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Status Updates posted by Doomkid

  1. Hey HD, I’ll be changing the rules on the Doomshack Dwango server to disallow votekicking. This should allow you to play without any BS.


    I think it’s also possible to start a Dwango server on TSPG with votekicking disabled, No need to pay any money!

    1. HDrambo


      I LOVE you man and every other Zandronum! Will be playing ALOT more when I retire soon! SHABASH!



    2. HDrambo


      Tried uploading ALLWADS94...too big :(


  2. I admit it - I wasn’t expecting it. But still, Frank makes a damn good avatar!

    1. Dark Pulse

      Dark Pulse

      I had to make sure I got one of him having a shit-eating grin. (I wanted a wink but that was a bit harder to find, the only one I could basically looped like ass and cut off right AT the wink.)


      Thank you for the birthday present (which was the actual, stealthy reason I did this change); enjoy it while it lasts, as I'm not going to keep it around to avoid people getting actually confused if they don't read who actually made the post. :)

  3. I used to be a mod of the Multiplayer section only, but now it’s global, so that’s cool 😎 


    (this won’t be noticeable at all really, just popping it in this status update for transparency)

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    2. TheMagicMushroomMan


      Doomkid has evolved!

      Doomkid has become Doomadult!


      In all seriousness,  you are Doomworld's best role model. You make this forum a better place.

    3. Astronomical


      I am surprised to find out you weren’t a full moderator to begin with. Congratulations. 

    4. 1Destro3456


      Really nice to see your name here



  4. YO, you should come back, I remember when you were still Agent6!

    1. Paf


      What happened?

  5. You're a cool user, hope you come back some time CyberDreams!

  6. I dunno if you’ll ever visit DW again, but Dwango6 Map01 (w00p) is a timeless classic. Thanks for the hours upon hours of fun frags

  7. Hey WadArchive, I had a link for a "discs" section on your site that now 404s. Is there still a listing of discs somewhere, or did you have to scrap it for some reason?

    1. WadArchive


      I have scrapped it for now. I had redone the entire site and wanted to get the changes out so just left out discs. At some point I might add them back

    2. Csonicgo


      Those discs were helping a lot of archivers, we're consistently looking through them! can we have a list of them that wadarchive has archived?

  8. My man was so embarrassed about liking MMX more than Doom that he said "You know what, screw this, I'm going to MegaManWorldDotCom!"

    1. AD_79


      They vanished a couple days before Mayhem X started up. Tragic!!

    2. DSC


      I'm back ;)

  9. I decided to make you a newer, slightly-higher-definition Zombie Nixon for a newer, slightly-higher-definition world. It's aspect ratio corrected too! (ooh, aah...)




    1. Doomkid


      @Jello did DW ever notify you that I posted on your wall? Sometimes it doesn't feel the need to, I've noticed

  10. Hope you've been well, Cupboard..

  11. Been a few months since you've been around, hope you're doing alright!

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    2. Benjogami


      I was also thinking of you @Fonze! and then I found this post. Hope you're doing alright.

    3. Reelvonic


      lol was thinking the same thing

    4. TheNoob_Gamer


      I hope all is well for Fonze. Seems like quite a cool person.

  12. Sorry it took me so long to send this! It only happens on the DW thread - the site itself displays perfectly! Very minor either way.


    1. Xymph


      Oh, that wasn't clear from your post. Well, if the Invision software cannot handle code tags very thoroughly, I cannot fix that. All code listings would have layout problems on mobile.


      Btw, why are you sending this as "status update" instead of a normal direct message?

    2. Doomkid


      TIL you can attach images in a PM! It's minor either way, not a big deal.

  13. Sorry I’ve been away nearly a week, just been busy with life maintaining stuff.. I’ll be back soon to address those 99+ notifications!!

    1. Biodegradable


      Well look at you, Mr Popular hehe

    2. DuckReconMajor


      apologize one more time. i DARE you


      edit: what I am too much of an asshole to say is that we are going to love you whether you take a day/month/millenium off or not.

    3. Doom_Dude


      Lock your doors, Doomkid is on another rampage. ;)

  14. After all this time, I only realized today that you are Frans P. de Vries - I was so young when I first played the Doom Alphas that I thought your last name was "varies" for a couple years, lol.. That would have been about 21-22 years ago. Just wanted to share this pointless revelation and old memory. I still sometimes jokingly threaten people that they will be "summarily BFGed" to this very day, too..

    1. Xymph


      Hah, that is a really old phrase I had nearly forgotten about myself. :)

      But your realization comes five years after this update - I would recommend keeping better track of the wiki. ;P

  15. Hello friends, I’ve been out of town the last few days and will be home this coming Wednesday. I’ve only had really spotty internet access and I saw I’ve got quite a few PMs, I’m not ignoring anyone though, I will absolutely read them all once I’m back home!

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    2. GraphicBleeder


      Take care of yourself Doomkid, that's more important then Doomworld stuff.

    3. Hitboi


      Godspeed Doomkid.

    4. PSI Boredom Ω

      PSI Boredom Ω

      Hope you're doing fine. :)


  16. Hey peoples, I’m gonna have to duck out of my community projects and stuff for the next couple weeks, just temporarily of course. My house has gone from normal to “completely fucked” - 2 of the 4 power circuits aren’t working, walls have been mutilated searching for an unfindable fault only to find termites, of course a tree in the back yard figured this would be a good time to fall onto the neighbors property (no excessive damage.. just a crushed fence and removal expenses..) but of course this is all during the hottest time of year, 100% greatest time for all my ceiling fans to no longer work, but ohhhh no that’s STILL not enough, 11 year old cat gets sick to the tune of a $200 vet bill (a few of her teeth are fucked and will rot out of her head but I simply don’t have the money for removal). You think that’s enough right? It’s not, there’s even more but I’m just sick of typing about it. All of my money is gone, my house is fucked, my time is all accounted for, I’m just sad and drained. Part of me wants to just neglect everything, admit defeat and spend the next few weeks buried in Doom projects to forget this POS existence for the time being. But my survival instinct is overriding it. Sorry for all my complaining.. I just want you all to know I’m not heartlessly ghosting the whole community for the next couple weeks or whatever. I’ll still be popping my head in as a much needed distraction from everything I’m sure..!

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      vet bills suck, and it seems there's little to do to prepare for them. it's frustrating feeling like there's little you can do to help them sometimes, but it doesn't take away from the years of love and care you've given her so far.

    3. Doomkid


      Thank you all so much for the kind and supportive words. @CammyBanana, I appreciate the offer, I do have a PayPal button on the front page of https://doomshack.org/, but please do not feel pressured to donate if money is at all tight for you.

    4. Yandere_Doomer


      i hope you are doing well and will continue to do well in the future

  17. This whole time I had no idea you and @Baratus were different people. My mind is blown. You two need to have a battle to the death.

    1. Endless


      I'm waiting for Doomkid II, the true Doomkid.

    2. THEBaratusII


      Hehe, @Baratus I guess we're both "Baratus The Fighter" fans :)


    1. dmslr


      Emotional Kid misses the friends :(

    2. ZeroTheEro


      goddammit Neebs

      also don't dip your teammates

  19. A little throwback here which I'll definitely be adding to the big directory of Old Doom Sites!



    1. Jayextee



  20. Still one of the funniest avatars on DW to this day

  21. Hey Dimon, do you mind if I repost your epic Rowdy Rudy TAS on my YT channel? With credit of course! I'm also doing it with a side by side overmap view, which really shows a new perspective on the footage. Let me know if it's alright with you man

    1. Dimon12321


      Sure, take it =) I hope its quality is high enough for your future content. Otherwise, I can rerecord it and upscale to 4K using a new method.
      Alternatively, you can download TAS replay from here and record it on your own. Then you won't face an extra YT bitrate cut.

  22. Your avatar has to be my favorite one on the site. Carl as an imp actually works perfectly, it's so easy to imagine him trash talking the player.

    1. Komenja


      "What're you doin' in my freakin' FIREBLU?!"

  23. Your new theme:


  24. Been a while since I’ve seen someone’s sanity crumble to dust in a Doomworld thread, thanks for the nostalgia 

    1. Chip


      It's not often that a topic that popular with that many updates gets closed down. makes sense. maybe when they clear their head and feel better, they could start posting about it again. But right now, I think a break would be nice.

    2. Gerardo194


      @Doomkid that was the purpose! I miss the old Doomworld days. 

  25. Looking thorough some old Zappa websites and came across a photo.. I knew I'd seen that face somewhere before, then it hit me:


    1. Maximum Matt

      Maximum Matt


      Classic, man