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  1. I've been using Doom Builder 1 since 2006. I'm finally doing some mapping again after almost 2 months off in GZ Doom Builder and am finding it so hard to get used to. I can clearly see all the advantages, but it's going to take some getting used to!



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    2. Dragonfly


      I'm not doubting Linguica's talents, but I wouldn't be all too surprised if it's a case of:

      "New forum software didn't come with that feature, I don't care for that feature, I'm not wasting the next 8 hours finding out how to implement that feature."

    3. Fonze


      Lol welcome to the Borg DK; I too made the switch (though from DB2) to GZDB not too long ago due to sudden strange errors with DB2 which I've never had before in prolly 6+ years of using it... Still, while I do miss a couple things, GZDB does appear to be vastly superior and will save you time, a la Dragonfly's post.

    4. Doomkid


      Oh man, that gif speaks volumes about how far the editor has come. I'm glad I made the switch!