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  1. Hey peoples, I’m gonna have to duck out of my community projects and stuff for the next couple weeks, just temporarily of course. My house has gone from normal to “completely fucked” - 2 of the 4 power circuits aren’t working, walls have been mutilated searching for an unfindable fault only to find termites, of course a tree in the back yard figured this would be a good time to fall onto the neighbors property (no excessive damage.. just a crushed fence and removal expenses..) but of course this is all during the hottest time of year, 100% greatest time for all my ceiling fans to no longer work, but ohhhh no that’s STILL not enough, 11 year old cat gets sick to the tune of a $200 vet bill (a few of her teeth are fucked and will rot out of her head but I simply don’t have the money for removal). You think that’s enough right? It’s not, there’s even more but I’m just sick of typing about it. All of my money is gone, my house is fucked, my time is all accounted for, I’m just sad and drained. Part of me wants to just neglect everything, admit defeat and spend the next few weeks buried in Doom projects to forget this POS existence for the time being. But my survival instinct is overriding it. Sorry for all my complaining.. I just want you all to know I’m not heartlessly ghosting the whole community for the next couple weeks or whatever. I’ll still be popping my head in as a much needed distraction from everything I’m sure..!

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      vet bills suck, and it seems there's little to do to prepare for them. it's frustrating feeling like there's little you can do to help them sometimes, but it doesn't take away from the years of love and care you've given her so far.

    3. Doomkid


      Thank you all so much for the kind and supportive words. @CammyBanana, I appreciate the offer, I do have a PayPal button on the front page of https://doomshack.org/, but please do not feel pressured to donate if money is at all tight for you.

    4. Yandere_Doomer


      i hope you are doing well and will continue to do well in the future