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  1. Doomkid i just wanted to tell you, i thought Frank Zappa was a cool dude but now i think less of him.
    When i saw him go to court i was baffled, he had cut his hair, shaved, was well dressed and all, he should be ashamed of that day. A real man wouldv've have went there dressed like usual... and that's what Dee Snider did! Like a real man he went there like the real life Hokuto no Ken bad guy/JoJo character that he is!

    If Frank had been half the man Dee Mad Max reject Snider was he would have gone to court dressed like he were on stage, with guitar in hand and all.


    (I'm just joking Zappa is super cool but i had this joke brewing in me for a while now and didn't know where to use it so i am annoying you with it.)