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  1. So, this is a response to a recently helled thread, but it was just so interesting (and relatively tame as far as mudslinging in EE goes) that I feel the urge to make one last point on the matter. If you guys want me to obliterate this thread, just tell me and I will.

    dew said:

    Heh, I'm not asking you to feed hungry necks yourself, I'm saying both America and Australia are extremely resource-rich and aren't even nearly tapping their potential yet.

    I know you weren't saying that I personally should be feeding the hungry, it's just that we're currently projected to continually eat away at these abundant resources until they're, well, not so abundant. That's not to mention that available resources is only one aspect: we also have the issue of extreme pollution as a result of our current level of manufacturing. We really do need to be taking steps to curb this stuff, not to speed it up, and an ever growing population (with less jobs to go around no less thanks to how cheap it is to automate stuff) is going to guarantee these issues only get worse.

    Population isn't the only factor in this kind of thing of course - For example, more sustainable means of manufacturing should also be encouraged/funded, but we can't pretend population isn't an issue worthy of addressing. Also worth nothing, the best way to curb population growth is through the dirty E word - education. Statistically, a smarter population breeds less rampantly.

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    2. Technician


      MrGlide said:

      some of our not so friendly minded, yet intelligent members can join the discussion.

      That's the nicest thing someone has ever said about me.

    3. Voros


      MrGlide said:

      A secret agenda would be the reason why your doing something that isn't the stated reason or one that is unstated. I just have a hard time thinking you actually care that this isn't in EE lol. Also I think the point of this being in blogs is so that some of our not so friendly minded, yet intelligent members can join the discussion.

      But this is mostly an EE topic.

      Blogs are usually personal things of a member. I don't know if the boom in population has personally affected Doomkid or not (probably not).

      But it's just a thought.

    4. Doomkid


      I didn't want the thread to turn into a shit show which often happens to EE threads. Also GreyGhost makes an interesting point, but I still think that until the human species dies out, we should be as well educated as we can. First world countries consume many resources for now, but if more people were batter educated, we would have higher chances of developing more efficient technology at a faster rate. The end result I'd hope for in this fantasy world would be replacing our current high-consumption ways with a more sustainable means of living, but I think that's unrealistic for a variety of unfortunate reasons.