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Status Updates posted by Doomkid

  1. Looking thorough some old Zappa websites and came across a photo.. I knew I'd seen that face somewhere before, then it hit me:


    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt


      Classic, man

  2. I wonder if you'll ever return, you just vanished one day!

  3. Hey THT, just wanted you to know your old acc is still active on here:




    If you're having trouble logging in (or it's because of that custom title) speak to Linguica, I'm sure he will assist you in getting your old account/posts back. He's helped me and many others with similar things in the past (or else I'd still be rocking a 2008 reg date!)

    1. THT


      Thanks for the heads-up! I figured one of the originals might be able to help. It doesn't bother me too much but maybe I'll take the approach. Thanks again for the advice!

  4. I only just saw your "Doom as an art scene" (mini) speech for the first time today. I love it, it perfectly states so many things about the Doom scene that are often unconsidered by most. As one of the many thousands of people out there who are seriously passionate about the game, modding it, it's community, both single player and multiplayer, I found it pretty impactful and heartfelt, and listening to it just flat out made me feel good. Just have to leave you a little compliment letting you know!

  5. quasar.png.1351a46fb7155efdd8d1471ebe382c5b.png

    Aspect ratio corrected for the new forum software! For some reason the "oval" shape to the fish when it's stretched has been bothering me..

    1. Doomkid


      It somehow got blurred when I saved it, here's a non-blurred version:


  6. you couldn't care less 'cos you only care about who to blame for how your angry, resentful little lives turned out.

    eat your tribalist bullshit and die, 'cos you're the biggest fucking problem in this country right now.

    hatred has reduced you to a screaming infant.

    the police show up, and you don't leave, you get your ass kicked

    The cops pelting these morons with tear gas are doing their jobs.

    nevermind the statistics showing black are more likely to be killed by other blacks than by cops

    this has nothing to do with Floyd at all

    Watch Tim Pool's videos

    you're part of the fucking problem

    police shootings in recent years were undeservedly reported as race killings

    I actually, truly hope you get shot. Don't care if we've been friends on the forums in the past. Don't care if it's a bean bag, rubber bullet, or live ammo. You make me physically ill, and the world is better off without your toxic presence.

    The kindest, sweetest, most well informed things I've read in quite a while ❤️ love u 2 bby xxx

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    2. Doomkid


      All of the racists spreading anti-Chinese shit in the wake of COVID-19 was extremely disappointing.. I've known a handful of Chinese people online and (shock and awe) they're completely normal human beings, just like everyone else, not deserving of fear or judgement just because of things that are completely out of their power, such as things the government does, diseases spreading, or anything else that isn't the common Chinese person's fault.


      It's more of that mental laziness though, painting all people from China with a broad brush is just easier for some people, even though it's so callous and old-world..

    3. Misty


      It might be not related, but I feel that people should try keep their critical thinking and cool during harsh times like this one. I tend to look at the both sides from various sources((not only because, I started study politics this year, heh)), do my own research to see how everything goes here. Sadly, it always leads to conclusion, that some really rich uncles benefit the most from social chaos, not your everyday people, who just want to live undisturbed and peacefully. I hate violence and that fact "divide and conquer" still exists in this age. In the end, we are all connected, regardless our differences and views, even if we refuse to see it.

      Once again, I'm sorry if it doesn't fit this conversation. 

    4. seed


      Divide and conquer unfortunately still works so well because nowadays manipulation is still present, if perhaps not more than ever with all the news outlets and channels trying to push in one direction or another, and the fact that the differences between the classes have gotten only bigger and bigger as time went on. The rich got even richer, and the poor got poorer, for such is this shitty system we're living in, built in such a way that we end up eating each other for often smaller things, while the rich sit down and laugh at us and the chaos the poor are causing, ultimately benefiting no-one - guess who's gonna pay for all the damage (hint: definitely not them, but still us).

  7. There's a void where your posts used to be

    1. Doom_Dude


      What Doomkid said.

  8. Political post incoming.


    I lean pretty far to the left when it comes to politics. Why then am I looking forward to Trump absolutely wiping the floor with Biden when the debates come around? I shouldn’t be eagerly awaiting that guaranteed mix of hearty laughs and soul-crushing facepalms, but I kind of am.. 


    I guess the main reason is because the Democratic Party is so overbloated and festering with corruption. Their attempts to subvert the will of the people using the old “wolf in sheep’s clothing” method is just so much more disgusting than owning what they are, as the Republican Party does.


    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I disagree with most Republican positions, but the “Party Democrats” or “Corporate Dems” or whatever you want to call them actually want the same policies as the right wing: super low corporate tax rate, ultra high military budget, old-world stance on most social issues, no mind paid to worker’s rights, etc - The big difference is that they lie to your face about how they actually want it. To me that is just so disgusting compared to being open about your stances, no matter what they may be.


    The worst part is that these wolves use social issues and wedge issues to get support from low-information voters. They pay the most barebones of lip service to minority issues and things of that nature, with no intent to actually change things of course. Ostensibly left-leaning people just lap it up without question because they have the memory of a goldfish. It would be so great to see actual progress when it comes to social issues, but if you think the corporate “left” cares about that - yer crazy.


    It would be so awesome if politics wasn’t purely decided by cash flow in the US. Then again I guess that would fundamentally not make it the US anymore. I’d love to see a legitimate left-wing party back home. The funny thing is, here in Australia, we actually do have smaller parties with at least some sway. We have the “mainstream” boring left-wing party (labour) and the boring right-wing party (liberal.. that’s right, liberal is right-wing here. Just to confuse everyone). However, we also have the more progressive party: the Greens, and there’s also a further-right party than the liberals (I think they’re called the “I hate immigrants” party or something).


    Even though these more minor parties are unlikely to win - not to mention being pretty extreme on some issues - it’s nice to have a mix of parties which you can vote for to represent you. We also have preferential voting. Also there’s no electoral college bullshit. Hell, It’s almost like a democracy or something.. The US really should try that out some time. It’s not perfect, but it’s a helluva lot better than overt plutocracy.


    Anyway, I’m just rambling at this point. In all honesty, what I’d really like to see is for the will of the people to be heard (literally all of Bernie’s positions poll well with Americans, from healthcare to education to criminal reform to social issues...) but since that will never happen, I’m looking forward to laughing at the big joke known as American politics boiled down to it’s purest form - two dementia-addled, corrupt, rich, old, out-of-touch, whitebread, socially conservative piece-of-shit losers arguing in a political pageant which means nothing and wherein the corporations always win at the expense of the common man. And let’s just be realistic here: Trump is a way better stage man with way better presence and comedic timing than Biden’s barely-sentient corpse. It’s going to be a fucking steamroller..


    You have to laugh at it, because if it doesn’t make you laugh it’ll make you cry!

  9. That avatar is the stuff of nightmares. I like it!

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    2. Lüt


      Jeez, I remember finding that one for the first time back in the day.


      A nightmare I'd long forgotten.


      Even the movie's first design wasn't that scary :o

    3. Solmyr


      I'm sorry for reviving a long dead nightmare fuel from your childhood, but what was SEGA of America thinking when they made the boss and game over tracks for the US release of the game, those sound so out of place and creepy in comparison with the rest of the soundtrack.

    4. Lüt


      I never thought about the music very much, tbh. At that point, I was in the phase of accepting whatever the big game publishers put out as "normal," so that just became what I associated with "Sonic boss/game over music." I only found out in recent years that the original JP release had different music, and that the PCM music for the past zones still used those original compositions. Now it's obvious why those tracks were so thematically dissimilar. But at the same time, I like most of Nilsen's music for the main maps, so I'm glad we got two variations to pick from.

  10. Cyber Hitler cracked me up! I absolutely love that edit 

    1. Big Ol Billy

      Big Ol Billy

      Full rotations will be on display in the upcoming DBP21 XD

  11. Hope you're doing okay MrRocket, let us know when you're back online!

  12. Your avatar brings joy to the masses!

  13. Sorry I’ve been awol the last couple days, anyone who has tried to contact me. Southeast Australia is still burning away, even after our shitfuck Prime Minister was pressured into coming back home from Hawaii.


    Had no power for about 2 days and it’s still spotty as is internet connectivity. I hope things are going to calm down but it’s been like this since November really so who can say. I just wish to breathe air that isn’t 50% smoke again. It’s not like I can leave either as all 3 highways outta here are closed off. It blows asshole.68E0359E-060A-4D3B-A17A-A15695324AD2.png.1404d8950c9f7fc4d84d8258619a72c8.png

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    2. Doomkid


      Don’t worry, we’re prepared to keep dealing with it and we’ll stay safe. Thankfully we’re not in an area where there’s mandatory evacuation - the fires have formed a big circle but pretty much dodged my exact area on the map by a few miles. I hope it gets better.


      All the dark area is fire. I live pretty much right between South Durras and Batemans Bay. All the stuff is ready to throw in the car and go down to the waterfront worst case.


      Also lol @nuedon’t feel like an asshole, it is pretty in its own way. Just harder to appreciate the beauty with all the bullshit going on. I’m so lucky I’m not in the areas that are pretty much ruins at this point 😔

    3. SOSU


      Damn this looks crazy!

      I hope you and your family and friends are gonna be alright! (Plus everyone else)

    4. Doom_Dude


      Stay safe DoomKid. I've had to deal with power outages that last for days and hurricanes but never fire and smoke, that's another level of scary.

  14. I have been fantasizing about a stress ball that looks exactly like that cute little Caco avatar for several years now.. The fact that Bethesda hasn't made it yet is criminal. They need to hire me when it comes to merchandise opportunities because they're missing a lot of them.

  15. Oh wow, I had no idea this dude left the community in a fit of shame. What an unfortunate ending. It's not often I learn about Doomworld events outside of Doomworld. This is what I get for never paying attention to anything..

    1. Fairweather


      That was an amazing video, and such a good insight to legendary posts like that one.

    2. Bashe


      A shame, but also a sigh of relief for me, knowing his tyranny at the top of the Ironman scoreboards was over


    3. CleaverHeaver
  16. Quote

    I want diminishing lighting.
    I want vertical recoil
    I want full 1920x1080, instead of the 4:3 that Crispy Doom has.
    I want the projected crosshair, or as I like to think of it, the laser sight. Crispy Doom is the only one so far that has the projected crosshair that also locks on to enemies to show you where the auto-aim is pointing.

    Damn, Crispy has a lot of features I didn't even know about. As far as I'm aware, no other ports have crosshairs that lock on, they're all completely stationary and unchanging. Vertical recoil is possible in ZDoom-family ports, but it requires modding, I don't think it's a built in option.


    I think Crispy Doom is going to be the only port that has you covered on each of those points, it has everything but the widescreen support. Considering that the port is clearly going well beyond classic vanilla limits, perhaps Fabian would be open to including a toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 in some future build. I don't want to derail the original thread so I decided to respond here, but it couldn't hurt to send Fabian a message / asking him about the possibility of implementing it.

  17. I tried your password and it didn’t work you damn liar

  18. Hi Phileosophos, I was just wondering if you have a link to that MUS2MID source by chance? That would be great.


    At some stage, I would love to see the WadAuthor source as well. No rush of course - I just have this pipe dream about a “best of both worlds” editor that essentially combines the functionality and UI of my two favourite mapping tools (the other being Doom Builder). Cheers!

  19. I really like DEMIN.MID, it's awesome!

    1. yakfak


      glad you liked it!
      you can always use my midis if yr in a mapping mood

  20. I want to see a thread where only @seed, @Pegg , @Alper002 and @Ichor post. It would be a thing of beauty.





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    2. Alper002


      My profile picture meant to be a swamp lich, but you couldn't have known that since it doesn't actually exist in any mod for anything.

    3. seed


      We are everywhere really. Soon, you will be assimilated.

    4. Marlamir


      Offtopic but realy cool avatar Doomkid

  21. Gokuma’s return was the boon the doom community needed, I swear there’s a 50% chance of me laughing my ass off when you post. I knew it was gonna be the case ever since that Barfthesda thread a few weeks back 

  22. Anyone else think “Ramming the Ramparts” would make a great name for a castle map? You could probably make a great wad based off Trump’s word salad over the years, or at least find some great map titles.

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    2. Megalyth
    3. SOSU


      I'd just make the wall a map but you can do whatever you want :)

    4. NeedHealth


      It' an okay alliteration.

  23. My life has been pretty whack recently.


    Went through a big breakup almost 2 months ago and had to find a new place to live in a pinch, so I begrudgingly left my old job which I enjoyed..


    I’m just about fully moved into my current place after months of slumming it with friends, but about a week ago I got extremely sick, a horrible infection in my gums and both ear canals that has them swollen to the point of severe pain. Due to the swelling I am almost completely deaf at the moment as well - hopefully I’ll be able to hear again once this is over. Being hospitalised sucks ass.


    I’m so thankful for modern medicine and painkillers. While I’m drugged I can function enough to read Doomworld and browse around on my phone and torture/amuse myself with Twitter and YouTube and stuff (thank fuck for closed captions). I can’t wait til

    this is over though, when the drugs wear off the pain is so intense that it has me in tears. It’s been this way for about a week now.


    I just can’t wait for this to be over. The pain is worse than any other pain I’ve felt in my life, I can only describe it as feeling like my head is literally about to explode from being overinflated.


    My parents have been so helpful and I’m really lucky to have them nearby for this - if it had struck just a bit earlier while I was in Melbourne, I’d be dealing with this all on my own!


    Sorry for the whiny, sappy post. I’m just not used to this extreme level of pain. When the drugs wear off it’s absolute hell. I just can’t wait for this to be over.. if it was possible I’d give anything to make it stop. At the peak of pain I was bawling uncontrollably and seriously considered ending it all just for some reprieve. I’ve felt down emotionally before, but I’ve never experienced physical suffering to this level and have a new appreciation for those who experience chronic pain.


    When I get through this I will never view my life the same way. I’ll have an appreciation for just feeling normal that I’ve never had before. I think the first thing I’ll do once I’m able is walk on the beach and listen to the ocean. All I can hear right now is white noise and it’s seriously wearing on my sanity.


    Just wanted to post this for those who have been wondering why I haven’t been in discord or in any game servers lately. I desperately wish I could be. Wish me luck, people - I really need it now more than ever before. Thanks for reading this.



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    2. KVELLER


      D: I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel to go through that, but I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get well soon!

    3. Doomkid


      I'm feeling so much better than I was before - should be fully recovered by this weekend. Thanks again all!

    4. CyberDreams


      I know it's late but i just wanted to say that i'm glad you got over w/e this was. I've been dealing with some type of chronic pain for about 8 months now and it has completely changed the way that i currently live my life and i wouldn't wish it upon anybody so i know what you went through in a way. I might possibly even have to drive to a different state to go a clinic to figure out what's causing all the pain (the Mayo Clinic). It depends if they accept me or not. But anyways, you seem like a really cool dude (from reading your posts and whatnot) and i just wanted to say that i'm glad you got over what you had and maybe when i'm finally feeling better we can play some deathmatch or something :) (i'm a total noob though).