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Status Updates posted by Doomkid

  1. Dude please cool it just a little with the posting, lol. Try to save it for topics you have at least 3 sentences worth of thoughts on, as a rule of thumb. Just a friendly notice, it’s not a big deal.

    1. ZOMILE


      Ill take note 



      im  finna hit forum staple role in a week

    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      chad reputation point farmers vs un-chad post count inflators

    3. ZOMILE


      lol true

  2. Apologies for not getting back to your MIDI message sooner, have you found the answers you were looking for? Feel free to shoot me (or any other oldies who might be a little more active at the moment) a message again if you’re still needing some help, might take me a bit but I will get back to you!

    1. Soll


      hey doomkid, glad to see you return! I just messaged you now, hope to hear back from you soon!

  3. I’ve got a roof over my head, a comfortable bed, a family I love, good friends, and plenty of fun games.. guitars I love to play, that kind of stuff. I’m an extremely lucky individual who should be nothing but grateful (and I surely am grateful). I shouldn’t feel low and shitty. I should feel fine. So why don’t I?

    The knowledge that others out there have it harder than I do is no consolation at all, it just makes me wish that life would cut them a break. My misery doesn’t want company, it’s just a feeling I want us all to be free from. I guess you need the bad for the good to mean anything. Or something like that anyway.


    I’ve got PMs and discord messages backed up out the ass, I’m sorry for not responding to all of them sooner. I absolutely intend to. Just want to feel a little better before I do. Sorry for dragging my feet, seriously. I don’t want anyone to feel negative reading this, everything is gonna be alright for me and I want people to enjoy their time here, not get depressed by it. I just feel too low to do things with the care I’d prefer to, right now anyway. I’m just waiting til I can do the things I need to do/that people want me to do with the right energy and state of mind.


    I hope anyone who reads this has a good day. Life is worth living and worth enjoying, there’s just times where that fact becomes harder to see. The important thing is to not give up, and remember that taking a little time to cool off is not at all the same as throwing in the towel.

    ..Does this post still make sense by now? Did it ever make sense? Does it matter if it makes sense? Well anyway, I really hope you’re doing ok and if you’re not, just try to stay strong. I know it’s hard to do sometimes. Some days, or sometimes some weeks are just shittier than others. I’m hoping it’s just been one of those weeks. I’m eager for new frontiers and a new state of mind..

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    2. obake


      Thank you for all you do, Doomkid. You are not only a great friend, but an important person, with wonderful talent. I too have been depressed. Rest easy, and know that the community is with you, always.

    3. Doomkid


      I feel a bit better than I did when I wrote all this.. Thank you all so much for the kind words and support. This community is so much better than the internet at large claims it is..

    4. prfunky


      /me wonders why the internet at large claims we're not better than them...


  4. Hope you're doing ok! Been a while since you checked in

    1. xX_Lol6_Xx


      Hey there!


      Just had some issues with my machine.  But everything been resolved :-)

    2. xX_Lol6_Xx


      Also, I just started college so I hadn't have much free time, you know homework and such.

    3. Doomkid


      Ahh, I see. Just had to check you're alright!

  5. gZL9pm9.pngKCMJF76.png3oVFAXm.pngmWVTyQy.pngq4VdPEr.pngIm81nht.pngXTevJzY.pngo83IN3R.png9XSu7MV.pngGfGhzeu.pngZ9uVOTU.pngWLYVjSV.pngGtLOVRC.png



    1. Xyzzy01


      What in the-


      Galaxolotl 🌌

  6. My little kitten died just over 12 hours ago. I miss that little purr so much already. It’s crazy how fast 13 years has gone by.. RIP my small furry friend.



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    2. Dreemurr Deceevurr

      Dreemurr Deceevurr

      Truly sorry to hear this. May she rest peacefully.

    3. Dusty_Rhodes


      Oh man, I got two great little cats myself. Really sorry to hear it mate.

    4. Zylinderkatze


      Rest in Piece litte fluff <3 My heart goes out to you Doomkid.

  7. If you want your old email, just ask! (In a PM if you prefer that)

  8. Man, for some reason I really miss the little Newgrounds tank guy in your avatar. I hadn't seen him in eons!

    1. Hitboi


      I got tired of seeing it, although I'm still active (not completely) on Newgrounds and also he comes from this cool official NG wallpaper. I kinda wished that Doomworld brings back the default DW avatars because I just find the one-letter colored box Google avatars to be not fitting for this website (even though I can just download a default avatar from some old user and then set it as my avatar).

      Also, I like how you switch between multiple Frank Zappa avatars, which shows that you are a fan but that's also mesmerizing to point where I sometimes almost interpet you as the actual Frank Zappa :P

  9. The burning question: do I say "Sneezy" or "GlassFace" from here on out... I was so used to Hrnek!

    1. Sneezy McGlassFace

      Sneezy McGlassFace

      I knew it'll cause confusion! 😅 Let's stick with Sneezy. I changed it because people were having trouble with the pronunciation, which is legit. Uncle Biodegradable came up with Sneezy McGlassFace and it's so hilariously dumb I had to use it

  10. Yes, you finally replaced the pixelated Nixon! I actually made a non-pixelated version of your old avatar, but I don’t know if you ever received it.

  11. Hey bud - are you doing ok? Your last post was a bit worrying, hope you’re not in a bad way..

  12. Every time I see your profile, I crack my ass up that your avatar is the “aaaand it’s GONE” guy from South Park. It’s such a random but incredibly funny choice!

    1. MikeyScoots


      Because your money, its gone. 

  13. I like the GIF avatar!

    1. Biodegradable


      Thanks dude! :^)

    2. Smoothandz


      Second that. New avatar looks awesome! Also, really diggin your HUD avatar in the last couple of playthroughs.

  14. Hey DrJordo, I just have to ask - Did you used to go by Jordo Badfingers back in the day, or is it a coincidence?

    1. DrJordo


      Nope, that's not me

  15. Woah, someone turned my face your face into a HUD! :o is there a playable version?

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    2. Jimmy


      Haha yeah it's fab. I have a WAD version here that @Korp put together.

      Fullcolor version

      Paletted version (edited by me)

    3. Jimmy


      It really does also look like you. I think we're each other's spirit animals or something.

    4. Biodegradable


      Adorable hairy Doom lads unite!

  16. Ever since you changed your username, I haven't been able to stop picturing this, so I had to make it a reality:



    1. NoisyVelvet



      I've actually never had Baja Blast, but I wanna pick some of this derivatively-branded drink up.  Not sure where to find it though.  Gonna have to look around.  Does it taste like margaritas?  I hope so.

  17. Your avatar is incredible, I just had to say it!

    1. Brutal Lad

      Brutal Lad

      Thanks man ! :)
      Your videos are incredible too ! 

  18. Hey HD, I’ll be changing the rules on the Doomshack Dwango server to disallow votekicking. This should allow you to play without any BS.


    I think it’s also possible to start a Dwango server on TSPG with votekicking disabled, No need to pay any money!

    1. HDrambo


      I LOVE you man and every other Zandronum! Will be playing ALOT more when I retire soon! SHABASH!



    2. HDrambo


      Tried uploading ALLWADS94...too big :(


    3. HDrambo


      I cant run the new alpha to play on TSPG servers so even if unbanned cant play! This sucks! Love ya man stay safe and healthy!

  19. I admit it - I wasn’t expecting it. But still, Frank makes a damn good avatar!

    1. Dark Pulse

      Dark Pulse

      I had to make sure I got one of him having a shit-eating grin. (I wanted a wink but that was a bit harder to find, the only one I could basically looped like ass and cut off right AT the wink.)


      Thank you for the birthday present (which was the actual, stealthy reason I did this change); enjoy it while it lasts, as I'm not going to keep it around to avoid people getting actually confused if they don't read who actually made the post. :)

  20. I used to be a mod of the Multiplayer section only, but now it’s global, so that’s cool 😎 


    (this won’t be noticeable at all really, just popping it in this status update for transparency)

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    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Doomkid has evolved!

      Doomkid has become Doomadult!


      In all seriousness,  you are Doomworld's best role model. You make this forum a better place.

    3. Astronomical


      I am surprised to find out you weren’t a full moderator to begin with. Congratulations. 

    4. 1Destro3456


      Really nice to see your name here



  21. YO, you should come back, I remember when you were still Agent6!

    1. Paf


      What happened?

  22. You're a cool user, hope you come back some time CyberDreams!

    1. CyberDreams


      Thanks Doomkid, I appreciated reading that. You're cool to!

  23. I dunno if you’ll ever visit DW again, but Dwango6 Map01 (w00p) is a timeless classic. Thanks for the hours upon hours of fun frags

  24. Hey WadArchive, I had a link for a "discs" section on your site that now 404s. Is there still a listing of discs somewhere, or did you have to scrap it for some reason?

    1. WadArchive


      I have scrapped it for now. I had redone the entire site and wanted to get the changes out so just left out discs. At some point I might add them back

    2. Csonicgo


      Those discs were helping a lot of archivers, we're consistently looking through them! can we have a list of them that wadarchive has archived?

  25. My man was so embarrassed about liking MMX more than Doom that he said "You know what, screw this, I'm going to MegaManWorldDotCom!"

    1. AD_79


      They vanished a couple days before Mayhem X started up. Tragic!!

    2. DSC


      I'm back ;)