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File Reviews posted by Doomkid

  1. doom2gif.zip


    These maps can be played, search for d2temp, this is from right around the same time. Looks like the Mancs sprite isnt 100% finished, nor is the Arachnotron sprite, and you can actually observe their old behavior by running doom2.wad in the 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 EXEs. Great historical stuff.

  2. Replaces the hanging leg with a chun-li leg and the impaled former human with a chun-li sprite. Looks ripped right from the arcade version. Doesn't mesh with doom at all and is just random.

  3. doomicon.zip


    A basic little low-color icon that says Doom, since the original exe didn't have an icon. The little Caco used for Doom95 looks much better. Nothing to identify the author other than an email, checked crl.com out of curiosity but apparently they were just an ISP back then.

  4. I'm stunned that this runs as well as it does on a 64bit Windows 8 machine.. the sound effects are slightly delayed though and it crashes looking for HELP2 if you let it sit long enough, but it seems to be free of a TON of bugs which plagued Doom95.. I'm not even sure the two are related, looking at this..

  5. In the olden days, this was easily the best Storm Trooper sprite - a hand edited Doom Marine sprite. The shading is a little basic, but this still looks good today and blends much better into Doom than some of the poor Storm Trooper sprites that exist out there. The only 'better' sprite is the basic Storm Trooper from Dark Forces itself. Can't believe EVERY incarnation of the 90s Star Wars Doom TCs ignored this one!

  6. This is more like a resource pack than an actual TC. A mix of good sprites ripped from Dark Forces, sometimes with decent edits, but a few sprites and frames are ugly as sin. Also comes with Star Wars MIDIs, sound effects which mostly fit the enemy but not always, and a DEHACKED patch that still seems mostly functional, plus some textures and flats.


    Someone could preen this wad and make a genuinely awesome Star Wars theme pack. Hell, I might even do it myself.

  7. Does just what the description says. This is a 1998 attempt to consolidate all of the Star Wars assets into one playable campaign. The more common Star Wars Doom packs (stardoom.zip and starwars.zip, both also on the archive in the Star Wars theme section) have maps repeated pointlessly several times and less graphic/sound assets replaced. This has 9 unique maps that have been designed well, half taken from the other older SW wads, and half made by the uploader himself.


    This is also the easiest one to run in DosBox, just extract the contents to your DOOM2 directory and run INSTALL.BAT. Just make sure you put the .wads in a dir called STARWARS, inside your Doom2 dir, before actually running it. Might sound complex but it's actually compared to most pre-2000 TC's!


    Play this one if you like old, slightly crusty, but well made TCs.