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  1. Well, I am done with relationships for quite a while. Last week I got a place with the woman I’ve been seeing for 8 months, then one week in she has dumped me, very unexpectedly. In 4 weeks time I’ll be moving from Melbourne to Batemans Bay, about 900km north. Looking for a fresh start and to be closer to my family again. The only reason I even came to Melbourne back in 2013 was to be with my ex-wife, so I think there’s really nothing left here for me at this point.


    tl;dr: Bleh!!

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    2. mrthejoshmon


      As a fellow with all the love problems I could possibly never want I feel deep empathy and sadness for you, I am truly sorry to hear that bro :'(


      On the positive side, we will always love you.

    3. Doomkid


      Thank you all very much for the kind words!

    4. Jason


      Damn, adam. This sucks a lot. I hope for the best for you man. Maybe to cope with that you can pet the doggo from wolf3d with the woof3d mod (not joking at all here, if you have Wolf3D and play the Woof3D mod you will feel better even if your dog just died. That's how I cheered up the day my dog died)

      Well, adam, we'll always love you mate, and when people like this do that, just know we will be here to support you dude. You're our favourite doomer (well at least my favourite doomer) and we will always support you man.

      Don't write yourself off yet
      It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on
      Just try your best
      Try everything you can
      And don't you worry what they tell themselves when you're away"

      Song lyrics taken from The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

      I hope that things get better for you in the future, and that you don't have to deal with this type of thing. It's something that I've not dealt with yet but I've had to deal with other relationship problems and failed relationships so to a certain degree I know how you feel. I just wanna end this message with a "we love you buddy, we're here for you"

      we love you buddy, we're here for you