters and a basic world and spun it into trash rather than gold. Why is it always the game's "fault" for somehow having an inferior idea-quotient? Sure that argument might fly for a game like Pong or Tetris, but not much else. Wouldn't providing settings, props, basic themes, basic storylines and basic characters - which almost every video game has - to good writers surely result in something.. You know.. Good? Of course it would, we've seen it before. I feel like the blame has been mistakenly placed upon the games themselves (and by proxy the devs) rather than the creatively stunted/limited writers who are incapable of creating cohesive, interesting story trajectories using those basic elements. Thus concludes my sloppy dissertation on everyone seeming to misunderstand why literally no videogame movies have ever been good. It's all for fun and entertainment, but I think about this kind of stuff a lot, so you can see why I roll my eyes at people saying "FILM IS BAD BECAUSE WOMEN" or "FILM IS BAD BECAUSE GAME". Both takes are just so... lazy.
  4. I’m not sure if you’re being serious, it’s hard to read tone in posts sometimes.. but, if you are, I never felt like AVGN reviews were “negative for the sake of being negative”, it’s more like he gives his honest opinion while saying things like BUFFALO DIARRHOEA FUCK as often as possible - which is juvenile as fuck, and I love it. I never get the feeling he lies though for lulz sake, he almost always mentions the positives when there are positives to mention. At least, that’s how he’s been since I started watching in 2011 or something. His oldest videos were a bit dated for me.. but just from watching his stuff regularly he actually seems like one of the kindest popular people on YT (big ramble as a result of me possibly misunderstanding your post)
  5. Plutonia 3 is the way to go, best in the series by a mile
  6. At this stage slots aren’t set yet, but if you’d like to claim a certain spot that’s totally fine! Once a few more layouts start forming, I think it’ll be best to try and order them at that time, since it often changes anyway based on how hard different submissions are compared to eachother. I’ve done the “fixed slot” style submissions before and it’s definitely the norm, but with Doomed in Space it underwent so many modifications and rearrangements that the maps barely ended up where they were originally planned to in the progression, so I’m not too worried about that aspect for now
  7. No, you’re right, if you aren’t sure what to do with your maps visually they can give some ideas, they also provide a look at the new enemy functionality, but there’s a good chance they’ll be changed around substantially before release. Still though, I welcome notes on them, that way I have a better idea of what to change!
  8. Doomkid

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Ok so I made a vid like 5 months ago where I was baffled by all the stupid reactions and I could put that exact same video out now and it would still be just as topical rofl. People are being way WAY too harsh on a videogame B movie which makes 0 sense as a good videogame movie has literally never been made (king of kong aside). But then because people are shitting on it way too hard, others are defending it way too hard to the point of excuse making, lmfao it’s the perfect metaphor for how pretty much all public discourse goes down these days. I love it. Anyways, even tho I’m expecting crap that’s ok because I LIKE crap. Rowdy Roddy Piper was in some of the best films of all times ffs but people keep telling me they’re shit!! The whole “the squad Doomguy was travelling with goes in and gets fucked up” angle would be awesome, if that’s what they’re doing it will be a super cool layer that I’ll appreciate. I gotta dispute Ling’s claim that Doomguy was just eating a sandwich while all the shit went down though! Doomguy was made to stay outside because the only reason he was even there is that he assaulted a superior officer. It’s common to be given the shitty/lame jobs when you’re under penalty in a military-like organisation. IIRC they thought the mission was gonna be kinda easy so they made the guy in the proverbial dunce cap (doomguy) sit outside and do the boring job of keeping an eye on the entrance. I also gotta contest the claim that Doomguy is not iconic. I’ll meet you at “doesn’t have much character, is meant to be a blank slate for players to easily fill”, because that’s simply a statement of fact. But, his appearance is pretty damn iconic, at least to me - I mean it had to be right? Halo straight up jacked the character design, obviously SOME people thought it was pretty damn cool or iconic or whatever we wanna call it. He gets angry enough to brutally assault a superior officer when told to fire on civilians. Most people wouldn’t have the nuts to even speak out of line when they’re a small military pawn, much less straight up beat the shit out of a CO. So there’s some character development. He gets ultra pissed that his pet rabbit was murdered - not exactly Shakespeare but “having a pet and being heartbroken that it died” literally requires character and emotion, even if only the most basic sense of it. He also isn’t a fan of destruction, at least when he’s still a normal human during Doom2. He literally says to himself that rebuilding Earth is going to be a lot more enjoyable than destroying it was. Now, of course, this was before he was entombed in hell between D64 and D4, but the point still stands. I know it’s only crumbs, but the skeletal structure for a potentially interesting story is there already, as well as some super iconic imagery (cacodemons, doomguy’s armor, unnatural amounts of blue carpet indoors, etc etc). Where the heck is the damn movie about Average Joe Military man with a heart of gold who beats up his CO, saves Earth, gets all emotionally fucked up about losing his only loved one (his pet) then literally decides to live in hell to keep Earth saved, but gets trapped in a tomb by the demons, leaving the door wide open to a sequel that will never come!? I mean fuck, take that premise, add in a couple good actors and some snappy dialogue but also some emotional bits to “humanize” Doomguy all while remembering that it’s a cheesy action flick that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Add plenty of ultra violent slapstick (exploded corpses running down stairs and stuff) and you got yourself enough material for an “actual” Doom movie. FFS I typed this summary up in 10 minutes, why is there not a single author or director who wants to tell the “real” damn DOOM story?! Thats the thing the books, the original movie, and (based off the previews) the new movie all totally miss.. The tone! Read that story text, read those ENDOOM screens, send an imp through a window with a rocket then go pick up a big floating blue head and tell me about how this is a game that takes itself super seriously 😂 I mean FFS, the new game pushed the series even further into the ultraviolent slapstick realm!! How is a movie with a bunch of humorless grumps running around in SWAT gear reflective of that?! The 2005 film did that stupid shit and this one is following suit. W H Y With all that said, the people who think this is bad “because women” are dumb. Any small person holding what looks like a 60 pound gun is going to look dumb, stop saying it looks dumb because “a woman is holding it”, that’s just stupid beyond belief, lol. Women are sometimes in the military, sorry to burst yer hyper masculine bubbles. It’s not the fact that there are females in the lead role that is the problem!
  9. Gokuma’s return was the boon the doom community needed, I swear there’s a 50% chance of me laughing my ass off when you post. I knew it was gonna be the case ever since that Barfthesda thread a few weeks back 

  10. Doomkid

    32in24 - Best of DM Pack

    Did you guys give up on this or did Decay kill it with 1 sentence just like he did to the Zandronum community?!?!
  11. I was looking at this thread going "wtf, i swear all the comments were different yesterday". I r dumb
  12. Doomkid

    What's everyone's opinion of SLADE?

    Man I freaking love SLADE for the most part. Converting stupid old MUS files into MIDI with ease, converting GIFs or PNGs to Doom's native sprite format, easily moving lumps between WADs.. All this shit that used to require me to draw a big pentagram on my floor in goats blood, learn an ancient chant and summon some mythical demon of Doom modding.. now I can just do it in a matter of clicks. The UI and general functionality is similar enough to XWE so that making the switch wasn't too hard. The only thing I still use XWE for is exporting sprites/patches as BMPs. SLADE seems to be limited to Doom's image format or PNG. Since everyone seems to use PNG these days, I assume I'm the only one on the planet who cares, so I haven't bothered requesting it. XWE also has rudimentary ENDOOM editing capabilities, but there are better ENDOOM/ASCII editors out there. It's pointless nowadays, but XWE also acts as a frontend for MIDI2MUS and MUS2MID, but between SLADE and Midi3Mus, that feature is entirely depreciated. So uh yeah, SLADE is great. IDK how it is for mapping, I use the Doom Builder family for that, but it is the best lump manager for Doom ever made, bar none.
  13. Doomkid

    Change music when you see an enemy

    Hmm, I know you can have the music change when you cross a certain line, or you can have a music change based on a timer.. It looks like Xeotroid maybe got this working over at ZDoom? https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=50023 this also looks to have some info on dynamic battle music: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=60690
  14. Doomkid

    Chasecam in zandronum?

    Try typing 'chase 1' in the console, that works for me
  15. Doomkid

    Any good Doom MegaWads?

    https://doomshack.org/~doomkid/DOOMWADS.zip Are you a bad enough dude to handle ~450 megabytes of vanilla DOOM action?! (No trash was included by the way, everything here is at least decent!)
  16. Yep! A few more things may be added, but nothing will be taken away, so you can use anything present without worry.
  17. I'd be happy to have you on board Mr.Rocket!
  18. Ahhh I hear you - I’ll find something that matches those textures. I like that screenshot, it doesn’t have to be ultra strict about following the theme so that’s no problem.
  19. Damn.. I have a 30 minute video tutorial uploading to youtube as I type this, but its taking FOREVER because my net is garbage. It's only 3 gigs, it's been going for at least 3 hours, and is only at 35%.... but, when it finishes (some time tomorrow at this rate) hopefully it will make DeHackEd editing/loading patches using dosbox/all that shit somewhat clear, so more people can get into it. EDIT: Oh, and it's pretty vital that you use WhackEd4 ( http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/ ) to actually make your .DEH patch since its like 999x easier than doing it with Dehacked.exe in DosBox.
  20. Doomkid

    let's stop calling them "things"

    LOL I love thinking of all the baddies in Doom (and the Doomguy) as actors! Whenever you pause that’s a break in recording where all the imps go off stage for a minute to have a cigarette
  21. When you talk about the planet being on fire, do you mean in Doom or in real life? I think a Doom mod based on the growing economic disparity we see in America is what this world needs. Doomguy is gonna rip and tear our socioeconomic worries a new one!!!! edit: since most people are interpreting this as being about map titles specifically, I’ll echo Bauul, most titles seem to be abstract these days, but that’s a good thing. I missed the word “called” in the op and strangely that (arguably) changed the entire meaning of the post, I thought it was like “why the fuck is Doomguy running around generic tech bases while we have serious shit going down”, lol
  22. Doomkid

    let's stop calling them "things"

    Yep, I always call them actors. “Things” is a dumb word for them, since “things” can either be living enemies or inanimate objects, it feels weird to call an imp a “thing”. I remember finding it a strange choice of word when I first got into DeHackEd modding.
  23. Doomkid

    Angry Video Game Nerd: Chex Quest

    This is the most glowing review I’ve ever seen from AVGN. Great episode and glad to hear him mention that there’s loads of mods out there!
  24. Thanks for that link, Doom_Dude, I’ll put it in the OP. Pegleg, I’ve sorta left it open to interpretation, but I would like to see a combo of nature and tech preferably, but it’s certainly not mandatory.
  25. Actually, that was a total accident the first time - I didn't intend to have them that way, it was a mistake in my DeHackEd patch. It's fixed in this one!