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  1. 13 hours ago, famicommander said:

    Console Doom exclusive levels (2 introduced in the Jaguar version, 6 introduced in the PS1 version, 2 introduced in the Xbox ports, and 8 GBA exclusive dm maps)

    Bleh, other than the PS1 maps, good riddance. Final Doom really should be there though, not having Final Doom is like not having the Japanese Mario 2 in a Classic Mario pack or something.. The Doom RPG games would also be perfect for switch, especially considering they were built for a portable console in the first place. I'm not holding my breath, but it'd be cool.


    11 hours ago, whatup876 said:

    I'm not sure if this was reported here but Doom 2 on PS4 has a really sloppy problem that seems to have taken a while to be noticed because nobody sane touches these ports.

    Yet it affects the main campaign.


    After The Chasm, the game switches to the master levels, or at least one of them, Black Tower.



    I wonder if it's present on other versions.

    What the fuck! LOL that is terrible! Some new player would have no way of knowing that was the wrong map, either. I hope that was just some one-off bug, because if that's common... Good lord. So close to the end of the game too! What a giant middle finger salute, lmfao.

  2. If you ever need to edit your finished ENDOOM again due to garbled graphics or whatever, the End Screen editor that comes with WDC is also great at making ENDOOM lumps, since they're the same format as the ones used in Wolf3D.

  3. I have well over 200 cartridges for old game systems, I actually have played all of them over the years though (although some not to completion) but I still kept the carts after I was more or less totally done with some of them, they're all on a shelf downstairs. Do I qualify for the hoarding fuckface asshole who drives prices up awards?


    I also have a VASTLY SUPERIOR box to linguica:




    -Doesn't contain Doom2

    -Loads of shovelware maps that are unplayable

    -Only signed by Romero rather than the whole crew

    -Box is even more bashed up


    BOOOOOOM! beat that!!!!


    Oh I also intend to keep my Sigil box unopened for a long ass time like a proper crater-brained POS since I had already played it a bunch by the time the box arrived



  4. I'm stuck on map03 - I've killed 83 baddies, I have a blue card, and I've killed everything I can see in the starting area and the area the lift takes you down to. I see a locked red door with a lot of rad suits and the blue door is behind silver bars no matter which direction I approach it from. I'm probably missing something really obvious..


    I'm absolutely loving this so far btw, the sprites, sounds and dehacked work, it's all exactly the kind of stuff that I enjoy! As far as the whole not being uploaded to idgames thing.. Well, based on what I've seen so far, I'll just quote Cybershark:

    What [you] need to do is ignore letter-of-the-law alarmist idiots like this who don't really know what they're talking about. Seriously, no-one is going to shit a brick over a few images being included in your work.

    It would be a total shame for the finished version to not be on the main database. Either way, here are some places you can upload the finished product whenever you're ready:








    and mod DB of course!

  5. Hey Noiser, I noticed in the MS-DOS version you're distributing ipxsetup.exe and it appears to be the vanilla one. xttl made an improved version that allows ticdup, basically meaning it allows smoother netplay, and other options like using a custom EXE name rather than doom2.exe, for example. I think distributing this version would make more sense, it's still a DOS EXE and mostly the same of course.




  6. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/strain10


    I know there's a repackaged edition, but because I'm a goofball I'd like to play it in DosBox. I followed the instructions, or so I thought - I typed 'unpack c:\strain c:\', because my doom2 dir is mounted as C:\ and the contents of strain10.zip are in c:\strain. It just hangs forever on "Unpacking distribution files...". If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.


    The repackaged edition runs in dosbox lol


  7. There’s a mix of great and terrible skins at the epidermis emporium, some of which make for good monster replacements. It’s not been touched for like 15 years to my knowledge but it’s the only other repository I’m aware of. 



    Some weapon packs have been uploaded to idgames over the years with the express intent being reuse in mods, so search around in idgames for graphics, weapons etc. 





    the above are just a few results for “resource” on idgames. Hopefully this helps!

  8. I wish pop up ads just weren’t a thing. I wouldn’t mind a banner at the top and bottom but news sites in particular feel the need to monetize the entire fucking page, leaving about 3 pixels in the middle for the article all while pop ups bombard me.


    Edit: Oh yeah, I usually just leave unless it’s a topic I’m actually interested in. Its best to avoid sites that incorporate ad blocker blockers of course.

  9. Do you mean one that damages you less, doesn't get damaged, or doesn't damage you at all?


    Depending, you can do it in DeHackEd / WhackEd. Just make it so the archie never enters his attack frame. If you want to make it so that he still bounces you but doesn't damage you, you'll need to use Decorate, although afaik he doesn't send you much higher than a normal jump in ZDoom anyway.

  10. Hmm, I know of some mods where there are classes with their own weapons and specialties, but it isn’t determined by the map. I think having guns tailored to each map in a campaign could be awesome, though.


    If you’re interested, I think the one mod was called Alpha Doomer, the other is Samsara. There are loads more with unique classes, but I can’t remember them atm.


    Id ask about this over at ZDoom, you may get more answers!